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18 Apr 2009

still see it as being on a par with alcohol for the damage it can do. It certainly doesn't strip the human character down to its more base and violent impulses like alcohol and is far less likely to make anyone vomit or collapse unconcious.

I never heard of anybody smoking then crashing thier cars compared to all the drunk driving accidents that take place every year.

I think alcohol ruins far more peoples lives than weed, alot of the domestic violence issues are fuel by booze,,,,,, John Barleycorn must die.. (name the band?) hehe

People growing weed at home should be seen as fighters against the evils of drug smuggling.

Certain states allow indviduals to grow up to a pound for personal comsuption.
I can go along with that...for now

Yeah, I wonder if svengoolie was the driver of that truck that was on the news, the one with all that marijuana loaded onto it ;)

No but were brothers in arms..bla
31 Oct 2007
Life / happy early diwali to all hindu poles [24]

another f*cking stupid statement from an ungreatful british born something or other!

You have a very nasty mouth,didnt your parents teach you better?
14 Oct 2007
Life / Polish art pictures [55]

What u guys think about this one?

Podniecasz mnie!!!

Bawisz się ze sobą?
30 Sep 2007
Life / My neighbours in Poland are stealing all my things [180]

you need a drop gun! it means 2 of them
Shoot him with yours then take the other gun and squeeze it into his dead hand
so his prints are on it. Then claim self-defense
17 Sep 2007
Love / How can a black man get a Polish women [248]

beware they don't crush your mindless, inbred and malformed off-spring. Im getting quite strong images of The Hills Have Eyes type mutants you may spawn

lets talk about some racist abuse here

Youre really making friends quick
17 Sep 2007
Love / How can a black man get a Polish women [248]

Oh very good. I am a Level 1 Personal Trainer. I am still studying and training.

wow and I thought I was brain dead

I wouldnt brag about being a personal trainer.. it doesnt pay much now does it?
6 Mar 2007
Food / Marinated lotta on a stake? [13]

Does it have anything to do with Vampires?

I like Steak.....:) rare of course
11 Feb 2007
Genealogy / Looking for Krys or Kryz - I met her last night [26]

Hey its me :) :) :) from jedynka. Czesc my lovely dancing partner

I was looking at the pics but didnt want to post them without asking..

You should join the forum:) :) moja skarb