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7 Jun 2009
News / How to register in email account? [16]

I thought of that, but didnt do that either :( So only thing I can think of is someone hacked me or alzheimers :)

Interesting..My neighbor openly came over @ said they were trying to use my wireless signal. My name did come on their screen, but it said locked. Still, that's not cool if someone is accessing your account. They might be after your identity. Find out now!

I think ill just scrap it and use hotmail or something. Luckily I hadnt any credit card details etc in it
6 Jun 2009
News / How to register in email account? [16]

Merged: WP.PL EMAIL HACKED is there any way to check who has accessed it and when? How to register?

Hi there. Not sure how, but it seems someone has managed to guess my password for my email account []. Is there anyway I can see if someone accessed my account, or when they last signed in . . . if indeed anybody did ? Thanks in advance
5 Jun 2009
Life / How Much Do you pay for Water & Electricity in Poland (Warsaw)? [10]

Poland has a very cheap electricity compared to other countries, and is one of the cheapest in Europe for electricity. Anyone living in Ireland and the UK would envy what you pay for electricity.

Related: Average Water and Electricity price for one person in Warsaw?

I was wondering how much water and gas is roughly per month in Warsaw for 1 person. Please give an estimated price.
I meant water and electricity... not "gas."

electricity ~ 60zł pcm
water cold ~ 8zł/m3
water hot ~ 18zł/m3 - 26zł/m3
4 Jun 2009
Life / 5 cool things about being Polish dude/dudess? [39]

-bold head
-leather jacket

From what countless female friends (Polish) the above are exactly the reasons why they dont like Polish men. . . sorry guys, dont shoot the messenger :D

As for the women . . whats cool

Most are educated
Well dressed / elegant and take pride in their appearance
Kind nature / good morals / family orientated etc
3 Jun 2009
News / Child with Polish ex, is 275 Euros a normal amount for child maintenance? [53]

He can always try to visit the child in Poland if he wants to spend time with him or her

He doesnt, he has already pointed out that the flight between Ireland and Poland is too far for him to travel to see a child who doesnt even understand him

excellent point !!!!!!!! He sounds like a cheap bastard to me anyways. LOL

He does, and to be honest and without being 'moral' I reckon the child is far better off without someone like him as a father figure anyways
3 Jun 2009
News / Child with Polish ex, is 275 Euros a normal amount for child maintenance? [53]

Again Igy this bloke didnt want a kid by the sound of it and she didnt want to be with him, let Poland take care of her, she's their problem! Surely she can claim some benefits or even go wild and get a job to support her and her child!

I can see understand your perspective Shelly, but he still made the decision not to throw a condom on himself and at some point thought 'F**k it, ill take a chance' He did point out he doesn’t drink alcohol so he made a conscious sober decision to be either lucky or dumb, now he is paying for it. People reading this thread are only going by what the OP is writing, and as we know there are two sides to every story ;) While I have no doubt she is claiming other benefits in Poland (not worth mentioning they are so small) it’s his problem, he made the baby, his choice, his responsibility. As a man he obviously isn’t responsible so the court steps in then to ensure someone takes responsibility. That said if the guy doesn’t want a child grand, but that extra baggage is still physically and legally half his. He pays a miserable E200 from E2, 200 a month; she has the real responsibility and carries that 'baggage' for the rest of her life. Just to point out its guys like this that are crippling welfare systems all over the world, and its us the tax payers that end up paying for his one night of pleasure in the end. His kid, he pays. . and if it was my sister he knocked up Id be making sure she was getting a lot more than a crappy E200 a month off him
3 Jun 2009
News / Child with Polish ex, is 275 Euros a normal amount for child maintenance? [53]

if you mean was i cheating on my wife? then no - the Polish girl I was with (i found out afterwards was many times)

Well thats a different story. Then a paternity test is in order, I certainly wouldnt pay for a child that wasnt mine.

I came on here for some feedback - not moral tutoring

You have got feedback, I suspect anything moral would be lost on you.

Well i dont drink - you sound the sterotypical bitter and twisted single mother type? Are you?

Not at all, Im Irish and a male without children actually. Im just of the oppinion that if you make something its your responsibility. You were with her, you decided not to wear a condom . .perhaps you should have forseen the possibility of child maintenance then, rather than being a father

Considering you earn over 2000 a month, E200 for your child (wanted or not) seems reasonable, that is indeed if it is your kid

Over 1000PLN for child maintenance is a heck of a lot to be paying.

