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11 Aug 2009
Life / Tram to Ikea - Krakow [4]

Anybody know which tram i get to ikea from the city center in krakow?
25 Jul 2009
Love / Do Polish guys think getting physically violent with a woman is OK? [40]

As far as i'm concerned a man SHOULD NEVER, NO MATTER WHAT THE CIRCUMSTANCES, TOUCH A WOMEN/LADY/GIRL. No matter what she has said or done, any man who strikes a woman is in my view a coward and should be treated as such.

I disagree..

A friend of mine in london once told me a story of how he and his girlfriend got into an argument with two female prostitutes over a taxi. The prostitutes ended up getting violent and attacked both him and his girlfriend with their high heeled shoes, and they both ended up in hospital.

He's actually quite a big guy and could have easily controlled the situation, but because of this "never hit a woman" mentality he ended up putting himself and his girlfriend in danger by not using appropriate measures to defend himself.
23 Jul 2009
Love / Girl just interested, or a hooker? [30]

never have I seen a thread that asks is he a slut

He said hooker... not slut. This probably explains your reaction a bit.. Hooker isn't necessarily derogatory, slut definitely is.

and I never see women take on names like LICKMEPOLISH..

hmmm.. it think we need to work on that one.. perhaps lickmypolishki?
so are you saying you don't like the post because of his user name? or because he referred to a woman as a slut.. or hooker.

it also upsets me because this is supposed to be a site for everyone, but
of course theres alot of things children shouldn't see, yet we have had
young ones come in and ask questions about Poland and culture..

Ok.. if you're letting young children hang out on forums and interact with adults you don't know then that's a bit scary.

This forum is moderated, So what you see is essentially what is deemed by the people running the site as acceptable content for its users. I'm guessing that the intended user base is adults.
22 Jul 2009
Love / Girl just interested, or a hooker? [30]

anyways, I made my point.

No I think you just took out some kind of bad mood you are in on some random poster because they used the word hooker in a post and that somehow offends you. And rather than realise this and apologise you just made up some crap to justify it.

It makes no sense that you reacted so harshly to this guys post. Maybe you can give us an insight into what the real problem is. Why are you so offended?

I've travelled a bit and I've encountered situations similar to the one which polishmeknob posted. Girls selling their bodies often use casual pickup techniques (if you can call it that) to attract customers. Its a valid question to ask.
21 Jul 2009
Love / Girl just interested, or a hooker? [30]

I think it's kind of odd.. at the train station in Krakow there is a huge billboard advertising the price of sex with a prossie. 50zl to be exact. It also mentions that you can get HIV included at no extra cost! Bargain!

Or at least thats what I thought it said with my poor understanding of polish.
14 Jul 2009
Travel / Solo female traveller in Poland (safety, what to watch out for) [5]

Hey! I'm from melbourne too and currently living in Krakow. Also know a few other australians living here.
I think Krakow is a pretty safe city. I haven't really heard of anything nasty happening to anyone. Have noticed some signs here and there saying to beware of pick pockets. Being filipino though, you will probably get more attention from strangers simply because there aren't many asian people here. So in this way you will stand out as a foreigner.

I was lucky to find a place within days of arriving here. Although I'm renting an apartment to myself. I'm assuming you are looking for share accomodation, which I don't think you will have a problem with. Krakow has a large student population, most of which will probably be on holidays when you arrive in august, so it may be a good time to find yourself somewhere. Best thing to do would be to check into some cheap backpackers guesthouse and give yourself a week to look around at share accomodation.
6 Jul 2009
Life / Do I need a special adaptor for my laptop in Poland or will hotels provide this? [23]

poland just has regular european electricity plugs.. so i guess get yourself an adaptor for the round pins. Not sure what the US has.
A tip too.. if you have a few things you need to power, like laptop, phone charge, electric toothbrush.. bring a small power board.. then you only need one adaptor.
6 Jul 2009
Life / Weekly Food costs - Krakow [16]

Do you know where it is in krakow by any chance ??

