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21 Apr 2009
Food / Polish Cuisine in the Foreigner's Eyes [28]

The Polish attitude to food is more akin to the French attitude than the Anglo-American approach.

I heard a thing on the radio today about regional English cheese and it got me thinking about regional produce and cooking in Poland. Ask a Frenchman what he is eating and instead of saying pork or whatever he will say, for example, "Its a dish from alsace". We all know where Pata negra, Camembert , Balsamic etc comes from what about Poland?

Is the above quote accurate?

I did a search and apart from Krzystof's Thread and this one I couldn't find much.
20 Mar 2009
Language / Do Polish Movies Help learn the language? [60]

Polish films showing in Belfast this week

Identification Marks
Four Nights with Anna
Ideal Boyfriend for My Girlfriend
Time to Die
The Offsiders
33 Scenes From Life

Marcin Koszalka Documentaries:
Such a Beautiful Son I Gave Birth To
Till It Hurts

These are on this week anyone seen them? are they any good? I've read a bit about "Time to Die" Will probably go to it. Missed "33 Scenes From Life"
14 Nov 2008
News / Poland Needs to Shape up [43]

There is pure scientific evidence that there is no god

Cough it up then
25 Oct 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

A dictionary is useless unless one knows the meaning of many other words. Concepts can only be defined in terms of other concepts, the meanings of which are understood and agreed.

When Newton proposed the concept of mass he couldn’t define it in prenewtonian terms so he had to develop a new conceptual system. One cannot understand Mass or Force simply by observing Billiard balls.

Einstein and Galileo before him performed thought experiments which is a problem for empiricists who think that theories are derived solely from observation and measurement.

One needs to use analogies and metaphors to describe the concept, these are built upon over time. Science starts with vague notions that can only be derived from the social environment then developed and built upon, while other concepts are discarded.

My point is that you formed an opinion which cannot be divorced from the social or "behavioural environment" so your opinion is not science....yet. Unfortunately you do have to argue in the social sphere to define your concept and advance your theory.
24 Oct 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

z_darius I was going to type a whole bit about interpretation vs measurement but then I googled

Campaign Life Coalition

and realised that the denial of anything other than scientific rational had small print underneath it.

Then I read

that's just one of many researches... none of them finally prove anything... just speculations, in this thread also...

and realised that brevity is good
24 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]


I'm not going to defend Thatcher. I think she is a murderer. I used her as an example of a strong woman from the right to illustrate a point about the evolution of the women’s movement.
24 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]


I'm Irish and I don't need to tell you how Thatcher is viewed in Ireland.

The point was that she did a job that was traditionally seen as male. She did that job, very well. Her espousal of Victorian values suggested that the traditional female role was one that women could continue to follow without having to justify themselves. ie women could choose their own path.

In this way she walked the same path as women like Rosa Luxembourg or Countess Markievicz. Figures that may be more politically acceptable to some or none.
23 Oct 2008
Life / Polish Protestants [22]


Nice of you to point that out.

You however missed this bit

"I may be wrong."

And this bit

"It seems indeed that the nobility who encouraged the Jews to settle were protestant when they did so. (Jews had been there for centuries)"

I read a lot of these last night plus other stuff regarding religion and wars and nobility etc. paying attention to dates, names and what I already know.

I'm no expert in this area but I know how to research my pub quiz knowledge.

I'm now going to read allthe words of other posts
22 Oct 2008
Life / Polish Protestants [22]

This is one hell of an area.

To stay on topic the whole religious war thing happened. At one stage Lutheran Sweden had a Catholic Polish King. The Polish Nobility were Lutheran, The middle classes were Jewish and no one cared about the rural poor. Loads of other stuff happened but the story (from a very brief reading) is not dissimilar to elsewhere.

It seems indeed that the nobility who encouraged the Jews to settle were protestant when they did so. (Jews had been there for centuries) It then gets just as complicated as it was before.

I can give URL's if anyone is interested. But (unsurprisingly) nothing concise.

Del do you not know this stuff? and why do you ask?
22 Oct 2008
Life / Polish Protestants [22]

A very interesting article 19C946397D6CF - Campaign against Prussian Poland
22 Oct 2008
Life / Polish Protestants [22]

Del what are your thoughts?

The only thing I think I know is that a lot of the aristocracy who invited Jews to settle were Protestant. I think they were originally German or of German extraction. I may be wrong.
20 Oct 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

so? We can reduce biological laws down to chemical laws? And then down to quantum physics? at what point should the reduction stop? and then what conclusions could we draw from whatever point is finally made?

I said a similar thing two pages ago

To me it just seems like a pointless exercise...:/

It is
20 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]

whos paying the bills barney?? certainly not you.. wheres the money barney??

You don’t know me.

If you noticed I agreed with your statement. Absent parents should support their children both financially and emotionally. If they don’t do so willingly one has the option of court action and if the absent parent cannot be located it says a lot about their choice of partner.

I see families as being more than a married couple with children. When these relationships break down leverage is used. Men do use money as Women use children in these conflicts. No one comes out looking good or smelling of roses. Quite often it comes down to balancing conflicting rights.

That is what I meant when I said you should not use family breakdown as an argument to advance female emancipation.

I didn’t mention abandoned children you did.

alot of women get into these positions yes, but not alone,, they cannot impregnate themselfs.. so the bloke runs off to fa la la land and leaves the girls alone to make some heavy decisions!!

I would like to see women take control of their lives before such a scenario arises. Having children with an irresponsible partner indicates a lack of choice. Accidents happen but not in most cases. When does the independence start? Before or after conception? I would like to see independence start with making informed life choices.