Not if he is earning over E2200 a month, its a fraction of his earnings. I assume the court of law took into consideration how much he earned before awarding maintenance. Im not a mother, but I suspect it is very difficult to survive on 899 PLN a month, which is what he is actually paying, the extra E75 being back dated and will cease once he has paid what he owed previously. Im pretty sure if the child was in Ireland and wanted to live with him he would end up paying a hell of a lot more.

Well i dont drink

Perhaps you should start
3 Jun 2009
News / Child with Polish ex, is 275 Euros a normal amount for child maintenance? [53]

Im married and have a mortgage, as you probably know - Ireland is not cheap place to live, and I am under the impression that Poland is quite a cheap place to live.

From my understanding, In Ireland if you werent working you would have to give the child E200 a month or roughly 1/4 of your social welfare benefit. You earn over E2000 a month so a miserable E200 out of your salary (1/10th) to take care of a child you decided to bring into the world isnt a whole lot of money now is it. E200 a month wouldnt even pay the rent for a one bedroom appartment in Poland, and it is well below the minimum wage

here. Poland isnt as cheap as you may imagine.

If you are so concerned about money, perhaps you should consider staying away from the pub a couple of nights a month, that should recoup the E200 you are paying to support a life you decided to bring into the world.

Next time wear a condom

To be honest im dont fancy taking the odd trip over to poland to see a child who cant understand a word i say

Im guessing people on this forum are going to treat you in a very derogatory manner
2 Jun 2009
Life / Polish people more caring? [20]

Hey, don't missunderstand me, I think you do ave right aswell. When it comes to friends and families, this rule is quite applicable. But strangers, no, not really. When I was in a car accident (in Poland), my friends and thoose who were in it really took care of eachother (me too ofcourse).

As friends might do in any country, certainly in any country Ive ever been in. Thats what friends are for, support . . its universal ;) I find that impossible to understand. . Friends are friends, they take care of eachother everywhere, thats what friends do! :S I doubt very much Polish friends are different than friends anywhere else in the world ??? lol

But in another circumstances, when being in a accident alone (and as a foreigner), and a lot of people around, rather recording the accident, than helping, not a single person could give a helping hand. And when youre asking for help, is like no one gives a ****, not even lending your phone for just making one phone call to ask someone for help. And when being in a accident, usually the first thing you would do (normally) is asking if everything is okay and offering some help to them who's involved. But when it comes to strangers, you cant even expect any help from the police. No, mind your own business and dont get involved with ppl u dont know.

That would be what I might expect being in an accident in Poland, you will be ignored and people will walk past you. An Irish friend of mine was in Krakow over Christmas, he was in a car accident just outside Krakow. My friend was pretty bloody and shook up, and his car was in bits after crashing into a tree but nobody stopped to see if he was ok. Countless people kept driving past him, ignoring his pleas to slow down or to phone the emergency services etc. Finally he managed to walk to a nearby hostel / motel and he managed to book a taxi to the hospital. That would never happen in Ireland, and certainly no other country I have been to.

Another day my gf and I were coming out of IKEA just outside Krakow and noticed a woman broke down in the middle of the road in busy traffic. She was visibly upset yet instead of someone stopping to see if she was ok or needed help, car after car just drove past her angry that she was stopped in the middle of the road and slowing them down. Eventually I managed to get across to her and helped push the car off the road and my gf called her friend who is a mechanic. That also would never happen in Ireland or any other country I have visited, especially never to a lady in need of assistance.

I love Poland and Polish people, and see the greater good rather than the bad in both. However there are aspects of the Polish character that do not appeal to me and it isn’t just myself that have noticed it. So for me to read a thread about how caring Polish people are is surprising to say the least, you live in a very different Poland than I do, or indeed any of the regular Polish posters here
2 Jun 2009
Life / Polish people more caring? [20]

From my experience of Poland and Polish people, they only care about family or people they know very well. If you dont fall into either of these categories they couldnt care less about you. I sincerely hope I am never in an accident anywhere in Poland because I am confident they would walk right past me, eyes to the ground. Dont get me wrong, I love Poland and the people, but they are certainly not a caring people and generally keep to themselves and mind their own business. . . .I dont know where you got your first impression, but it couldnt be more wrong and Im sure a lot of Polish people would agree with me if they are being honest. Perhaps you have only met nuns and priests ;)
2 Jun 2009
Study / United States Education vs. Polish Education [19]

One of my set backs for moving to Poland is education. Can I get a good education in Poland vs. where I currently live in the US? Any answers welcome and appreciated...

