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3 Jun 2009
News / Polish priest publishes sex guide [97]

Hey! Let's all publish and sell books on allergy. We all either have it or know people who have it. To hell with doctors! If the priest can publish a book on sex, each of us, pf members, can write on allergy.

I would say that you have developed allergic reaction to the priests& religion etc - hence you are prejudicial.

You know, I get allergic each time I see a dilettante pretending to be an expert. Each time I turn the TV on , I see people talking, giving advice and playing authorities, while real authorities - i.e. people ho have qualifications, education, experience etc., are not listened to. So, maybe Seanus has the same allergy as me?

What about politicians then?Are they not amusing ? Or people with no knowledge of the topic but with ready answers? Are they not amusing?

Politicians aren't as amusing as priests, because if you don't pay attention to priests, they are harmless. But you can't help a politician screwing things up once someone has elected them. Priests are just one of many groups people who pretend to be authorities on topic they know intercourse-all about.

Secondly you can find a lot of books and stuff to teach you about technique, position etc
But you still missing a point - i PRESUME the book is about psychological stuff!

Well, a sex guide can be either on technical things or psychology. A prostitute is fluent in technique but is not a psychologist. A priest is neither technically fluent or a psychologist. A prostitute can be authority in one aspect of sex, a priest - in none. Still, prostitute has more to say.

Well, for one a prostitute could be bad in bed

I'm not acquainted with the industry, but I wouldn't expect a long career for such a prostitute... and I wouldn't expect such a prostitute to write guides.

What you are saying above is highly theoretical stuff and the best way to please your husband is to ask him.

You don't get the point. There are some people who like new things. People who go to an exotic restaurant and order a very weird dish only because they have never eaten it before. And all the tech-guides are for people of that kind: they are written so that couples can try out new things and then see if they like it.

Funny, Ironside, that you know how to please every man on earth. Maybe there are some guys who would be happy if their wife told them: "You know, sweety/honey/my wild beast/whatever, I learnt about something you might enjoy but it's a surprise. Wanna try something new tonight?" I know that in case of women, some would be delighted, some wouldn't like it.

If we suppose we should do with the partner only what they tell us they like, we couldn't ever do anything new. What then? Same thing all life? But there are so many things one can do...

Anyway, another application of a tech-guide by a prostitute could be reading it together and applying. It's just a book from which you can learn something and you can make use of.

and dealing with people problem, listen to confections - they have they share of experience too!

LOL, there's a talk show on Polish TV called "Rozmowy w toku". People with sometimes very unusual problems come and talk about it. And one interview in this program is several times longer than a confession. Does it mean that a viewer of this program is a sex expert?

Let's get back to normal. Let experts write books and non-experts discuss stuff in a pub and give advice to their friends and family. A good reason to write a book is when a writer knows more than an average person and writes a book in order to share it. And when you don't know more than an average person on the given - it's ridiculous to publish a book on it.
2 Jun 2009
News / Polish priest publishes sex guide [97]

..It makes you a good wife. But rather than reading books, why not sit down and ASK your husband what he likes and dislikes and tell him what you like and dislike.

And what if we're a proper Catholic couple, so I'm his first and only sexual partner? Then, he has never tried it, so he doesn't really know if he likes it.

Or what if I just want to give him a surprise? Is it wrong or just fun?

The thole idea of a prostitute writing a sex guide is about the fact that she/he knows more techinque, positions and stuff. The aim of reading such a book is finding something new, something I've never done with my husband and trying it out. And even if we are a couple with some experience before the marriage, it's little probable than both my husband and I have as much experience as a prostitute, so still I can find something we've never done before.

I don't see why trying out new things, giving surprises and general experimenting excludes open conversations on sex. Without such conversations I wouldn't even have a clue which of the new stuff in the book my husband could like. If I can read a guide and think "Yes, that is something he'd enjoy", it means that I generally know his preferences, so I must have discussed it.

It's so strange imagining I'm a married woman. Maybe I should stop doing it.
2 Jun 2009
News / Polish priest publishes sex guide [97]

You may disagree with catholic point of view but to deny a priest qualifications to speak about sex -which is a part of human nature - it is a prejudice or a ignorance.

It's just common sense. A priest can write a book on Catholic ideas about sex, or theological understanding of sex. But he has no qualifications to write a sex guide. Or do they teach psychology, physiology and sexology at semionars?

I also contest a very popular view that priest cannot advice people about sexual life.
Whats about a doctor dealing with mentally ill patient, using the same "logic" as displayed above, the doctor should be sick as well.