You are not going to get any argument from me opposing quality child care, addressing the disparity in gender income or most other touchstone issues that help to empower women.

Where you will get an argument is blaming this situation on men who are all “off drinking and doing drugs”.

Women do prevent men from seeing their children, poison the child’s mind against the father and play the innocent victim. Not all or even the majority but some. I don’t make assumptions based upon that.

now a days you have to worry if the next guy who will come into your life will be a child molester so you have to watch who you date.. lots of weirdos out there!!

As a responsible parent (absent or not) should.

I wouldn’t however base sweeping generalisations upon such a small possibility. Nor would I base sweeping generalisations upon the fact that the vast majority of infanticide is perpetrated by the child’s own mother.

you have no idea how hard it is for single mothers

Again you don’t know me
19 Oct 2008
Language / What is the most annoying thing about NATIVE Polish speakers? [12]

When I first went to Spain I learned my sentence.......

"Can I have a tin of tomatoes?"

Said I.

The shopkeeper asked

"A big one or a small one?"

I said

"Can I have a tin of tomatoes?"............................

19 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]

deadbeat daddies out there just avoiding paying or helping their ex's and children.. lots of women doing what they have to do to keep food on the table


There are a lot of Mothers out there restricting Father's access to their children.

I don’t think that family breakdown should be used to advance an argument for female emancipation because the classic breakup scenario is that men use money as a weapon and women use children as a weapon. Weapon may be a bit strong but both are used for leverage.
19 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]


They are related; feminism had to develop to avoid stagnation. What is classically viewed as feminism (from the 60's to the 70's) became a dead end, a one way street. 18th century thinkers such as Mary Wollstonecraft recognised the potential for this dead end.

The problem in the late 60's and much of the 70's was that socialist thinking that spawned the new womens liberation movement was too insular it also ignored women from the right. Writers were obsessed with countering the argument that feminism was trying to replace the traditional engine of change (the proletariat) with a new force (women). This led to dead end arguments and absurd positions.

Female emancipation was probably helped more by Margaret Thatcher than most people realise. Victorian values and traditional roles espoused by Thatcher counterbalanced by her job and the way she did it, demonstrated to the population at large, that women could play both roles.

The idea is to change minds. Ask a teenage girl about feminism and she may talk about dungarees and unshaved women.

So I prefer to talk about female emancipation rather than the politically charged label of feminism.
19 Oct 2008
Love / Why english men like polish women ? [126]

I make enough money to take care of a woman

Stop watching TV and buy a book.

I recommend Susan Faludi. I'm sure you would enjoy her stuff :-)

Dont confuse feminism with female emancipation.
17 Oct 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]


I find myself agreeing with most of what you have written.

My stubborn point was that you were using something other than scientific fact to form an opinion (Homosexuality is a disease) and then denying all reference to anything other than scientific fact.
15 Oct 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

how old are you?

Old enough to recognise a minimalist argument based upon reductionist thought.

You cannot self-define the parameters of an argument.

All issues are not black and white

Of course exclusive homosexual human behaviour will lead to extinction. That is not the issue. The issue is whether Homosexuality is a disease or not.

Misty asked what are the symptoms this is a relevant question. Because if there are not scientifically measurable symptoms everything else is conjecture/opinion. Based upon social norms.

If a representative of a species is unable to participate in the further expansion of its numbers then the individual is deemed dysfunctional/aberrant/ill

Are you applying social norms to define dysfunctional/aberrant/ill behaviour?

over 60% of young boys masturbate, but this is considered normal. If the behavior persists throughout adulthood as a sole type of sexual activity then is considered a mental problem.

I have never been called a player of the pink oboe in such a nice way, thank you ;-)
14 Oct 2008
News / March of Tolerance in Krakow [478]

As for morality, I don't care. There are far more serious things going on in the world than two guys in a doggy style embrace.

Well said..........................................But

Nearly all accepted definitions of life make procreation as one of the fundamental parts of the definition of life

One word bees. The vast majority don't directly contribute to procreation, worker bees are not considered to be dysfunctional quite the opposite. We live in a community/society which is much more than a collection of nuclear families. You can't use basic biology to justify a particular societal view of life.

When a man has low sperm count, or a woman has a malformed internal sexual organs then they are said to be ill/dysfunctional - in a word, they have a problem and (some) seek treatment.

They are not ill/dysfunctional. Just as pregnant women are not ill.

Some people are not as intelligent, strong, calm or generous as others, they have a problem. Some seek help (treatment) all this suggests is that they are different from the norm - dysfunctional to the observer.

If all of us suddenly turned into homosexuals then in roughly 100 years from now the last representative of homo sapiens would mark the end of the human race

Drama Queen!! ;-)


Pink is sooooo last year
10 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / The Orange Order vs Poles...again [37]

There is no answer.

I dont think that the Orange Order have any policy towards Polish people other than they don't like Catholics.
10 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / The Orange Order vs Poles...again [37]

When you have two people living in the same space there will always be conflict.

Look at the Ukranian people in Poland since 1945. Our Canadian lady has typed about problems her family encountered. Others have talked about West Ukraine and the clash of cultures (to put it mildly).

You are an educated man you should understand this dynamic. If the great locomotive of history has taught us anything it’s that we will repeat the mistakes of the past.

People in Ireland don’t want to go back to the past.
10 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / The Orange Order vs Poles...again [37]

Bogside or Fountain

Very are learning:-)

You quoted Stalin once.

The problem is that there are two paradigms and each has their own "Engineers of the human soul".