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26 May 2009
Life / Expats in Poland: Are you going to live in Poland long or short term? [65]

I am just about to leave Poland in 4 days.
After almost 4 years it was enough for me. Will I miss Poland? Maybe, but not necessarily the people, at least not the majority!! As I am moving to 15 million inhabitants city, certaintly that I will miss some of the quieteness, but I will finally be close to the sea.

See you..
3 Apr 2009
Study / American vs British School in Poland [6]

Hi there:

I have my 2 children in the British School of Warsaw, for the past 4 years.

I am quite happy and it could be better for the price we pay for. The negative points about it is: lack of school bus, lack of a proper canteen (but they are opening a new in a few months), the quality of the food. We have had some problems with the catering company, children often they don't like it (I hope it will improve with the new canteen).

I have children in both schools (the one up to Year 1 and after that). But according to other parents thay used other schools somewhere else, they are quite happy about it.

There is 1 very positive issue, the socializing. We meet a lot of people trough the school, we made polish friends as well.

The american schools seems to be ok as well, but if you are not living in Konstancin is quite far out.

Good luck
25 Aug 2008
News / lets say nice things about poland [32]

If there is something that works really well in Warsaw in the taxis company MPT the well known 9191. There always on time, even if you book a taxi for an earlier flight, it's sure that you won't be late. I often mention this topic when talking about living in Warsaw.
20 Aug 2008
Love / Polish women are known for their beauty, but men are so ugly (most of).. [250]

But why they are all shaving their heads, going to gym twice a day.

I hear many times the opinion of girls from other countries and they have all the same on!!

Poland is full of girls married with foreigners, but what about the other way around, polish men with foreigner women?
20 Aug 2008
Life / A lot of "How safe is Poland" threads? [15]

After living in Poland for more than 3 years (I have I spent more than 2 in a non very exciting city, very poor in fact) I find Poland very safe. Comparing any of the polish cities to any city in the UK it's unfair!!!!

The crimes that I hear, are mostly between relatives and people that know each other. I feel very safe everything I am walking in the steets of Warsaw, any time of the day. Of course there place a bit more unsecure such as in Praga (the east side of Warsaw) but no one is getting killed.Please do not compare with UK, where you can psicos around the corner!!
20 Aug 2008
Life / Customer Service in Poland, what are your experiences? [106]

Thread attached on merging:
Customer Service in Poland, share your experiences

As a Portuguese living in Poland for more than 3 years, one of the things that upset me most is the service that we get around: in restaurants, in the supermarket, laundry, etc... For sure the the things are getting better, but coming there is still a long way to go. Have you tried to ask to a pole about some direction or help because you are lost? Tried it, but not a young person, they will run away from you....

It's great the opening of the new topic brought som much discussion.
I saw people mentioning other countries, other cultures but we can mix up 3rd world countries ou developed asian countries, with Poland.

Apart from some unfriendly faces, it's irritating the inflexibility!! Last Saturday I had some lunch in shopping center Reduta, in a restaurante called Monti. I have been there several times. I ordered some pasta carbonara for my kids, but having the portion divided in 2 plates. When the food came I saw that my daughter had only pasta, no signs of bacon. I asked very polite if they could put some bacon. The waiter came back with the plates saying that the bacon was all in the other portion (whih was not, only very few small pieces hard to see them), which was not at all and the cook did not wanted to add nothing more. I was extremely shocked, I tried to explain her, that I was a regular customer to the restaurant and my children were eating just white pasta!! Her answer: I can't do anything!!!

In my country when it comes to children food, the restaurants or waiters would do everything to satisfy children needs. This is the difference in Poland, awful inflexibility...