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9 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

But women demand their workmanship as well.

i don't demand, but i do reward. liberally. and yes, of course, an act of mutual worship is always particularly potent.
kasia: take heed ; )

Poles can appear disinterested but you just need to push the right buttons or pull the right levers

of course - how stupid of me - had completely forgotten: polish men like successful women more than anything. so make stacks of cash, buy him an Aston Martin and make sure lots of other men are slavering over you.

men: what is more important to you? Bjs or cars wrapped in ribbons as birthday presents for you? (a hard one, i know)
9 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

a combination of talent and practice

without doubt, but there must also be genuine enjoyment ... it should verge on an act of worship, as well as workmanship.

Southern is the boards resident 15yo virgin.

would it be very wrong of me ... ?
9 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

Unfortunately the number of artists is so low that it is actually an embarassment.

i wonder if your standards are very high, or whether you have sampled hundreds, if not thousands, of practitioners? the first step is indeed, though, to realise that the bj is an art form.
9 Nov 2009
Love / Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me! [94]

I mean concrete tips,advices??

Also learn proper BJ.Men are suckers for this and they grade you according to how well or if you perform the above activities which make you exceptional in their ey

i am ashamed to say that in some things i appear to think along the same lines as southern, as my first concrete tip was also going to be to master the art of the perfect bj and bring him to the point of begging for it. and then, of course, give him it. often, but not so much that he becomes complacent. and suggest it in inappropriate places, etc., for entertainment and a frisson of sexual excitement. you both speak Polish, and often other people don't ... so while speaking English nicely with some people, also explain to him in Polish what you would like to do to him as soon as you have the opportunity. I quite often do that. It amuses me. And him.
9 Nov 2009
Love / Polish girls lying [193]

How can you resist such a request if you have a weak heart?

just say 'spadaj ty dziwko'.

still not understanding that they really do not need a man to take care of them.

i used to be an enlightened feminist as well, but now my polish sisters have taught me more sense ... oh, the joy of being completely spoilt ... and all you have to do is stay thin and cook a lot! ... (actually, my take on it would be to use some of the money to pay someone else to do the cooking and washing up - a polish girl, for example - but one of the (few) fat ones - while i just did the being thin and having sex bit) (my god i amaze myself with these evil plans - am I really the only one to have thought of this?)

they want men not vibrators.
quite right too.
9 Nov 2009
Love / Do not marry Polish woman [212]

amount of money is determining factor in sperm quality?

I think you misunderstood me, or I wasn't clear enough.

Of course having money doesn't mean you have good sperm, but being successful and sorted and capable of supporting the pregnant or lactating female are things that will, consciously or subconsciously, attract women. Being young and strapping (and therefore more likely to have good quality sperm) will also attract. Being relatively young, relatively strapping and relatively rich is probably the ideal combination. Lacking either strappingness or cash will be a disadvantage, whatever way you look at it.

My observation is that all women in time come to value money. Younger ones are less likely to value it highly, but Polish women are trained from a very young age to respect it almost above all else.

Money is required because when you are feeding a baby every two hours, you don't have time or energy to earn the mortgage as well.
9 Nov 2009
Love / Do not marry Polish woman [212]

think think.

i think you think too much ...

remember: you can't expect women (any more than men) to escape their biological programming. women are quality-sperm-seeking missiles. however, they have intelligent technology. they assess the likely viability of the male, and the sperm, extremely quickly. eg, nicely-dressed sexy guy in beautiful car, v. uncertain wimp in bad clothes with no money - who would you pick? of course they go for the one most likely to deliver - and then support - babies. even if they don't think that is what they are doing.

a happy woman is a pregnant one with lots of sex and no bills to pay, i always say. can you provide this? ask yourself the question. if not, no, the quality women won't want you. their instincts won't allow them. tough. but important to remember: it is biology, and Nature - not the fault of women. we just obey our hormones like everybody else.

there are always desperate ones, though. or drunk ones. or ones on the pill (and therefore obeying pigs' or mares' hormones). you might get lucky.
8 Nov 2009
Love / Polish girls lying [193]

Almost every second sentence a lie.How do they manage that?

it is not just the girls!!!
it is a way of life. creative living.

Here is what I ate one week ago.Pierogi,polish breasts and some lies.