The thing is: doctor has studied medicine for several years, and the priest studied theology for several years. A doctor has got knowledge that a priest doesn't have. A sexologist spends years on studying human sexuality and psychology and helping people solve their sex problems.

"Some people, when they hear about the holiness of married sex, immediately imagine that such sex has to be deprived of joy, frivolous play, fantasy and attractive positions. They think it has to be sad like a traditional church hymn.

EVERY act - a type of caress, a sexual position - with the goal of arousal is permitted and pleases God."

The Polish Cat. church also accepted the content of this book.

Well, that sounds very enlighted. Maybe something will change. Still, the thing I usually hear about sex from the priests priests are completely different. E.g. if the married couple do not want to have more children, they should give up their sex life and stuff of that kind.

What do you want to learn from prostitute? New positions?
?Or how to please your customer? but it comes with practice, so in order to really learn from a prostitute you need to become one.

Let's imagine I've got a husband. He's a very good lover and gets me wonderful orgasms every night, so I want to do something special for him in bed. I can read a book "How to please a man" written by an experienced prostitute, find something I think my husband would enjoy, read some tips and maybe practise with a vibrator. And then, I perform the thing on my husband and he really enjoys it. Does it make me a prostitute or a good wife?
1 Jun 2009

I think that is a source of her objections, she is concerned about boy health.

From the overall description of welshguy's wife's behavior, i would conclude it's about control.
If the kid speaks Welsh, then he/she can talk to welshguy in a language the mother does not understand. And she loses control over their communication. She cannot interfere in the coversation, she doesn't know if they're not saying things she wouldn't like them to say. From what I read, I get an image of a woman who wants to have complete control over her son's upbringing, and such control is impossible when the child and the father can communicate in a language unknown to her.

Or maybe it's just me looking for the worst features in people.
1 Jun 2009
Law / Civil Wedding in Gdansk - office / documents? [8]

birth cirtificate (official short form of it not necessarily the original) from the country of your origin as well as some paper to certify that you are elligible to get married (i.e you aren't married elsewhere )

You also have to get those papers translated by a sworn translator. Something like 30zl/page in case of Asian languages.
1 Jun 2009

What you are writing here is sad. It's hard for me to advise on marriage relationships (I'm too young), but I think there are a few rational arguments you could use while talking to your wife.

1) People spend hours and lots of money on learning foreign languages. Learning a foreign language demands a lot of effort and self-discipline. If she's Polish, she should know it better (here, people are more concerned about foreign languages). And while your child has an opportunity to learn 3 languages for free, fast and effortlessly, it would be a horrible waste to teach him/her only two. Many people wish they spoke 3 languages just like that - no schools, no fees, no boring grammar exercises, no stressful tests and exams.

2) Little people speak Welsh. Therefore an employee speaking Welsh is a rare and precious thing, and the employer will pay them more. I know a Hebrew sworn translator and he earns much more than English, French or German sworn translators. Since there are many initiatives aiming at the revival of Welsh language, it is very possible there would be a demand for Welsh speakers. You know, like someone should translate Winnie the Pooh to Welsh, for instance. Speaking Welsh can give your child a great job opportunity.

3) It's your child! And your transferring your cultural heritage on your child is as important as transferring Polish cultural heritage. The Polish and the Welsh have very similar history concerning fighting for preserving their language and culture and now, that original Welsh culture (I mean, Welsh lang, Celtic roots etc.) has finally an opportunity to rise and flourish, you want the next generation to know that culture. It can't be that your wife's heritage is more important than yours.

And BTW, be careful. Many Polish mothers don't let their husband do anything with the kid and later, they are angry that they are poor housewifes with no support in rising the child on the side of the husband. Explain to your wife that you want to take part in your offsping's upbringing but you can't do it if your m-i-l. interferes so much.

P.S. My mum was overprotective, so there is something in it.
1 Jun 2009
News / Polish priest publishes sex guide [97]

priests can add some spiritual context to sex, which if taken completely out of a prostitute or a sexologist's knowledge and experience, may lack many deeper aspects, which both of the mentioned professions miss to confer to it.

Well, that would be a good point in case of religion, where sex isn't treated only as means of procreation. In Catholicism you're supposed to do in in the dark, having the least fun from it, only in order to conceive a child. Otherwise, it's a sin.
30 May 2009
News / Polish priest publishes sex guide [97]

Would you like to learn from prostitute?

Why not? A prostitue deals with a wider variety of partners than an average person. The best person to learn from if one wants to try out something new.