The educational system in Poland and Europe in general is far superior to that of the United States. Im not just saying that because I am European, but it is a fact
1 Jun 2009
Life / Let Us Hear What Polish People Have To Say About Us (foreigners in Poland)! [15]

Im assuming the OP thinks Ireland is part of Britain like most Americans, but surely Ireland deserves to be included in more than 'other countries also' We are a sizeable force in Poland . . . .

So oppinions about the Irish anyone ?

Russian - i was in Moscow once few yr ago, it was cool. Russian ppl for me? i belive they liek to drink even more then rest of east Europe :P

Nope, they dont :)
1 Jun 2009
Life / Why are Polish people cheap? [126]

I dont think Polish people are cheap, they just understand the value of money. They are like us Irish were 10 yrs ago before we were duped into thinking we were rich and we all went crazy. Now its us that are 'cheap' just like we have been for 790 yrs out of the last 800 :)
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

Read it again, stay with me. Communisim was doomed anyway, the regime in Poland knew it was about to fall and they would lose everything and be imprisoned. It seems logical that they would attempt to soften the landing by using such an idiot as Walesa. Im surprised that this comes as such a shock to you, considering there are many books wrote about this same theory and Walesa himself has threatened to leave Poland and sue the authors for defamation. Neither he will do of course :)

My gf has just informed me that 'All of Poland knows he is an idiot, people are embarrassed by him, but he did do a couple of things in the past for us. My dad just thinks he was a lucky fool'

That more or less sums it up for me also, the wisdom of Polish women ;)
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

Except that Walesa was already known around the world 4 years before most even heard about Gorbachev. Gorbachev saw Walesa in the spotlight and Gorbachev wasn't the one who put Walesa there.

No, but some say it was the collapsing communist regime in Poland that did.

Of course it was caused by a lot of factors, and of course Walesa alone is not responsible for the collapse, no one person is. But Walesa was the first one in the spotlight.

He was indeed

If you attempted something clever here you failed. I see no connection between a dumb Irish and Walesa's.

I doubt I need to 'attempt' anything 'clever' here for you, nor for that matter do I feel even the slightest inclination to 'succeed' for you. However if you want to measure your intellect against mine, feel free :) I see a subtle connection between two stupid people attempting something idiotic without being able to comprehend the consequences. Both got very lucky as a result of their stupidity and 'bravery', one lived and the other lived to be a hero in Poland. I don’t consider a stupid guy jumping a fence a very noble or brave thing to do, although it seems to be repeated to me a lot as one of the most incredible feats of bravery ever . . . I don’t remember saying my train jumper was 'Irish' either ;)

Unfortunately, that "truth" is often custom made to fit the times.

In these times people question their heroes, in the past they were accepted without question. Time will tell

You can create such "matrix"-like alternative history for every country... and every person


I guess I can throw it all to the "9/11 was planned by Bush", "area 51 ufo conspiracy" bin after what you said...

Didnt Walesa instigate 9/11 ? :P

that's why universities are inviting him for lectures, and although he may use colloquial and simple language he still has got a lot of wisdom to pass.

Considering some of the things he has said at these lectures about 'putting books up his ass' I doubt they will be inviting him back :)
31 May 2009
News / Walesa excluded from Polish national gala [38]

Grzegorze is this truth? What says majority of Poles? Do they regard Walesa as moron?

It seems a great number of Poles do regard him as a moron. The man can barely speak coherently in his own native language, some of the quotes attributed to him defy belief and in most countries he would be genuinely considered 'retarded'

but the communists saw his rather simple mindedness as a tool of transition. They saw that they could continue to manipulate this fool, during Solidarnosc movement

Ive been reading a lot about this guy recently, and what you write makes perfect sense

t is obvious today, that Walesa sold his soul to get power.

and a lot of money
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

I explained (as have countless of others whose theory I’m using) the reasons behind why those in power might have propelled such a seemingly dumb guy into the spotlight. Moscow at the time (Gorbachov) was against the old ways of using force to retain power, and instead instructed the regime in Poland to enter into dialogue with the unions. Hardly very elaborate for a regime to ensure a soft landing for themselves, and incredible wealth, whilst avoiding prison :)

It wasn’t Walesa that started the collapse of communism in Europe (although of course he and others played their part) that is more an American mindset, or a very naive Polish one. The fall of communism in Eastern Europe was probably caused by a number of different factors, and there have been countless books and studies done detailing all. Gorbachev was the one that introduced policies that triggered communism to collapse, but it would take someone a lot more educated and wiser than me to break down all the reasons as to how Communism fell In Europe.

