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American vs British School in Poland

oeabel 2 | 5  
27 Mar 2009 /  #1
Does anyone have any children who attend the American or British schools? We may be moving to Poland this summer and I'm looking to find out if one or the other of these schools would be a better place for my boys.

Thank you!
Wroclaw Boy  
27 Mar 2009 /  #2
I knew a Korean family who had their children in the English school in Wroclaw and they were more than happy with that.

Cant be of more help im afraid.
OP oeabel 2 | 5  
28 Mar 2009 /  #3
Thread attached on merging:
American vs British Schools in Warsaw

Does anyone have any children in the American or British schools in Warsaw or know anyone who does? Can you tell me anything about them or make a recommendation?

Thank you!
JOCAPEXA 2 | 11  
3 Apr 2009 /  #4
Hi there:

I have my 2 children in the British School of Warsaw, for the past 4 years.

I am quite happy and it could be better for the price we pay for. The negative points about it is: lack of school bus, lack of a proper canteen (but they are opening a new in a few months), the quality of the food. We have had some problems with the catering company, children often they don't like it (I hope it will improve with the new canteen).

I have children in both schools (the one up to Year 1 and after that). But according to other parents thay used other schools somewhere else, they are quite happy about it.

There is 1 very positive issue, the socializing. We meet a lot of people trough the school, we made polish friends as well.

The american schools seems to be ok as well, but if you are not living in Konstancin is quite far out.

Good luck
3 Apr 2009 /  #5
Does anyone have any children in the American or British schools in Warsaw or know anyone who does? Can you tell me anything about them or make a recommendation?

I don't have children at either school but I do know a fair few people who have children who are at those schools and I also know people who have worked at all of the international schools in Warsaw. The American school is excellent, absolutely first rate. The teachers are well qualified, well paid and well motivated. The British school is good. I do have a few issues with the group which owns the school but the staff I know are all very good. The choice between the two basically comes down to whether you want your children educated in the American or British system (if you have no preference, I'd suggest the American school).

The other international schools in Warsaw are not really recommended. I've heard some good things about the European International school but also some bad things. I've heard some strange things about the International American school. I've heard some shocking things about St. Paul's British School (I remember there was some scandal involving them that made the national newspapers a while back, can't remember the details).
vipservice - | 16  
8 Apr 2009 /  #6
If you have any help in moving to Warsaw like finding a house, a work or residence get in touch with us. We are working a lot with expats.

Remember that are some obbligatory things to do when are you are moving to Poland which are not common for foreigners. One of them is domicile registration. Also applying for residence permit in the proper time is a must otherwise you will have to leave Shengen and then come back. We are working with american companies in Warsaw, so maybe anyway you'll get in touch with us :)

If you have questions just e-mail me:

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