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Receiving a order from in Poland

25 Oct 2009 /  #1
Does soemone have to pay any rate (apart from shiping cost) in order to receive a book in Poland?
mets2redsox0 - | 40  
25 Oct 2009 /  #2
have to pay any

Customs Fee's and Duty Charges in Poland, I'm Guess
krysia 23 | 3,058  
25 Oct 2009 /  #3
Customs Fee's and Duty Charges in Poland

Not for books. That's only for electronics
Jammin 1 | 4  
25 Oct 2009 /  #4
what about from e-bay?
ChrisPoland 2 | 123  
25 Oct 2009 /  #5
One thing to look out for on Amazon and Ebay is that in your order sometimes they won't send something to Poland at all. In one order we bought books, individual cds and a cd set. They wouldn't send the cd set for some reason.
Deiseaj - | 8  
25 Oct 2009 /  #6
I bought some printer inks from ebay, and they were delivered no problem no payment required. mind you they came from UK and it could just have been dumb luck.
vndunne 43 | 279  
26 Oct 2009 /  #7
I think that once it comes from the EU i.e., you dont have to pay anything extra (so far i have not had to pay anything but that has only been for books).
27 Oct 2009 /  #8
Parcels coming from EU countries are usually OK because presumably even the poles have to pay lipservice to EU regulations ( that's about ALL the do!) but anything from ouside is routinely opened and you are told you have to pay taxes, duties, health checks or any of a number of trumped up nonesenses, supply polish translations of invoices etc so just refuse to pay and return to sender and ask supplier to refund - it's not worth the hassle!
sobieski 107 | 2,128  
1 Nov 2009 /  #9
I bought a few times stuff through All was delivered in good condition. But handling and delivery costs they charge.... I think they make more money on that than on their books :)
terrabull 4 | 32  
1 Nov 2009 /  #10
We buy stuff from Amazon USA all the time and have no problems at all. We have bought DVDs and books, there are certain things, like electronics, that they won't ship over here. Plus our voltage is different, so it's a moot point have the time anyway.

And the shipping is relatively inexpensive too. Usually around $10-12.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
1 Nov 2009 /  #11
Better to buy from which is in the EU. No extra taxes, custom fees etc.

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