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Jane Done   
10 Dec 2006
News / Will sex-scandal in Self-Defence end the coalition in Poland? [28]

I live in Poland and I'm native Polish. And this sex scandal is not important for me, coz generally is not my businuess. I think that is just provocation. Even if Lyżwiński will be father this child what we can do......? nothing.This scandal in my opionion is a ,,fighting'' between parties. Summary: politicies and government don't care about nationals. And talknig about this scandal is just nurts for me.
Jane Done   
20 Jul 2007
Genealogy / Question on Rzeszow, locating Pobitna (suburb?) and Mikula ancestors [6]

I live close to Rzeszow and I can tell that Pobitno now is not village but this is a part of Rzeszów, it belongs to Rzeszów. And here you have website church in Pobitno (but it's only in Polish language):

And here you have Rzeszów map with Pobitno:
Jane Done   
20 Jul 2007
Genealogy / Question on Rzeszow, locating Pobitna (suburb?) and Mikula ancestors [6]

I suppsoe the information about your family (birth/death dates) you could find in church, coz in church should be these information or you could find this information in registry in Rzeszów (it's call in Polish Urząd Stanu Cywilnego w Rzeszowie), here you have addrees Urząd Stanu Cywilnego: Rzeszów, pl. Ofiar Getta 7.
Jane Done   
30 Sep 2007
Life / What do Polish people think about Turkey? [52]

I have never been in Turkey but I have some expierence by via skype with Turkish and I have bad opinion about Turkish but like everywhere are bad and good people.
Jane Done   
9 Apr 2008
Life / Song - Ulani [6]

Words by F. Gwiżdż and author of music is unknown.
The song propably was written during the uprising and first version was in 1807-1815.