As for the famous climbing of the fence, I’ve seen a stupid man jump onto a the roof of a moving train in Dublin . . . the clever people watched :)

Walesa will be remembered in history, but if it will be kind to him is a different story. . and history eventually finds the truth :) whatever that may be, who knows !
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

There does seem to be a lot of questions concerned with if he was a fraud or not, and there are a lot of publications coming out detailing if he was an agent etc. The way I see it that Solidarnosc was restored in later 80s under Mr Walesas leadership. However a closer inspection deems that to be false. It was just technically a different organisation with the same name. Some might say nothing more than a typical communist trick (they did the same to PSL and PPS after the 2nd WW). So after Solidarnosc was recreated the old founders and leaders of the original one had to again apply as new members and they of course were never again allowed back to top. So Mr Walesa had full power, Communism fell down, well kind of but not really communists. The communists were now the only ones with money and the right connections who could buy. They were the only ones after transformation who had money and connections and who could buy back all the re privatised factories, they also took control of the newspapers and all media.

From my understanding of all this people are now saying Walesa was a puppet placed in his role to provide a soft landing by the regime whom knew communism was about to end but wanted to ensure a soft landing. Obviously they still wanted to have their cake and eat it so installed puppets like Kuron, Michnik, Walesa, Mazowiecki who would take over, be the new heroes and not allow very angry people put them into the prisons where they belonged. It actually makes perfect sense that they planted a stupid Muppet and a traitor who was promised a life of money and rewards for taking over the unions and begin making money for the real puppet masters. He seems to be an incredibly inarticulate guy (I'm only going by his interviews and some of the quotes he has come out with ) so I guess he was the perfect candidate.

The funny thing that strikes me is that the greatest enemy to Walsea is himself, if he didn't pretend to be intellectual and wise he would be remembered fondly and remain unquestioned. The very fact that he continuously comes across as a complete fool whilst pretending to be some sort of gift from God pisses people off and makes them wonder about and question his past. Didn't I read something about stealing documents that proved he was a traitor? Personally I think in light of all the allegations about him he should be investigated thoroughly, and either prosecuted or left alone.

As for the building of new highways, Poland joined the EU too late. . all the highways went to Spain :)))

Any public who has a hero, one who has received a noble prize and so many awards internationally would be angry and disappointed if they fell from their throne. When I wrote about generations, I meant that once Walesa's generation passes so too will much of the controversy and debates about the communist era. . Human nature, but his generation are very much alive today, as is this guy Walesa and his frequent travels as an ambassador for Poland.

Perhaps, if I was innocent and continuously persecuted I would probably have moved to Mexico years ago :) Having said that, I also know my intellectual limits and if my IQ was as seemingly low as his I would keep my mouth shut, permanently.
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

When I said 'people' I wasnt referring to young people in particular, but Polish people generally. I think any nation anywhere who have a hero they hold up in high esteem would be perturbed by accussations that he was a fraud and that he had duped them. I agree that in many incidenses the pen can be used as a political weapon to discredit someone, but in this case why and for what ? He is of no relevance today and poses no threat to anyone. If anything he is considered an inarticulate fool so why would so many people go to such great lengths to discredit him ? More to the point why hasnt he proved them wrong and followed through on the threat to sue for millions ? Why does he feel these allegations are so important that he says he will 'leave Poland' if they continue, surely that in itself is suspicious ?

I disagree regarding people dont care and Im of the oppinion that a great deal of people will care. Regardless of their gratitude that communisim is dead, this man has represented their voice for a very long time. This man has also received their adulation, respect, awards and money. If he is shown as a fraud and his true role in history was a lie, that is an embarrassing reflection on Poland and those who reside there. Its also a tragedy for the man himself

I do agree that once Walseas generation pass, so too will much of the talk on Polands communist past . . . then again without history and weeding out the truth, we can not learn from mistakes and look to the future

If this Lech Wałęsa character is a fraud and a liar, frankly he deserves everything he gets and to leave Poland.

