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Where do Polands non Jewish victims go?

23 Mar 2008 /  #61
Jews were not the only victims. Poles were not the only victims. The museums should be dedicated to all victims and to those who fought bravely to save them.

Well said.
Jozef Pilsudski - | 25  
23 Mar 2008 /  #62
So don't.
I know that Poles were also getting killed and not just partying and I know that warsaw was blown up. But the germans put all the jews (not the poles) in a ghetto and then exterminated them. They didn't gas polish kids. You didn't find Poles escaping the Aryan side and trying to pass as Jews. Why would that be? and if the germans stopped at killing jews, christian poles would have been ok with that (except for a few good hearts) just like the ukrainians and the lithuanians.

This is because the Jews were viewed as the number one ideological and racial enemy of the German government and the German people. Poles were just a step down on the pecking order. Jews were killed because Nazi ideologues truly believed they, as a race, were the catalysts of all European disease, medical, political, and otherwise, and that they were a corrupting influence for all nations. Poles were killed because Germany wanted to expand its territory and rather than rule over foreign lands, as it had done in Silesia throughout the interwar period, it wished to kick what were seen as the occupying races out (Poles, Czechs, Russians, Lithuanians, and others) and repopulate said territories with ethnic Germans. Jews and Poles were killed on a large scale for different reasons, but neither group deserves more recognition than the other.
OP celinski 31 | 1,258  
24 Mar 2008 /  #63
Can we say it is better to die from cold, starving or hunger than gas? If we go into the number of deaths do we look at Russia and Germany.... I see the "Holocaust" as reporting "Jewish" victims on a large scale, where do non "Jewish victim's of Stalin" fit into the picture?
EbonyandBathory 5 | 249  
24 Mar 2008 /  #64
I would say they form a seperate but no less terrible picture all of their own.

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