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25 Sep 2009
Australia / Famous Australians [97]

i know only one..Boyd Exell

  • Boyd Exell (AUS)
31 Aug 2009
Love / What are the perceptions of polish towards homosexuality? [106]

We are all the same..

we are not!

You cannot tell what is normal and what isnt.

i do can!..because im normal

And by the way, do they harrash you?

they do

Do you care what they do on their beds?

i do not

If one day your son or your daughter says "I am gay". You will kill her with stones?

no..ill send him or her for treatment
18 Aug 2009
Travel / Help with air travel from US to Poland [9]

And another question, does anyone know of a public shower in the Warsaw airport, or the Gdańsk airport?

sure thing but do not forget your body

it should arrive

it always arrives..two days later:)
25 May 2009
Life / What kind of horses are popular in Poland? [21]

the most popular are warmbloods..polish, german and dutch. good for jumping, dressage and combined driving

some of them are from Poland..
22 May 2009
USA, Canada / Work ethics in Poland vs US [66]

no difference for me betwen Poland and USA..i am a worker type. the only thing i can't really stand is that i have to work on sundays.
14 Dec 2008
Travel / Recommendations for Zakopane [48]

Zakopane is great for mountain treks I have been several time to the two lakes Czarny Staw i Morskie Oko, that puercoespin has kindly showed a photo of.

no problem man..i see you are great ambassador of Poland and polish culture

dancing (taniec) góralski

10 Dec 2008
Life / Are Polish People Hypochondriacs? [50]


you made a show and don't blame flatmate;)

Bez przesady, ale wiesz!

you are getting better and better :)
10 Dec 2008
News / What did Poland get out of the wars and struggles for others? [1108]

is Grunwald 1410 not enough? seems to be enough for Poles!
Hence the lack of others... :):):)

sorry for my poor provocation BB ;)i meant it should be enough for you..kleine Bursche
enyway as there is no English-German Translation Thread I want to ask would be in german..'Yes I know I am one of the best' or ' Yes I know I am irreplaceable person'??

thanks in advance
9 Dec 2008
Life / tell me all about carnival in Poland [8]

carnival- time from three kings what is on january 6 till ash wednesday (first day of Lent)'s time for fan, masked balls,dress party
8 Dec 2008
Language / Jechac or Jezdzic? [35]

będę jechać na koniu

będę jeździć na koniu

in both cases..będę jeździć konno im a rider;)
8 Dec 2008
Language / Jechac or Jezdzic? [35]

Yes but co dzień are in fact two words

i belive it's only one word..codzień

na codzień = codziennie = everyday
7 Dec 2008
Language / Jechac or Jezdzic? [35]

Idę do szkoły (budynku szkolnego), ale może jeszcze nie przyjdzę tamtędy.

Widzę, że masz pod górę do tej szkoły :)