If not, its very sad because his name and character have been brought into question throughout the world and people will always think there is no smoke without fire
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

I sit down and eat with people who lived through communisim everyday, they are the very same people who are now beginning to doubt this man. The people I speak to are of all ages and backgrounds, and a lot are questioning this mans true role in moving things forward at all and if it was all just a set up, thus making him a fraud and not a hero at all

Regardless as a guest in Poland I find it all fascinating, Its a bit like watching a train crash

next lie :P no its not, i can say for exaple that u are... gay? ridiculus huh? it cant be truth ofc... but still i can keep telling that... ppl will look wierd at me but still they will listen cus i will yell very loud... and same things is with those books for me... tv and all other media only keeps this crazy circuit in move... last thing about Walęsa is makeing topic like this sure will bring some ppl to just read it but NEVER will change someone opinion about Walęsa if someone belives him he will keep belive same in other way...

Good point, I agree but I guess time will tell as to how all this will change peoples perceptions of him. Im no authority on Polish oppinion by any means, but I sense peoples oppinion of Lech Walesa is changing already. Whatever the outcome, its all rather sad more than anything to be honest
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

Maybe has more about him and hasnt joined the "where there's blame there's a claim" brigade! There are some people in this world left with integrity! It would seem he is one of them...and because a few spotty teenagers couldn't care less what he did for their country speaks volumes about them, not him!

I doubt very much a man that says . .

"Of course I'm getting paid. For one such guest-performance (at the anniversary of the supermarket Carrefour) I get from 10,000 to 100,000 Euro. I make a few million that way. Do you think that I would be able to survive on 3.000 PLN?" LW (Average salary in Poland is around 1,500 PLN)

. . .has much integrity when it comes to receiving money. That and there is a difference between someone claiming for whiplash than refusing to follow through a E33,000,000 legal case sueing for defamation of character regarding allegations of being an agent and dismissing his role in the fall of communisim, allegations that would bring not only his reputation into doubt but also the awards he has received.

From my experience of 'spotty teenagers' in Poland, most are very well educated compared to their British and Irish counterparts, and most take an intrest and pride in their culture that has long been diluted on our shores. What they dont have is the same sense of blind loyalty that generations before may have had, they also have an access to information and the freedom to question it
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

lies lol :P those books being published only cus this is good topic and easy way to make money, look at this in this way... why ppl who are way younger who just cant have any self experience from those times trying to judge him in their books... i mean cmon if u will write soem crap even is this is bigest lie ever about some very popular char u will sell ur book without problem...

Perhaps, perhaps not, and of course controversy always makes money :) Do you not find it interesting that he refuses to sue for slander, and he is threatening to leave Poland because of these allegations ? that to me seems strange. A lot of research seems to have gone into these books, and I guess by his reaction to them it seems like he has something to hide. Im not sure if the truth (whatever it is) will come out through these books, but I do think that public oppinion towards Lech Walesa will be even more divided over the coming years. For me, an outsider living in Poland with a Polish girlfriend and an adopted Polish family I find it fascinating as I always had an intrest in Polish history and even more so now. But surely even the biggest lie must have some truth ?
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

and if im 23 yr old and i can leave in free country without comunism and stuff liek this he is the one who starts all the changes in Poland... so even if he dun act cool now we just cant take him away this honor cus he is rly HERO...

Regardless of his role in the fall of communism, these stories question if he was really a hero or not and who really put him in the 'right place at the right time'. Personally, I haven't the emotional attachment towards him as you have because I'm from Ireland. However I would imagine Polish people will be very hurt and angry if they realise after all this time that it was all a lie and he was set up to be a puppet? If more of these allegations are shown to be true, will Polish people believe them even? Will he be told to leave Poland before he goes of his own will? That is why all of these books are being published now, and why he is threatening to sue and leave Poland. What is interesting to me is that even though the publishers have asked him to sue them and disprove their 'lies' he has refused to, continuously. This to me seems strange for someone who has nothing to hide. I'm just intrigued by the man and I'm very curious to see where all this will end.
31 May 2009
News / The Emperor is naked. Lech Walesa, fool or hero ? [34]

I find your entire post odd stupid and out of place, are you some sort of hardline commie? There is no question about Wałęsas role during "S" movements and he's still a hero, the point is whether apart from being a hero for Poland he's privately a decent man which i very much doubt he is..

