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Train trip from CZESTOCHOWA to KRAKOW

2 Aug 2008 /  #1
Hi. I need to go by train from Czestochowa to Krakow (on August 13th at lunchtime). Should I book a train ticket some days before or may I buy it directly at the train station? I mean: do I risk not to find a ticket the day of the departure? Secondly how long does the trip take? How much does it cost?

2 Aug 2008 /  #2
You can find all the info you wish - here in English. As to booking before, you can but I doubt it will make any difference as there are always places, especially at that time of day. However for peace of mind just go to the station and book one :)

Katowice Main Railway Station is located in the city center.

Trains from all parts of Poland and other countries arrive at Central Station. There are fourteen trains per day between Warsaw and Katowice and twenty-eight trains per day between Cracow and Katowice during the day; the journey takes 180 minutes.

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