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Asian Grocers - Krakow

ozdan 8 | 67  
29 Jun 2009 /  #1
I found myself at a "Chinese" restaraunt the other day. I think they're supposed to be more Vietnamese than Chinese but who knows. It wasn't that great.

Anyway.. I like to do a bit of asian cooking so i can get my fix of asian food.. I don't like my chances.. but is there anywhere in Krakow where i can find an Asian Grocer?
29 Jun 2009 /  #2
There are no Asian grocers here so Alma is your best bet.
ragtime27 1 | 146  
29 Jun 2009 /  #3
My wife is polish and she makes a great curries(lime one,my favorite).


* 1/2 tsp garlic powder .
* 1/4 tsp pepper .
* 1 1/2 tbsps curry powder .
* 4 tbsps butter .
* 1 tsp salt .
* 2 tbsps fresh lime juice .
* 2 c light cream .
* 6 boneless skinless chicken breast halves .
* 1 tbsp flour .
* 1/2 c sliced onions .
* 1 1/2 c tomatoes, seeded & sliced

unless you're talking about chinese food!!
rkb 1 | 16  
29 Jun 2009 /  #4
I don't know if you're looking for spices/curry pastes or whatever but surely Kuchnie Swiata should be able to help you out.

There's a big market near me in Warsaw & surprisingly one of the little veg shops has a load of stuff so maybe there's something similar down in Krakow.
OP ozdan 8 | 67  
1 Jul 2009 /  #5
Hmm.. yeah i don't think there is anything like that here in Krakow. Maybe i'll have a look when i'm around in Warsaw next week.

Had a quick look at Kuchnie Swiata online. Doesn't look like they have much and their prices seem pretty steep. In australia the Asian Grocers are dirt cheap. You can normally find things cheaper in them than in the supermarket. Oh and I'm looking for Raw ingredients more than a jar of something. Stuff like galangal, chinese brocolli, lemon grass etc..

I'm missing home :( no vegiemite and no decent asian food!
I'll have to stick to smalec on toast i guess.
rkb 1 | 16  
1 Jul 2009 /  #6
Ok, wasn't sure what exactly what you were looking for before but tbh I don't think I've seen much in the way of raw ingredients here. Most stuff will be expensive unfortunately, the market isn't very big & I guess the importers think they can take the ****.

I remember seeing lemon grass in bomi (expensive supermarket) & in Kuchnie Swiata & frozen Kaffir lime leaves in Kuchnie Swiata.

There's a little shop in Warsaw at the bottom of Poznanska street, near the Piekna end that might be worth checking out but I can't promise much, only been there once.
OP ozdan 8 | 67  
3 Jul 2009 /  #7
Thanks for the tips rkb. I'll keep my eyes open and if i find anywhere useful i will post back.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007  
15 Jul 2009 /  #9
There are no Asian grocers here so Alma is your best bet.

Oh yes there is :)

An Indian supply shop, on plac na groblach ;) Near the Sheraton. Not sure they are still doing business but i used to get my stuff from there. Quite good indeed.

On the Chinese/Vietnamese places to eat here.....avoid any of those cheap tacky places painted in red. Biggest rip off in the world unless u want a cheap plate of crap to fill u up :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
15 Jul 2009 /  #10
This may help you, seaofdust. There are many from Krakow on the forum who can help you.

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