For you to consider me a communist, because I posted a thread explaining that this guy seems stupid and I have read a lot of reports questioning his true role in Polish history is silly, and immature :) Why is my entire role stupid and out of place? I posted it in 'Poland and History', I said he seems stupid (you agree) I said I am intrigued by him and I am curious as to how Poles might react if he was uncovered as a fraud. I'm not sure if you understood my original thread, but your reaction is silly and very childish. I said I didn't mean to offend anyone, and for you to be offended because I said I have read countless articles that question the man is ridiculous. My point had nothing to do with if he is privately a 'decent' man or not, did you understand anything I wrote? My point was that I have read a lot of negative press about him recently. My point was that I'm aware that there are books about him that detail he was a puppet and a fraud, and I'm fascinated by this. My point was how Polish people will react if this is true. My point was that a lot of Polish people seem to be embarrassed by him, and I'm interested in how all this will end, will he have to leave Poland as he has threatened to do, will he sue as he has threatened to do. My point was also to measure the reaction and opinions of Poles to these revelations, and although you seem confused your reaction is indeed a reaction.

What doubt? He was leading "Solidarność" in times when he could well get a bullet for that, thats pretty brave by any account and anyone who undermines THAT is either an idiot or communist supporter, there should not even be a discussion about this particular fact

That's my point THERE IS DOUBT, thus why he is threatining legal action !!!!! (although you don't seem to understand anything I asked or my motives for asking) There are a lot of people who are questioning his 'bravery' and if the allegations are true (He still hasnt pressed charges) he wasn't in any danger at all because he was set up as a puppet. I am neither an idiot or a communist supporter :) For you to suggest I am because of this post is very very immature.

You did read the article I posted didn't you? You do realise that my original post was based on one of many articles I have read about this man?

There is no controversy about his role in the past and i'd appreciate if you'd stop that communist ********, Wałęsas role as a face, symbol and a rallying banner in difficult times is indisputable, what people do bring out is that he was also a two faced prick in private life which I'm willing to believe, he's still a hero though, a stupid little man who by fate or accident found himself in the right time at the right place but he did.

So for someone to be interested in recent alliigations and publications that seem to offer a differrent perspective on someones role in history is communist ? :)))) Um no, THERE IS CONTROVERSY regarding his role in the past, THAT IS WHY I POSTED THIS THREAD TO UNDERSTAND WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF THIS CONTROVERSY. That is why he is threatening to leave Poland. This is why people are bringing out books and research into his true role in history, why, how, and who was behind the scenes. Nobody here or I is discussing his private life. The whole question is was he really in the right place at the right time, or was it a set up. . that is what people are asking, that is what the international community are now wondering, that is why people are writing books, that is why I am intrigued, that is why I am asking is he a hero or a fraud and a fool. I think you just read the title of my thread; perhaps that's why you are imagining I wrote something else.

But given that most Irish, English and Scottish heroes were also murdering cvnts, thieves, pirates or tyrants i dont see a problem and neither should you, a national hero is not necceserily a good human being.

I'm not sure why you might consider hundreds of thousands of Irish people who died in an 800 year war against an oppressor 'murdering cvnts'? Are those Polish people who fought in the world war 'murdering cvnts' also? You are utterly confused and clearly understood nothing I wrote:| I never questioned if the man was a good human being or not, why would I care ? I am questioning his true place in history and if he is a fraud or not. I am questioning how Polish people will react if recent alligations about him continue to gain popularity. You seem to be just answering some other questions you have in your head.

Your reaction is that I might anticipate from some Poles, as I suspect a lot will not accept any criticisim fo a hero. Your anger towards me whilst misplaced and ridiculous is expected somewhat considering you didnt underdstand what I wrote, or why
30 May 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]

In the countryside, some even clicked pics of her

Not only do I find that hillarious, but I have to agree with Rafal . . . you are telling lies :) If by some small chance you are telling the truth, and if by some amazing coincidence these simple country folk happened to have a camera when your black friend was walking through the fields (pleaseeeee) Im sure they werent being rude, or racist. You really think Polish country folk have never seen a black person before ? lol Perhaps they still have b&w tvs and think the earth is flat also eh ?