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9 Dec 2008
News / POLES the BLACKS of EUROPE? [104]

Edited by: Seanus Today, 13:46 #69

Greg wouldn't tolerate the Poles being ridiculed, Dziedzic. He is pro-Poland.

I, for one, fail to see where you guys differ on this point.

I dont think we do differ, im just addressing the whole comparing blacks to poles thing.
9 Dec 2008
News / POLES the BLACKS of EUROPE? [104]


Thats kind of insulting for you to say that.

Why ? A Negro is running still the most important country in the world.

Comparing Poles to Blacks in a deragatory sense is whats insulting. If you want to call Poles the plague of Europe you should think again. Alot of middle easterns are taking over Europe and thats a fact.
8 Dec 2008
News / POLES the BLACKS of EUROPE? [104]

Poles are not the Blacks of Europe. Thats kind of insulting for you to say that.
5 Oct 2008
Real Estate / I have just recently bought a house in Poland... [20] you have any pictures of your house? Im interested to see what you got for $95,000 in Poland. Its great to hear that you put a little TLC into the house. Most people are too lazy to see the better in things despite the negatives
21 Sep 2008
Food / Top food products you'd want to see in a Polish shop [32]

I found a good online polish food store the other day. I was surprised they have such a wide selection. Only thing they dont have is Krakus ham.

Take a look at this link
19 Sep 2008
Language / Translations of Gadu-Gadu [158]

If you use javujavu here at you can register on gadu gadu with it and it has no ads just a straightforward program.
And its all in English :)

Does Gadu Gadu have a plugin or mod where it will display english and polish text?

It might be a longshot but worth asking.

This would be a good way to learn the language im thinking.
19 Sep 2008
News / New Polish Euro Coins [65]

I think Poland should quit the idea of joining the euro...

I agree with you. Joining the EU would dilute Poland. I was reading something the other day where this billionare bought a castle somewhere in europe(Germany I think) just to throw a Halloween party. It disgusted me. I really dont like the thought of American movie stars or celebrities buying out real estate or antiquities from other countries. Historic real estate should be maintained by government for everyone to enjoy. The same goes for artifacts and antiquities, It shouldnt be sitting in some rich arse holes house collecting dust on his or hers coffee table.
28 Aug 2008
Feedback / Chat room in PL forums on the horizon? [3]

I think it would be okay but you might end up seeing
things like


you dont want it turning into a meat market lol

plus you dont want it to take away from regular posting(the bread and butter of Polish Forums)

I like flirting with beautiful polish women dont get me wrong but ummmmmm it doesnt have to be shared with everyone in live chat.

I dunno whatever happens Im okay with it I suppose.
28 Aug 2008
Travel / Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel has never been to Poland. [4]

She has done Passport to Europe episodes of other European countries but I dont think she's done any episodes in Poland.

She should go there and make all of us Polish people happy. Personally I think it would be great to see her do a show there.

Well... not in the middle of winter lol...
27 Aug 2008
Life / Is Ritalin available in Poland? [22]


Ritalin ? Frequently unecessary and causes more problems than it helps.

Chemical silencer for kids with lousey parents

lol very true
27 Aug 2008

Yep racism is everywhere. I think that America is probably more tolerant to other races than other countries are. European countries like Poland have alot of old beliefs. Some good ones and some bad ones. Correct me if Im wrong.
27 Aug 2008
Life / First Racial Attack for me in Poland [158]


for no reason other than i was speaking english.

Maybe they didn't like your aftershave.

Or he ate tons of garlic
8 Apr 2008
Real Estate / How do you qualify to own real estate in poland? [8]

Merged: I'm interested in Polish real estate; any common realtor in Poland?

Is there a pretty common realtor in Poland that perhaps has a website? Something similar to century 21 in the states? Not that Century 21 is great or anything, just used it as an example.