I don't know how you managed to swallow the pierogi. The rest I imagine was easy.
7 Nov 2009
Love / Personal issues with two women, they want to be my friend - a Polish thing? [49]

Look, I don't think you should abuse the trust these women are putting in you. What is so bad about them having a precious friendship with you? They really like you. But I doubt they want to have sex with you.

Do you want a woman 20 years your junior? Probably yes (you are a guy after all! ; ). But I doubt they are thinking like that. I imagine they find you very good company, and very sympathetic, and on some level, you obviously make them feel great. Part of that may be their (possibly even subconscious) understanding that you want them sexually. But if they wanted you, they would have gone for it, I think. Having said that, they are Polish ... so perhaps waiting for your move.

You haven't given enough info. Is there really nothing in it for them? (ie, no money, status, etc.) ? And does it really not matter to you which one you have? (you are coming across as fairly shallow in all this, i'm afraid ... : )
2 Nov 2009
Love / Girls in Poland so desperate for$ Poland has the greatest no of Prostitutes [135]

how much of all this catholicism,virginity stuff is just a cover for the most hedonistic activities.

and it's much more fun to fall if you are so squeaky clean to start with ; )

yes, all nonsense - they are an extremely highly-sexed race, as far as i can see. that is why i like them : )
6 Oct 2009
Language / Kids languages for mixed couples ? [26]

help. We are in England, but although I speak only English with our daughter, everyone else speaks Polish, including a v dominant ciocia ... so now my 18 month old daughter is producing almost exclusive Polish - eg, round Sainsbury's, shouting out CZESC!! to every passer-by (and they all nodded sympathetically, as if to say 'completely incomprehensible baby language, eh')(mind you, should she do that in Tescos, almost everyone would understand

; ) - because they have a Polish aisle there)

lawks. maybe she will only speak Polish? maybe i have over-egged the Polish pudding with all this immersion??? !
12 Sep 2009
Language / Kids languages for mixed couples ? [26]

really smart girl in poland 4 years old and she speaks 3 languages really good

our daughter is similar (although 2 not 3 langs) - one year and 5 months old and has a v solid and rapidly developing vocabulary in both polish and english. no question at all of any delay - if anything she is quicker than usual (her peers seem to have about 10% of her vocabulary). i have noticed that she just sees the languages around her as one big language, with options. so, there are two ways of saying 'egg' (ie, english or polish), etc.

it is true though that it is VERY important to work at exposing the child 24/7 to both languages. she has a lot of english input from me, plus polish nanny and father and other poles in the house. she has cartoons equally in polish and english. she often has two of us speaking to her in english and polish at the same time - conversations with one person contributing in english and the other in polish. she herself is beginning to differentiate languages according to who she speaks with. eg, this morning she said to me 'ciocia down', which was a reference to the fact that the nanny usually arrives downstairs first thing in the morning. i said 'no, ciocia isn't here yet' and she said 'nie ma' and then quickly added 'gone' - i think for my benefit, because i usually speak english with her.

make sure that whichever language is at a disadvantage (ie, whichever country you aren't in) gets max. input - tv, conversation, books - as much as possible. and don't worry about speed of picking it up - i just think max. immersion is the key, and repetition.
17 Dec 2008
Life / Where can I buy very soft Toilet Paper in Poland? [47]

Plus the idea of wiping my arse on a lamb is somehow easier than the idea of wiping it on a cute little puppy.

That's bold of you to say so ... but you are right: lambs, in reality, have wiry coats laced with strongly-scented natural oils (and sheep shit), whereas cute little puppies really are slippery-soft and cute and do smell nice and it would seem a pity to, erm, wipe one's arse with them ...

I of course don't have this problem, being a woman, and never doing anything more than powder my nose in the bog. You poor guys.

3zl a week extra?

= profligate
You will be on the Izal in Hell, for sure
(if you're Catholic) (and if not, hurrah! No Hell!! Great, isn't it? ; )
14 Dec 2008
Life / Where can I buy very soft Toilet Paper in Poland? [47]

then this 2nd option which, for the world of me, I can't work out why they buy it.

you have the pleasure of the soft paper, but if you abuse it by being profligate with it (wadding great reams into protective pads, so as to avoid all offensive contact; excessive cleanliness; etc.), then you pay the price by having to finish off with Izal medicated arse-sander. Simple. So yes, there is a Catholic theme of 'you enjoy - you pay' there ...
30 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / Benefits for separated Polish wife and 2 kids in the UK [90]


nasia why dont you tell your friend to get into prostitution, if she cant speak english very well she has almost no chance of getting a job. And hopefully she will be denied benefits.

