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20 Nov 2008
Love / Pick up lines - the Polish style [110]

This is what I heard from a guy in Poland trying to pick me up: I've been working in a meat plant for so many years, but I've never seen a leg like that!

haha what a classy guy!!!
10 Nov 2008
Love / 3 Polish Men.. it isnt just me right???? [25]

ok here is something to practice if you want to learn a slavic language haha...pazi sad...poljski decki su fakat slatki, ali puno lazu tako da si ti nadji hrvata, ionako smo mi milion puta zgodniji:)))

ok now say that and see how it goes heh.:)
4 Nov 2008
Love / Are (most) Polish unmarried people virgins? [60]

if by shark you mean a croatian guy, then are you saying you have lost your virginity by a man ???...and that must be akward since you're a guy. buahaha.
8 Jul 2008

hey heres a question, how about polish girls and orange or purple guys? lol
13 Jun 2008
Love / Polish man- why they do not make a move?? [25]

hm...polish guys are good.they are really polite and well mannered, however i dont think they take forever to make a move. i know one at work and he always calls me to remind me when do i start work lol even though i start work every week at the same time. its really cute, except i am not sure if he has a girlfriend. if he doesnt, then i would totally go for him lol. and i have an old buddy from college...that asked me out million times already, but its just strange to be friends with someone for 7 years and then date them.