Theres an ok market called Stary Kleparz (sp??) It's just the other side of the planty not too far from the big galeria near the train station.

It still doesn't compare to the markets I had at home but thats the best one i've seen so far here in krak.
5 Jul 2009
Life / Weekly Food costs - Krakow [16]

If you cook at home It's really cheap but If you want to eat out the cost obviously skyrocket.

This isn't completely true if you pick the right places to eat. Krakow has a massive student population, therefore there are a heap of eateries that cater for student budgets. If you know where to go you can have a filling meal for 10-15 zl easily, or even less. I went to a place the other night which served a big bowl of soup (a meal in itself) for 3zl.
4 Jul 2009
News / 100zl note should be phased out. [20]

I forgot about the 200!

I got it the other day with a 20zl note! and the bill was 14zl!
Yes.. that look of horror! It seems like at the very least you get a roll of the eyes.
4 Jul 2009
News / 100zl note should be phased out. [20]

I propose we get rid of the 100zl note. I mean.. it seems to be a complete burden to retailers and also customers.. In particular when buying milk and bread.

In fact.. lets just phase out paper currency all together and force everyone to carry around a bag full of coins.
3 Jul 2009
Food / Asian Grocers - Krakow [10]

Thanks for the tips rkb. I'll keep my eyes open and if i find anywhere useful i will post back.
1 Jul 2009
Food / Asian Grocers - Krakow [10]

Hmm.. yeah i don't think there is anything like that here in Krakow. Maybe i'll have a look when i'm around in Warsaw next week.

Had a quick look at Kuchnie Swiata online. Doesn't look like they have much and their prices seem pretty steep. In australia the Asian Grocers are dirt cheap. You can normally find things cheaper in them than in the supermarket. Oh and I'm looking for Raw ingredients more than a jar of something. Stuff like galangal, chinese brocolli, lemon grass etc..

I'm missing home :( no vegiemite and no decent asian food!
I'll have to stick to smalec on toast i guess.
29 Jun 2009
Food / Asian Grocers - Krakow [10]

I found myself at a "Chinese" restaraunt the other day. I think they're supposed to be more Vietnamese than Chinese but who knows. It wasn't that great.

Anyway.. I like to do a bit of asian cooking so i can get my fix of asian food.. I don't like my chances.. but is there anywhere in Krakow where i can find an Asian Grocer?
17 Jun 2009
Travel / 2 or 3 day Trip to Lvow from Krakow [5]

Wow the Kosmonaut is Australian owned!! Bloody Aussies are everywhere!
That place actually looks like it might be the best option for me i think.

Thanks heaps Nathan for the tips and the links. I will certainly check out this restaurant... Although I'm concerned at how similar the name is to Pizza Hut (Puzata hata)!! ha.
15 Jun 2009
Travel / 2 or 3 day Trip to Lvow from Krakow [5]

I know Lvov is actually in the Ukraine and this is a polish forum, but it WAS once a polish city and seems to be a common tourist destination for poles.

So I was wondering if anyone has any advice on travelling there. Particularly in regards to accommodation, how much to expect to pay for accommodation etc.. I have done a few brief searches and the prices I have seen for accom don't appear to be much different from Krakow, even though i have been told that the Ukraine is significantly cheaper than Poland.
13 Jun 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

no aussies i know of would drink fosters apart from curiosities sake.

I don't even think out of curiosity. Although the only time i have ever drunk fosters is in london. Only because it seems to be hard to avoid as it is on tap everywhere. If someone buys you a round of drinks then the odds are it could very well be fosters.

I was in brussels recently.. and i get the feeling that stella artois is more or less considered the same for belgians as fosters is for australians. It's an export brand.

However i wouldn't go comparing Australian beer to belgian beer. The varieties and quality of beligian beer are extraodinary.. Australian beers (mainstream at least) are very poor.