thanks, nomo - good idea on the prostitution front. i'll suggest it to her. have thought of it myself not once, but the problem is, someone like you might walk through the door ... ; ) (only joking)
29 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / Benefits for separated Polish wife and 2 kids in the UK [90]

Natasia and your friend - You're both a disgrace to your nation.

what nation, you bonkers idiot? i am english. but i am not crazily nationalistic like a lot of you posturing on here.

at the risk of assassination, we are supposed to live in a company of various nations, called 'Europe'. my polish acquaintance (actually not my friend, but someone in need of advice) doesn't yet have qualifications or a fabulous cv because she has spent her 20s raising her children. she is now motivated and ready, with the children starting school (childcare hereby sorted) to work. she needs English to get any job better than cleaning, but she has to start somewhere. and WHILE she is working and learning to better herself and contribute something more to the economy, she needs some support.

if you think of all the fat lazy deliberate English scroungers, i actually think supporting this sort of European is more worthwhile than them. she has no intention of a life of social security - it is a shameful thing to her.

but hey, it was interesting to see that you just all love to rant. some practical advice from anyone who's experienced a similar situation was obviously a laughable expectation from this! just bugger off you smug lot.


PS with this exception:

Does anyone actually understand the rules applied to A8 workers in respect of claiming benefits in the UK? No, thought not.

you sound like a real person, with a balanced brain!! could you outline those rules for me, if you know them? wd be grateful. thanks.
28 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / Benefits for separated Polish wife and 2 kids in the UK [90]

Am I just in a bad mood this evening or what?

maybe ... you have made quite a lot of negative assumptions ; )

The father:
- didn't flee anywhere or anybody - he came to the uk to work so he could earn for the family
- he has constantly supported the family completely - he is the sole breadwinner and pays for everything
- he is paying for everything so far over here as well, but can't afford to do so for very long

He isn't a bastard in terms of giving financial support. But if they are separated and she needs to be independent, this is when the state (whichever state) has a duty to assist. Well, did the last time I looked. They would do it for me or you (although you aren't a mother, but for whatever else you might need) and that's the deal - if you need it, you get it; if you don't, you don't, but you count yr chickens that you aren't in that situation.

I think ...
27 Aug 2008

don't go to bloody Poland - it is STILL a very racist country in the sense that 90% of people (at least) will treat you differently because you are black in Poland (quite a lot of them would probably treat you better if you were black in a multi-cultural place like the UK).

I wrote and edited books for Oxford University Press and Macmillan, for Poland, and as recently as 6 years ago we 'weren't allowed' to have too many (or, in some cases, any) black characters as this would 'put the teachers off' and they might not buy the books ... I'm sorry to tell you that, as it is incredibly hurtful and wrong for you, but I think you should be aware of how illiberal a place Poland can be. There's no answer to straight abuse, either, however nice or deserving you might be.

If I were black, for damn sure I wouldn't go there. People WILL literally point at you in the street. Don't do it to yourself. Wait a few years until the younger generations (who aren't so much like that) dominate the place.

And for all those guys who are now going to tell me I"m wrong, why is there no neutral word for a black person in Polish??

Really sorry, but that's just my experience, and I thought you should hear it.
Trzymaj sie, as they would say.
27 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / Benefits for separated Polish wife and 2 kids in the UK [90]

Does anybody know what a Polish woman in the following circs can claim?

- separated but not yet divorced (husband Polish and also in the UK, but not living with her)
- two children, aged 5 and 7 (children from the separated marriage)
- recently just come to the uk with about £1K and not much else, and currently living in one room with the kids but about to be kicked out as the landlord doesn't allow children

- her plan is to work part-time cleaning in a hotel, and learn English
- why is she here? so the kids can see their father and because she didn't want to be left behind in Poland

Child benefit, yes. Family tax credit, yes. Council tax benefit, working tax credit, housing benefit? I think yes, but what does that depend on? Does she have to have been here for 6 months?

Please don't give me a lot of talk about how she shouldn't be coming on the system ... enough Brits do, and she is only accessing a perfectly legal reciprocal social security system between the UK and Poland. No judging, just facts and experience, please. Thanks.