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19 Aug 2009

an apparently unrestricted flood of cheap "Made in China" junk produced through child labour and grossly underpaid labour

Oh,It's really harsh for me to see this,yank,I know that you are maybe deadly serious about this notwithstanding.
It calls for bilateral efforts,we welcome EU or Poland on this matter to set high and strict standards for China's goods(but no unreasonable barriers),and we are supposed to produce more quality commodities,No one wanna see shoddy goods,we hate them too,those junks do no good to both of us.

About low wages,As mvefa said,China is still a developing country,you can't long for getting the same wages as you get in America out there in China.I believe this Gentleman,I mean mvefa really has been to China,what he said here about China is almost objective.

As regards child labor,I believe we had this problem which was as serious as it had been in the toil factoies in those post-industrial countries in 18th century.But now though I can't definitely deny there is child labor abuse in China,It ain't a problem any more.
12 Jul 2009
Life / The first Polish movie I watched (I am Chinese). [24]

I don't think that people from China will be going around searching for Polish film to show by their own initiative,

I will search for that on my own initiative,however I can not guarantee that all my countrymen will do so.both as emerging markets,Poland and China should promote relationships between them.
7 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

How does you call him?

of course i call him chrismatic leader Chairman Mao!

Pakistan client

that is reasonable,because Pakistan is our ally,however,you can't count on that people all over the world call him chrismatic leader Chairman mao,eh?:))

anals of history

i think its anas of history instead of anals of history,if not,it may be obscure aussie slang ;)
6 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

christy,you are way too modest,everyone knows Chinese belles are mainly from Hu nan and Si chuan;) you must be one of them;)

i want to know much more about what are the dark brown and green things on the pierogi in your pic? ^_^

hmmm,I think the dark brown things must be fried onions,Poles often use them as ingredients of regards green things,i am not sure,maybe lettuce or chive?

if you don't hear of these places,how about Chairman Mao?

everyone knows Chairman Mao,however,not everyone calls him so:D
5 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

chinczyk,how are you? did you finish your examinations?

okay,hehe,thanks,yep,my exams are over,and great summer holiday begins!!:D

fortunately,i'm from south of China,not north,

wow,Jiang nan belle!!!:D

Chinese cuisine is excellent, I love it

always glad to hear that:)))
4 Jul 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

impossible is nothing;)
you know,some people are studying the origin of a group of Chinese people living in inland China,why,coz they suspect that group of people's ancestors may origianally come from Italy thousands of years ago as a group of Roman soldiers in Crassus's legion sent to conquer Parthia Empire. weird theory,eh?but it may hold

so,the view that thinks pierogi may come from China may hold too
3 Jul 2009
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

as for how to learn English,in my opinion,the best way is to go to a english-speaking country and live there for some time.i have been learning english for 7 years,however,my english is still far from being satisfactory whereas one of my classmates went to canada just for one year and came back with his English spoken fluently,and you know,before he went there,his english was much poorer than mine
24 Jun 2009
News / What Poland thinks about China [27]

Partitions by Germany, Russia, and Austria come to mind so spare us the agony of Germany and the US

No,Poland was carved up by Prussia,Tsar Russia and Austria for 3 times:

well,I do know this sad history and i am sorry about it.but maybe we misunderstand each other's meaning,i mean "separate" here by the territorial division as a result of the conflicts between different political forces from within one country.

and the partitions of Poland were due to foreign invasions,i took it as another concept:P

I noticed elderly women wear gold earings of the same type. What is significant about it? Is it when they become grandmothers? I know China is big and made up of many groups so this custom may not be universal. Any idea?

sorry i don't know much about this custom,but I think christy has given you a good explanation;)

polish people are brave,tough

I do agree
23 Jun 2009
Food / Does Polish pierogi also have its story of origin? [43]

oh,christy,I think i know a little about it,pierogi were traditionally peasant food,but later spread in all social classes(maybe because it is yummy;)).I heard that they are mainly served at festivals,especially Chrismas Eve.

