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2 or 3 day Trip to Lvow from Krakow

ozdan 8 | 67  
15 Jun 2009 /  #1
I know Lvov is actually in the Ukraine and this is a polish forum, but it WAS once a polish city and seems to be a common tourist destination for poles.

So I was wondering if anyone has any advice on travelling there. Particularly in regards to accommodation, how much to expect to pay for accommodation etc.. I have done a few brief searches and the prices I have seen for accom don't appear to be much different from Krakow, even though i have been told that the Ukraine is significantly cheaper than Poland.
Nathan 18 | 1,349  
17 Jun 2009 /  #3
Hi, Ozdan. I was born there, so I never stayed anywhere in L'viv as a tourist. I can recommend you some sites to take a look at. In L'viv you can eat well and not pay much at "Puzata Hata" restaurant. The last summer when I was there you could eat like a horse for $US 3-5 typical Ukrainian/Polish cuisine. For current prices visit their site: Call them if you need more info. If you prefer something else, you will have no problem finding some other place to eat nice food.

As for hostels the prices are in range of 10-20 Euros; hotels will be in 50 - 200 Euro range.
Sorry, I can't recommend you anything in particular. "Kosmonaut" hostel looks really attractive since it is right in the center of the city, close to many fantastic sightseeing spots, not that expensive and the most important - it's close to "Puzata hata" :) You can find the review of some tourists in the links below.

If you plan 2-3 days' stay, you should have at least 100 Euros (it doesn't mean you will spend all of them and it doesn't mean you won't spend more, always grab more, just in case). There is Vernisazh - folk works selling plaza - I had problem to leave without buing something. Many beautiful art work and souvenirs you may consider buying there.

Don't worry about exchanging money, there are many places where you can do that at very good rates. If you are interested at places to visit during your stay, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy your stay and hope you will come back for Euro 2012 :)
OP ozdan 8 | 67  
17 Jun 2009 /  #4
Wow the Kosmonaut is Australian owned!! Bloody Aussies are everywhere!
That place actually looks like it might be the best option for me i think.

Thanks heaps Nathan for the tips and the links. I will certainly check out this restaurant... Although I'm concerned at how similar the name is to Pizza Hut (Puzata hata)!! ha.
Nathan 18 | 1,349  
17 Jun 2009 /  #5
Haha, have a nice trip, Ozdan!

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