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10 Apr 2008
Life / Mobile phone reception in Poland [17]

Simple, We have an O2 payg card in the Uk, this givesfree calls to O2. Then our friends in Poland have O2, Free calls :-)
6 Apr 2008
Study / anyone with CELTA? [73]

I have Delta, but wasn't needed in Poland, apart from Schools like Bell who pay peanuts.
31 Mar 2008
Travel / Will my rented car be stolen or broken into when in Poland? [24]

Lived ther 13 years only had 1 car stolen, a daewoo. Not much chance really.
Drivers are really bad. Overtake on blind bends, drive too close, too fast and park like idiots. Other than that:- Great
26 Mar 2008
Life / Polish people with learning difficulties? [42]

I spent time helping at acentre in the UK. I then moved to Poland and wanted to do the same, guve up a couple of mornings aweek helping out in a centre for the disabled. I visited about a dozen places, they were hell holes, none of them wanted help, I was told 'The children don't speak English and are not able to learn anything at all'.

1 place told me I could help paint the walls, if I wanted to help. Teaching experience with down syndrome children, qualified teacher, nothing. I didn't have a Polish qualification.

It is tough to get into in poland while the kids suffer.

Good Luck
22 Mar 2008
Love / Polish girls and this age thing? [173]

when you are older you will understand.

Us older men are better in many ways. My wife (polish by the way) is 12 years younger.
16 Mar 2008
Language / Polglish - mixture of Polish and English [34]

We speak pinglish at home already, my wife is Polish both kiddies are bi-lingual, I'm a Brit who lived in Poland for years.

A great language, now spoken in many UK schools, maybe a future GCSE :-)))
16 Mar 2008
Work / I'm moving to poland; I got sick of the London lifestyle. Find work? [27]

Finding work is a tough one if you don't speak Polish. The usual English teaching, try Berlitz or any Callan school as they give all the training needed and want native speakers.

Hard to help without knowing where you are going and what you can do. If you buy a car in Poland it will need to be registered in your Polish girlfriend's name, we can't easily register a car there without being oficially 'meldowany' (maybe spelt wrong).

If you take the Uk car there you can drive it no problem but expect problems getting pulled over for no real reason. You can't register a RHD car in Poland, getting it converted in possible but expensive depending on the car.

Poland is a great place to live I was there for 13 years, It is more expensive now but you can still buy land and build a house. You can still call an ethnic minority a black person, without being called racist.

UK has gone mad, keep an open mind, avoid the expats and Poland is a wonderful place to live.