pierogi are stuffed with various fillings(more than fillings we filled in Jiaozi) like ground meat,,mushroom,cheese(we don't use cheese to fill our Jiaozi:D) and fruits like cherry,apple,strawberry and so forth,one of Polish friends even told me they filled their pierogi with plum,amazing!:))

And I heard there was pierogi festival held in Poland.
as if i were Polish,hahahaha

maybe with the Hunnic/Mongol nomads as the middlemen

oh,interesting theory,man;)

Xiao Long Bao

I am shocked that you know this!!well,jiaozi and xiao long bao are a little different,mainly in appearance ,i think.but no doubt that they are all delicious food;)

welcome to have a tast of these Chinese food and we hope we can see pierogi in China soon!
22 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

Chinczyk:where are you now?in Poland?

Nope:P,maybe some day in future i will go to Poland,but not now.
thanks for your flattering words:D,I find that we two may share some common points----both of us love China and Polska;)

then i used wok

cooking is a lot of work(wok):P
20 Jun 2009
News / What Poland thinks about China [27]

After seeing your comments on China,I feel like saying something again
first of all,thank you for your comments,I do believe these comments are really your innermost thoughts and feelings.
second,I have to say that some of your viewpoints about China are partial and a little biased or even go against the reality.I can't,because that I am chinese and I adore my country,disguise our mistakes and faults,that's good for nobody and makes no sense.meanwhile,I can't,because I adore Polska,leave you going on having prejudices against China.

I have to admitt that your viewpoints about our products are objective and candid and I am very sorry that they have already caused such bad impressions,sometimes even we complain about our own products,the most serious problems about them are piracy and low-quality.however,another thing I can assure you is that not all Chinese products are of low-quality,that is beyond dispute.what is more,the government is waging campaigns to solve quality is good news for you to know no matter these campaigns are effective or not.

And your comments on our protecting work of Chinese cultures are acceptable too.we do need to make more efforts in this people want to see a China losing all its cultural characteristics.

What makes me not know whether to cry or to laugh is your comments on CCP’s policies surrounding minorities,specifically,Tibet.
Here I cite Switek’s words as an example:

CCP and Chinese government performance on minorities issue deserves in worldwide condemn. Tibet is only the most known example.

well,my friend,From your words I can infer and I believe my inference is right----your knowledge about China is merely gained from your media or some of your anti-china politicians.sometimes,I go to the library of my school,there I can read western magazines and newpapers like newsweek,business week,or newyork thing I have to admire them is that most time they have touched the problem,however,most time they are good at exaggerating and fabricating(sorry to use such a harsh word,but that is fact).and you know all media are alike ,they like creating sensational news and spreading some ugly little hints even at the expense of distorting facts.considering this,I won’t cite what our media or our government has told us to prove that you are totally wrong on this issue.i just tell you my own experience.

I am a student in a school for natianalities,fortunately I can meet many friends from minority groups,they never enjoy less rights than we han chinese,they even have some special rights,like my two roomates,a hui chinese and a yi chinese,they have priotities in the right to education,but we Han chinese do not have(for an intelligible instance,if that yi chinese and I both go to peking univeristy,I need to score 660 in order to get the admission,and he only needs to score 620) .another example,we han chinese maybe halted and interrogated by the police just because we carried a slice.those tibetans are allowed to sell various kinds of knifes with blood grooves on the most bustling streets in every part of picking delegates attending important meetings,only very excellent han chinese can be elected delegates,but about those people from ethinic groups can gain that honor regards those basic human rights like voting, I just can’t stop laughing,don’t you think it is a little naive to believe that ethinic groups in China do not have such basic human rights? As the saying goes,seeing is believing,my friends,we welcome you come to China and travel here,to see who is telling lies,your media ,your politicians or your Chinese friends.Chinese people do not have human rights? CCP persecutes ethnic groups like tibetans? Not as you have expected!