In what way?

In the same way that a dietetician is better at writing on healthy food and a nephrologist is better on writing about kidneys. Simply - a sexologist has got education and expert knowledge in the area.

A priest has got neither knowledge about sex or experience in it. Why don't we tell some virgin car mechanic to write a book on sex. The same qualifications.
29 May 2009
Life / Internet access in Lodz [18]

You should have some choice,. living in the centre.

It's quite possible you can get Toya.
Prices per month:
55,50 zł 512 kb/s
75,49 zł 1024 kb/s
95,50 zł 1536 kb/s
115,50 zł 2560 kb/s
135,49 zł 4096 kb/s
145,50 zł 6000 kb/s
If you sign a contract for 12 months. If you get it in the package with the cable TV, then there are some reductions.

Netia offers (if you've got a telephone line by Netia or TP SA):
69 zł 1 Mb/s
84 zł 4 Mb/s
159 8 Mb/s
for 18 months contract, and
59 zł 1 Mb/s
74 zł 4 Mb/s
129zł 8 Mb/s
for 24 or month contract.

It's cheaper in a package with the phone.
In both cases, there are no download limits and crap like that. I've had some experience with Internet provided by both those companies and I didn't notice any big problems.

Now, I've got a contract for 24 months in Netia (starting 1st. June). For the 1st 12 months I'm going to pay 59zł/month, then 74/month for 4Mb/s. It's some promotion.

Anyway, you have to contact the companies so they check if they can do it in the area you live.

Afaik, people do not complain about Neostrada too much, but TP SA has some strange rules concerning using their telecommunications services if you want to have Internet. And it's generally more expensive. E.g. you can't chose the fare system with the cheapest phone rental if you want to have Neostrada. (or at least it was so when I still considered Neo).

I hope this helps.
28 May 2009
Life / Internet access in Lodz [18]

I have Netia (I live in the part of the city where there is little choice) and it's quite OK. From time to time, quite rarely, there are some breakdowns, but they fix it in a few hours. Most of the time I have no problem with that.

Also TOYA is quite good as far as I know.

Where in £ódź do you live? Which district?
25 May 2009
News / Polish priest publishes sex guide [97]

So according to you book about sex should be written by prostitute.?

As far as technical stuff is concerned, it's not a bad idea.

Still, sexologist would be better.
25 May 2009

eye - oko - oczy (instead of oka)
ear - ucho - uszy (instead of ucha)

oko, pl. oka: drops of fat floating on the surface of a broth or a sauce
ucho, pl. ucha: handles (of a cup, for example)
25 May 2009
Study / Study ROCK MUSIC in Poland [10]

I've never heard of such thing.

Most of music schools in Poland are concentrated on classical music, but there are a few jazz departments. Well, if you master jazz, you shouldn't have problems with rock. Katowice Music Academy has the most renowned jazz department in Poland.
7 Mar 2009
Work / Advice needed on becoming a translator [3]

It depends on the kind of translation she wants to do.

If she wants to translate leagal papers, she must be a sworn translator. It takes some special course and a state exam.

As far as other kinds of translations are concerned, I don't know of any official regulations. If you want to join an gency, it's good to have a degree. But to translate for TV, you need to know the right people, qualifications or actual skills don't matter...

For a start it's good to know some other freelance translator who gets too many orders and needs aid. You can get some experience by working for such a person.
7 Mar 2009
Study / Which university in Poland?? (University of Lodz & Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu) [7]

1. Which university is more recognized in the European Union?

Any university, I guess. So £ódź.

2. Which of the university would have a cheaper cost of living? My friend said that the cost of living in Nowy Sacz in around 1000 PLN per month(accommodation, food, utilities)

I guess £ódź would be more expensive because it's a big city.

3. Which university has a good business program?

Szkoła Główna Handlowa in Warsaw ;-)

4. What are the job prospects for both universities outside Poland?

No idea, but surely Uni of £ódż has bigger ones.

BTW, I study at Uni of £ódź.
22 Feb 2009
Life / Wlatcy Moch?? [14]

You either love this cartoon or hate it.

I neither love it or hate it. I think it's an attempt to make a Polish version of South Park but South Park is sharply satyrical, and Włatcy are just stupid.
30 Jan 2009
Life / Styles in Poland: What do people wear? [65]

The lables that are popular in Poland.Tommy Hilfinger.Hugo Boss.Replay.BenettonFCUK.Morgan.

I've been to a few shopping centres and never came across Tommy Hilfinger or FCUK store...

