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18 Dec 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Germany pledges 60 million for Auschwitz upkeep
17.12.2009 11:12
Germany is to allocate 60 million euros for the maintenance of the Auschwitz death camp museum in southern Poland. The decision was taken on Wednesday by Chancellor Angela Merkel and regional leaders in Germany.

Regional governments will provide 30 million euro for the upkeep of the Auschwitz museum, said Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia, Juergen Ruettgers.
The Auschwitz museum has estimated that it needs around 120 million euros for maintenance and modernization of the former Nazi death camp. Until now, the Auschwitz-Birkenau museum has been maintained mainly from funds from Poland’s state budget and its own revenue. Foreign aid in 2008 accounted for approximately just five percent of its total budget.



EU cash cow
18.12.2009 11:04

Poland has received enormous financial support from the European Union in 2009, writes the Rzeczpospolita daily.
The country will spend almost 5.5 billion euro from EU subsidies this year, which is two thirds more than in 2008. Thanks to EU funds and money from the budget, Poland has managed to make investments worth over 8 billion euro.

Most of the EU financial sources were devoted to the development of infrastructure – roads, railways and airports, as well as modernization of universities, support for small and medium-size companies and vocational training for the unemployed.

“EU funds helped create a lot of work places,” comments Ernest Pytlarczyk from BRE Bank. High European subsidies, which equal 3 percent of Poland’s GDP, also helped boost Polish economy and avoid recession, writes Rzeczpospolita. Since Poland’s access to the European Union in 2004, the country has received almost 16 billion euro.

erm! where's the link ?
11 Dec 2009
Travel / Snow tyres in Poland... legal or reccomended? [25]

When there is a snow and ice alarm declared on a section of the road, especially in the mountains, the police patrol check if cars have snow tyres and chains. If not, they are not allowed to pass through.
11 Dec 2009
Feedback / How about adding country flag to the user profile ? [34]

I would like to display the flag of my beloved country - Poland , I mean.


PS. Tell me, did I pick up a good one for forum display? I am deficient in full colour recognition in my sight. I can`t see a few colours.
6 Dec 2009
Life / Polish culture - know your place. 'They ignore me completely' aspect. [17]

I do hope it's Noteckie. I'm all in favour of Noteckie!

Not quite. Today I am not in the mood for beer. I am drinking my home-made cherry wine, full of vitamins and microelements, the recipe I invented upon my doctor`s advice to consume a lot of fruit.

And if they offend peasants I'm in the mood to slash them!

I love peasants. Whenever I see one, I get very agitated. I start digging for my camera all over the car, risking an accident.

2009 Peasant Close Encounters of the Third Kind
6 Dec 2009
Travel / Christmas Markets in Rynek / Old Town Squares? [8]

I suppose all major cities in Poland hold such markets before Christmas.

I am trying to see the details of Krakow`s Market Square but it is too obscure. Have the stalls been set up already?
6 Dec 2009

I got 6000PLN a month before the crisis

Do you include summer months too? Forgive me my enquiry, not that I am curious about your annual earnings, not at all, but I just would like to learn the counting technique of a Westerner. I know they prefer to present their annual salary than a monthly one. When in US, all Wanted offers mentioned yearly salary, e.g., 20K. That is still unusual in Poland.
6 Dec 2009
Life / Polish culture - know your place. 'They ignore me completely' aspect. [17]

what, city boy? can't you see my glass being empty?

I have just had my third. And not glass, but kufel. :):):):):):)

But at the same time she has a point. Some of the most colourful and brightest people I met in Poland came from far outside the cities.

Yes, I agree.
6 Dec 2009
Life / Why are Polish people so ruthless? [87]

Why are Polish people so ruthless?

We were made so by our geopolitical situation. Trying to survive between Germans and Russians taught us ruthlessness.
6 Dec 2009

Oops, I am really surprised to learn about your bad experiences with private school owners. I didn`t realise such things happen to English teachers in Poland. I have been working as a teacher since 1991, either state, private or free-lance positions, but never had any problems with payment.

I am really sorry. I have no idea what advice I could give you.
2 Dec 2009
Life / What Do Poles think of Finns? [50]

Yes, socialist ******* like to make you believe that guns are bad

I am far from being socialist/liberal, but I do believe guns are bad for people. :):):):)

but the truth is that the right to bear arms actually decreases crime.

Hmmm, I am doubtful about it. Certainly not in US. Probably only in civilised Finland. :):):)

I'm an American and I proudly own firearms.

Proudly? Until the day your child accidentally fires a found gun at his/her younger brother/sister. Or he/she takes it to school to make a little massacre of fellow students. Or even worse, your wife accidentally shoots you coming home late at night.

Thank you for such pride. :):):)

There was actually a town in Arkansas that required all household families to own a firearm.

