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Looking for Rafal... Please help me find this guy

6 Apr 2006 /  #1
Wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Rafal N from Poland. In his late 20s, athletic built, shaves his head, wears glasses, green/blue eyes. Really really nice person. Used to live near Seven Sisters tube station in North London with a friend called Mathias. I think later on he moved to Elephant & Castle area and I lost his phone number :-(

If anyone out there knows him, or he himself reads this... this is what i want to say.
'' Dear Rafal, we met at a time my life was really in a mess. Even we met after my son was born, my life was still upside down. That is why i got my brother to answer my phone and say he was my boyfriend and to leave me alone. I cried many many times but i needed to reorganise my life before getting into any kind of relationship. Also my friend who came with me to meet you said that it is best i dont start anything with you because you will eventually end up hurting me etc etc. But that was wrong, i really wanted to be with you, and i think that is what you wanted too. Please get back in touch. My number is still the same if you have it. If not, email me please, I still remember the lovely night in Brixton outside bar lorca when you gave me that heart shaped piece of rock you picked up while you were at work. I remember you saying the most wonderful things to me and making me smile. Turning up at the tube station with roses to take me out etc etc. I really really miss you. Please call me or write to me. K xxx''

I am desperate enough to look for this guy by contacting any Polish people in London. Can anyone help at all???

Many thanks
6 Apr 2006 /  #2
I'm sure mentioning his last name would help (even though I don't know any Rafal other than my schoolmates...)
10 Apr 2006 /  #3
His last name begins with N... not being polish myself i found it hard to keep in memory. My fault - should have wrote it down somewhere :-( I have thought about going to this bar in tottenham road where i heard they have a polish disco on saturday night. Has anyone heard of this place? Will it be worth a visit?
11 Apr 2006 /  #4
There are many Poles in England but some British folks don't like Poles there so I think Poles avoid going to the disco unless they want to be taken in by the police... :|
11 Apr 2006 /  #5
That leaves me with very little else to do to find Rafal.. Is there another way to find someone within the Polish community?
15 Jun 2006 /  #6
Long time since i posted my message, and nothing has come of it, i guess love in london is such. my dear rafal, please please get in touch with me. i have the most important question of my life to ask you... Kitty xxx
andala - | 23  
16 Jun 2006 /  #7
Kitty, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. What chances do you think I'd stand if I wanted to find, say... Jim who lives in the Uk and is about 30, stocky and wears glasses? looking for people this way is next to impossible, but...good luck though
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
11 Jul 2007 /  #8
thats totally untrue the British do like the polish on the whole, there are some people who feel that there are two many polish here but generally the British will welcome all polish people here.

czesc milo mi od Anglii :)
Lady in red  
11 Jul 2007 /  #9
You do realise there are a lot of UK people on here ?

Not everyone is from Poland. It's the name of the forum, it's misleading <joke> before I get banned.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
11 Jul 2007 /  #10
yes i kinda guessed there were a lot from the uk as we are speaking english here and not po polsku, i'm just sticking up for the Brits, lol
Lady in red  
11 Jul 2007 /  #11
as we are speaking English here

Well, that would be because it is an English speaking Forum! But don't be fooled, some of these foreigners can speak pretty good English. I just needed to warn you <grin>
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
11 Jul 2007 /  #12
haha thnx for the prior warning, these impostors what am i going to do about them :) :)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
11 Jul 2007 /  #13
these impostors what am i going to do about them :) :)

humour them... not all of us are sane
Lady in red  
11 Jul 2007 /  #14
not all of us are sane

True.........join the club !!

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