About our attitude toward our neighbors,neighbors here you must mean Taiwan and Japan,Japan is our neighbor,no doubt,but Taiwan is not,I guess most of you here don’t support CCP at all for various reasons,but some of you may support Chiang kai shiek and KMT,but you know even they don’t want to see a separated China.Chiang kai shiek never has thought of separating China,he just don’t admitt CCP and PRC,but he always sticked by the principle of One China,most KMT members by and large agree with chiang kai shek too.I can remember a founding member of KMT,Yu Youren’s poem to express his grief over national division when he was dying in Taiwan,which goes:

Burying me on the highest mountaintop so that I can get a sight of my mainland.
Mainland I see none,
Tears of sorrow cascade
Buring me on the highest mountaintop so that I can get a glimpse of my hometown
Hometown I see none
But lives forever in my mind
The lofty sky is deeply blue
The vast wildness not seen through
Oh,boundless universe,would you hear me and this elergy of the nation
I believe this poem strikes a cord on the sentiment of all the Chinese people.Taiwan, from any perspective is one part of China,no matter it is ROC or PRC,it is our indivisible part.A unified China is good for both China itself or the whole world.Poland in her history she has never experienced the sufferings of being separated,I can understand why you held different ideas about the unity of one country,but for Germany ,for the US,for all those countries who have experienced that kind of agony,why you fought undormitably and unswerwingly when your countries are threatened by separationism whereas thwarting our unification,sadly I can only say this is of a sense of prejudice and maybe one kind of unspeakable hostility against China.however,nomatter you like it or dislike it,China is goning to be unified.

About Japan,our neighbor which separated by just a strip of water,most of us hope to enhance the relations between Japan and China,but there should be a precondition,that is Japan should take history as a mirror,Japan should give an official apology to China and all Asian people including Koreans Mogolians,Thais,Malays,Filipinos,Indonesians….for what Japanese Imperiel army had done to us.I admitt some of us have been a little impatienton this issue,but sometimes if you are a human-being you can’t suppress your anger toward what they did or what their right-wing politicians are doing.I think Polish people can understand this kind of sentiment,because we have similar experiences in I just give you one example ,and I think this example is enough to address our sentiment toward Japan right-wing politicians and their so called imperial army.what a Japan right-wing politician,Shintaro Ishihara, has said:”those comfort women should feel honored to have ever served Japanese soldiers.”OHHH,have you ever heard more outrageous words like these?

Last,I want to say something relaxing,about jola’s words,about his remarks on Chinese women’s skin,they do get wrinkles,man:D,and may you enjoy your trip to China again:))))
14 Jun 2009
News / What Poland thinks about China [27]

if you ask us how we think about Poland.
then our answer coming back to you is:some hot chicks in Poland:P
14 May 2009
History / World War II - a tragic story for Poland and the World [489]

Or maybe they are just REENACTORS!!! Cripes,whats so hard about this concept for people to understand?

well,i just feel it is kinda harsh to see someone in enemy's uniforms,so i reasoned that way.
13 May 2009
History / World War II - a tragic story for Poland and the World [489]

polish group reenacting germans in stalingrad

may be they were polish descendents living in germany and falsely believed hitler's propaganda,may be they were forced to fight along with nazis.this happened all over the world,every country unfortunately had betrayers,like in nips' imperial army there were taiwanese too,also nazis would think of those german descendants serving in the as betrayers ,however, betrayers were trivially few after all,they could not be on behalf of the mainstream will of a country.
24 Oct 2008
Travel / Do Poles speak English? [19]

well,let me tell you what i know,my compatriot.i have one nice polish friend,she is only 17,but she is fluent in both english and russian.gosh,she even can speak some chinese more than ni hao and zai jian:)))))))which suprised me a lot:D

i think it can reflect the fact that many polish people do speak english:)))

by the way,i think u have already come back,so,how is your trip there?it must be a nice experience
23 Oct 2008
Genealogy / Average height of Polish women [107]

polish man:170cm
polish woman:160cm
these statistics are from Associated Press, 2005
i m not qualified to review this in fact,i have never met a Pole in real life in fact.:D