That is why I live in Poland and appreciate it very much. :):):)))):):):)

As soon as this law was passed, crime incidents were cut in half.

But home accidents surely increased. And school massacres.

The whole idea that allowing people to own guns will bring crime up is only a myth made up by idiotic liberals.

Not only liberals, not only.
2 Dec 2009
Food / Eating Healthy in Poland [18]

Healthy food is mostly fruit, veg, salads and sprouts:

At the market

Summer daily delivery for 6 person family

Salad ingredients

Final outcome
2 Dec 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

Does your Polish girlfriend use all these ailments as an excuse to not have sex with you? :):)

I am sorry about it........
2 Dec 2009
Life / What Do Poles think of Finns? [50]

I've never heard a Pole say a bad thing about a Finn.

Finns are OK, they fought hard against Russians in Winter War 1940. :):):):):)

As a teacher, I have also read that education in Finland is top class.

I also heard that Finns are allowed to keep guns at home but murders/deaths by firearms are very low. Civilised nation! :):):):)

Poles are jealous of finnish vodka.

I have to disagree.
30 Nov 2009
Life / Kozak - compliment or insult in Poland? [12]

"On kozaczy"

It has negative meaning

Maybe for females.

For males it is the highest praise. :):):):) Most men want to "kozaczyc", if they don`t, it means they are losers with inferiority complex. :):):))
29 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428] we are back mocking some adversaries looks????

Hey, I thought the photo would relieve some tension of the discussion..... :):):):):):)

Please, relax... :):):):):)

Don't you see how ridiculous your "Steinbach-phobia" has become? That has nothing do to with rationality anymore...;)

Is it so hard to understand that we want Nazi-free Germany? :):):):):)
29 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Well, she was expelled as a was her family. Your point being?

The point is that you can`t expell an occupant, and that`s what her family was. You can only drive them away. :):):):):) And it doesn`t matter they had children or not. They were still occupants. Brat, if I take your house/apartment by force, and you bring muscular guys wearing Red to remove me, will it be expulsion or throwing away? :):):):):):)

The Red Army or fear of it drove most German citizens away from Polish lands. Poles had nothing to do with it. :):):):):)

I'm not sure about the current stand but I hope we can work together on that and get the truth out and find the correct numbers and fates of those people...

I hope so too. The lack of complete info on ALL expulsions and refugee fate implemented by Germans in war-torn Europe, without full explanation why Germans were driven away from their or not their lands, will make the Center a senseless, German-oriented, biased circus. It could happen under Steinbach`s leadership and that`s what some German politicians predict and are afraid of.
29 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Why is she a liar?

Isn`t it enough she claims to be an expellee though her family had appeared in Poland as occupants and she was born in occupied Polish land in 1943?

Also, she claims she works for reconciliation between Poland and Germany but in fact she is decisively anti-Polish. In 1991 she was against Polish German border agreement, and later on against Polish access to NATO and EU.

And a few other.....

The Center`s website, as if in expectation of being headed by Erica Steinbach, spreads lies and misinformation:
Oktober 1939 - März 1941 460.000 Polen

What about other expulsions of Poles, including the one from Zamojskie region? And other, estimated at more than 2 million, let alone next 2 million of Polish slave workers in Germany?
29 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Who cares...but your smilies make me nervous....are you having fun with this history?
A little sicko or what?

Not sicko. Making Germans nervous is my hobby.... :):):):):):):):):)

You can't deny Mrs. Steinbach her biggest victory: This center is being build. A long fight is over, she won! :):):):):):)

The idea of the Center is OK. Poles have nothing against :):):):) as long as the Center provides true information about the reasons of expulsion of Germans.

The truth is that German refugees experienced what German occupation administration had practised in Poland during WW2.

E.g., read about forced expulsions of Poles from Zamojskie region.

In short, the Center is Ok but the idea of Stenibach as the head of the Center is not OK. She is a liar after all.

And we have ALOT of memorials and centers and documentations about that, don't we?

Yes. Poland is stuffed with German criminal occupation memorials. :):):)

My favourite:
In the town of Chojnice, a memorial to local teachers who perished during WW2:

Glory to Fallen Teachers, 1939-1945


Steinbach for Chancellor! :)

You can`t make me nervous.... :):):):):):):):

gain, who cares!

Well, some German politicians do care.

So, there is still hope for full reconcilliation. :):):):):)
28 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Some Poles would rather prefer to hide eyes and ears and throwing tantrums. There is all the hate and venom coming from!

It wasn`t Poles who invaded Germany and killed 6 million German citizens. It was rather the opposite. :):):):)

And that was a direct reason for expulsions of remaining Germans from the Polish territory.

Germans will be held responible for that till the end of this world. :):):)

So, shut your trap up and simply accept the fact that Steinbach is unacceptable to Poles. :):):):):)