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11 Dec 2009
Life / 3 Things I LOVED about Poland [58]

George Bush is also on the forum????
Why do you think normalcy = being married and being church-going? You mean the rest of society are helpless outcasts?
I am married but not church-going and I think "being into sports" is pretty stupid...But I cook at home... So where does this leave me?

P.S. Subscribed to "Nasz Dziennik" are you ?
24 Nov 2009
Life / Where to take ID photos in Warsaw center? [7]

Yep, you should take care. I needed 5 photos for my Stała Karta Pobytu, made them in Arkadia and when I came to Długa it appeared they were the wrong ones, because they should be in profile :(.

Went to a photographer in the passageway at Metro Ratusz... made another 8...
So now I am stuck with a stack of photos...
1 Nov 2009
Life / Receiving a order from in Poland [11]

I bought a few times stuff through All was delivered in good condition. But handling and delivery costs they charge.... I think they make more money on that than on their books :)
1 Nov 2009
Life / Swine flu vaccinations taking place in Poland? [52]

I think, apart from H1/N1 hysteria spreading faster as the virus itself (including on this forum), I thinking sending a vaccine by mail could be tricky... Vaccines are kept in a fridge, so how would it survive air mail?

Besides how do you know what to buy?
And no, Poland has as far as I know no stockpile of vaccines.

But people, stay calm and the pharma gangsters are already rich enough...
31 Oct 2009
Life / English theatre in Warsaw [2]

Is there in any chance here in Warsaw to watch some decent English-language theatre?
I seem to remember there was once an expat outfit performing..
I checked the British Council website, it did not help me :(
31 Oct 2009
Life / SHOCK HORROR...good customer service in Poland [10]

There were quite a few well-publicised court cases of ex-Biedronka employees taking B. to court because of inhuman staff treatment and Biedronka lost -thanks God - over the whole line.
31 Oct 2009
Life / SHOCK HORROR...good customer service in Poland [10]

Personally I would not (and am not) buy anything in Biedronka... let alone a piece of electronics. I hope you realize they treat their staff like ***
31 Oct 2009
Life / Swine flu vaccinations taking place in Poland? [52]

My sister had H1/N1 back home in Belgium 1,5 month ago. Unpleasant business but nothing compared to the real flu. (and for that one you can and should vaccinate).

If you look into these deaths, they always come from complications.
The pharma gigants are of course making buckets of money on it... as always...
14 Sep 2009
Life / Most overpriced things in Poland? [72]

Wine. Try to buy decent wine for a "normal price".
Seafood. If you can find it fresh, the price is ***
5 Sep 2009
Work / 5 months looking for a job in PL and nothing! suggestions? [22]

I started 4 years ago on a salary way below the one you mentioned (actually 3.000 net), which is for somebody like me coming from Belgium a real shock. Even when it was for Polish norms a very good salary.

I was before looking for a job in this country for almost a year and also was thinking of going back, but in the end I accepted it.

And I think it was a wise choice.You start to work (yes earning a lot less than at home). But in the meantime you improve your language skills, you network and get to know people around and you will be in a much stronger position to look for something else.

It is in every country the same: it is much easier to find a job when you are already working.

And Poland is a European country with good universities and lots of unemployed people with good qualifications and lots of experience. Why would somebody be prepared to pay you double what Comarch offered you?
5 Sep 2009
Life / Buying a laptop in Poland with English O/S [11]

As it happens my old PC finally crashed for good and I plan to buy a laptop to replace it.
However all laptops on sale in Poland seem to be with Polish Windows (which is of course normal). What to do about this? Buy online from abroad? Or is it possible to order English-language versions of the laptops they sell in Saturn, MediaMarkt...?
4 Sep 2009
Law / Temporary Residence requirements in Poland [12]

Never heard about anyone having to do this from the EU. Non-EU is fair game - they're entitled to ask for anything they want, really

And so it should be.
3 Sep 2009
Life / What to bring, ship, pack for our move to Warsaw [67]

The company which runs them also runs (or at least used to run, I'm not sure that they still run) the restaurant in the American embassy.

That explains why the "food" in TGIF is so horrible.

Oh how about olives, green or black that are sliced and canned (maybe what is called tinned?)

What is wrong with buying a jar of olives and cutting them yourself?

There's also cracking Tex-Mex on offer at the Warsaw Tortilla Factory.

I find WTF highly overrated and overpriced. One of these places which a foreigner in Warsaw has to adore, so to speak. Well I do not...
1 Sep 2009
Life / Bookshops that will exchange English books- Warsaw [13]

Is it true the British Library in the BC building is not there any more? I checked the British Council website and it seems it moved to a public library somewhere in Praga?
22 Aug 2009
Life / Questions about Torun? [18]

Surprising nobody until now mentioned Radio Marija :)))))
13 Aug 2009
Travel / Train costs Gdansk-Warzawa, Gdansk-Dresden, Warzawa-Czech Republic [4]

Because of track upgrading it takes ages to go from Warsaw to Gdańsk, around 6 hours these days.
If you can book ahead, it would be worth checking airfares for domestic flights at
Sometimes the price of an air ticket compared to a first-class rail ticket is not that big.
Considering flying time around 1 hour :)
6 Aug 2009
Life / Foreign fake license plates in Poland [25]

No, normally all lettering is the same on all plates, only difference is sometimes u get letters and digits (ABC-123) and sometimes the other way around (123-ABC)

Still I do not get it - OK I only went to uni and was born in Belgium. Maybe that's it :) Actually how do you see they are fake ? From your explanation the "fake ones" on the photo are identical to the real ones I saw last week in Antwerp.

If tj123 and Harry had nothing to comment on that, I am the one who fils the gap: your wheel cover must have been stolen by a Pole who came to Belgium (this is because your car had Polish plates on it). As to explaining why it never happened to you in Warsaw, it needs some more investigation, I'm afraid

Actually it crossed my mind as well :)
Anyway our fleet manager approved - very grudgingly I have to admit - to reimburse the cost for a new wheel cover :)
2 Aug 2009
Law / Karta Polaka - Do I share the rights of my polish card holder husband? [11]

In the other hand I'm dissppointed about the policies of EU and Poland.

Why should you be disappointed? The fact somebody speaks Polish, spends his/her holidays in Poland... does not guarantee/grant a permission to stay in the EU.

And as far as I know, getting a Polish Card does not entitle anybody to any EU rights.
That would be a gigantic back door.
29 Jul 2009
Life / Foreign fake license plates in Poland [25]

Beats me... I am Belgian from birth.... am spending my holidays at home in Antwerp at the moment... And you know...half the license plates look like the one on the photo :)

It feels a bit like the children's game "Find the 7 differences" :)

On the other hand, somebody managed to steal a wheel cover from my VW Touran here in Antwerp, and I do not think our fleet manager will reimburse me for that one.

(My car is standing outside in Warsaw every night, never happened to me)
Made a phone call to a local VW dealer here in Antwerp, they told me a new cover would cost me 30 Euro. For piece of plastic made in Vietnam, just because "VW" is printed on it????
28 Jul 2009
Life / Foreign fake license plates in Poland [25]

I think you confuse them with German transit plates, which as I remember have the same colour as the Belgian ones.
I am also Belgian, and transit plates in our colours can be seen quite often here in Warsaw.