People in Poland wear more or less the same stuff as everywhere else :-) But, comparing Poland to UK, I've noticed that Polish women generally wear more subdued colours, less flashy patterns and are better at wearing proper clothes to their sihouette. You don't get a lot of muffin tops in the summer.

As far as lumpexes are concerned, there are some shops that sell smelly rags, and there are some better ones, with nice clothes in very good condition. The latter are a perfect place for those who don't want look everyone else shopping in chain stores. The only alternative to get something original is DIY... The only problem with lumpexes is that it requires a lot of searching to get cool stuff.
29 Jan 2009
Life / Daily comute from Warsaw to Lodz [14]

I wouldn't rely on the train for such a commute - PKP are hardly known for their reliability.

I often use the Lodz-Warsaw connection and this particular one is quite OK. Trains leave every hour and go fast. I heard this is the most profitable PKP connection, so maybe that's why it's so good...
28 Jan 2009
Life / Daily comute from Warsaw to Lodz [14]

I think yuo'd better find a flat in £ódź or a job in Warsaw.

Commuting from £ódź to Warsaw makes sense because in Warsaw earnings and cost of living is generally higher. But the other way round it doesn't make too much sense: lower earnings + more expensive accommodation.

Any ideas how to kill time on the train and how early I have to wake up everyday to make to the office at 9

It depends how far from the station you live and how far you office is from £ódź Fabryczna. Anyway, it'll be much too early...
28 Jan 2009
Love / KISSING ON THE LIPS (problem with my Polish in-laws) [17]

That sounds horrible :-/

I agree with the posts above: these people are nutters.

And believe me (a Pole living and brought up in Poland), it's not normal in Poland to kiss your in-laws on the lips. It's gross! Kissing on the lips is mainly a sexual thing. Sometimes you can only see mothers kissing their young children (age 3 or 5) on the lips as a sign of affection, but I guess it's quite normal in most cultures.
28 Jan 2009
History / The movie Defiance is a big lie (heroes that saved Poland suppored communism) [102]

A country doesn't need only students but also farmers and miners or laborers or industrial workers etc...
The host countries provided that all so that the Jews could follow their nice "traditions".
You should give some credit not only to the jewish achievements but also to the gentiles hard toiling who made that possible!

If you've got an opportunity to become a lawyer, you will not go to a mine to work, right? A kid from neither Jewish nor gentile intelligentsia will go to a factory. The difference is that the 'intelligentsia' values are, in general, more prevailing in Jewish communities (at least in the diaspora).

Or maybe Jews should take part more in the real work keeping their host countries up and running?
That is much harder...
I didn't read much of Jews toiling in factories....who is the lazy one here?

Well, if instead of studying hard, you f*ck around because you don't want your mates to think you're a brain, when you grow up, you find yourself in need to toil in a factory. Then, you've got no choice. I today's realities, you don't go to a factory because you feel a vocation to support your country's industry. You go there because you haven't taken advantage of your educational opportunities.

That is why growing up in a community that values intelligence gives you more chances to achieve higher social position. Watching the products of Western pop-culture, I can see a lot of anti-intellectual attitudes promoted. You don't have it in Jewish culture - there, it's OK to be smart and witty, so more people work on developing their brains and end up as Hollywood producers, in the government or in other influential positions.
28 Jan 2009
Life / List Some Polish Social Norms... [3]

Thou shall not praise yourself.
Thou shall not stand out from the crowd.
Thou shall try to bring down anyone who achieved something.
27 Jan 2009
History / The movie Defiance is a big lie (heroes that saved Poland suppored communism) [102]

Ludzie, nie załamujcie mnie!

Whenever I watch a Hollywood movie that deals with history, I do it for laughs 'cause there's always a lot of inaccuracies. Most American productions I've seen completely disregarded the facts and the realities. So, what's the big deal? Why treat some silly Hollywood movie serious. If you want to lear some history, you go to a library, not, the cinema, right? For me it's really ridiculous to make so much fuss around some stupid movie.

I study Jewish culture a bit, and there are two striking things about it: Jews value education much more that Christian societies, and they have a long tradition of organizing themselves and supporting one another. E.g. when most people in Europe were illiterate, they taught their kids to write and read. Thanks to their tradition, they're usually better educated, better organized and, as consequence, more successful. And that's all, you need no conspiracy if you're better educated and better organized.

So, instead of hating Jews for their achievements, learn from them! Apparently their methods work. Or maybe you're just too lazy?
(that was directed to the anti-semites, of course)