Polish beers are nice.. but seem to be very sameish.

Peroni is still my fav.

On the subject of polish beer and prices. For a half litre i paid 10zl at one of those places on the market square, which i thought was quite expensive and wondered at the time if i was being taken for a ride. Not sure if it is worth 3zl or so extra for the added aroma of horse ****
8 Jun 2009
Travel / The best way to travel from Krakow To Budapest - early July? [4]

I did this trip coming from budapest to krakow a bit over a year ago by train. From memory it was 50 euro for two of us one way and it took most of the day. The train stations for both budapest and krakow are fairly central.
14 Apr 2009
Law / Banking in Poland, as a foreigner. [26]

Sorry, I only just checked back on this one.

I've been doing a bit of research to find the best bank for overseas ATM,VISA and EFT transactions.
BTW these are all Australian Banks.

Savings and Loans
ATM Transaction - $4
EFT Transaction - FREE
Conversion Fee - 2% on all transactions

Bank West
ATM Transaction - $5
EFT Transaction - FREE
Conversion Fee - 2.5% on all transactions

ATM Transaction - $4.50
EFT Transaction - $1
Conversion Fee - 1% on ATM and 1.1% on EFT and 0% on HSBC ATMs

Anyone got any better offers?

Excluding the HSBC option, this information does not include any fees which may be charged by the Local ATM branch. Does anyone have any information on what sort of ATM charges you can expect in poland and ways of possibly avoiding them?
30 Mar 2009
Real Estate / Current price of Homes in Poland [41]

taken from the mamdom site

"Poland has the 2nd most attractive real estate market in Central-Eastern Europe and the 9th in the world, according to the Real Estate Opportunity Index 2008"

I think companies like this are probably what you would want to steer away from for advice. The info on their website appears to be out of date and more importantly it was probably distorted in the first place.
24 Mar 2009
Law / Banking in Poland, as a foreigner. [26]

I'm heading over to poland in a couple of months from australia and I'm looking for the best options for managing money whilst there. (3-6 months)

I'm not nessesarily going to be working whilst there but will need to make regular atm/eft withdrawls whilst there from money I've earn't in Australia.

The easiest option for me is just to use my visa debit card and my aussie bank account, but the problem is the ridiculous fees I'm going to incur along the way.

Has anyone got any advice/suggestions?
19 Mar 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

Crown lager, nah, haven't heard of it. Fosters is not bad really

Wow.. a discussion about Aussie beer!

In my opinion.. all mainstream aussie beers are some of the worst in the world.
There is however a heap of microbrewers making some really nice beers. Little Creatures is good. Another is knapstien.

Crown lager is carlton brewerys attempt to polish a turd by putting a gold label on something it is not really any better than VB. Vic Bitter is like drinking poison and I struggle to understand why anyone would drink it.

European beers are better :)
24 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

article in Australian news discuthe state of Eastern European Economy. Repeats itself a bit but theres stuff in there.,28124,25093112-5017999,00.html
12 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

Not sure how that is the customer paying the price.

If someone owed you 200,000 zl would you just forget about it?

I'm not sure how the laws work in poland but i would assume the customer still owes the bank 200,000 zl. If the customer owns any other assets then the bank would surely have the power to take them.

And i would say that in the case of those who borrowed 70/80/90% (which is a more likely scenario) the customer would lose their deposit.
9 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

Why? its the client that ultimately pays the price. Banks are able to lend with more attractive interest rates.

Yeah. but as ash put it.. a client who becomes bankrupt will no longer repay his/her loan. In a sense, by handing out such a loan the banks are potentially turning that client into a high risk.
6 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Real Estate hits a new low in Poland [86]

Polish bank lending on property has never been irresponsible.

Some would say the practice of lending in swiss francs to buy an asset which is valued in zloty is not only irresponsible but a tad insane.