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Warning - InterCollege - Teachers beware

skibum 8 | 62
12 Mar 2010 #1
I'm posting this as a warning to either current teachers at InterCollege in Kielce, Olkusz and Wroclaw, or to prospective teachers. This may only apply to native speakers, but I don't think so.

This language school should be avoided, I only worked for them for a few months, my first 2 bills took 6 months to be paid. My final bill, submitted in April 2009 has still not been paid.

The director of InterCollege, Mr Robert Jagiełło promised me payment in September 2009 - He didn't pay. After many emails from me he finally emailed me firstly on 17th February 2010 and promised a bank transfer would be made the following day - It was not. Then after many more emails from me, and attempted telephone calls (attempted because he would not speak to me), he finally emailed me on 4th March 2010 and said a transfer had been made on the previous day - IT WAS NOT.

As I said this is posted as a warning to others, but if anyone has any suggestions as to a course of action I could follow, it would be greatly appreciated.
12 Mar 2010 #2
burn the school down for a start
then do his wife and kids
then his dog
then his friends
and the postman
the guy who sits next to him in the pub
and the local priest
and then take it out on some random babcia in the street
and a couple of school kids
and that girl called magda who's been fekin around behind he husband's back
and her best mate gosia
and then do a couple more babcias
and the cheeky fek who pushed in front of you when you were queueing at the post office last week

if that doesn't appeal then go to his office and give him a slap - i felt obliged to do this when in the same position as you. went to his office, stormed into his room, he got up and put his hands on me - common assault and decking him was self defence. got my money too

dont stand for p!ss takers - they need to be taught a lesson and whilst i am not american so dont believe violence is the answer to all problems, for some people its the only language that gets listened to

hang on a minute, the doctor is coming back, i have to pretend to be asleep

more later
OP skibum 8 | 62
16 Mar 2010 #3
Miracle of Miracles, he's paid me.

And there I was expecting to be able to celebrate 1st anniversary of my unpaid bill next month.
Trevek 26 | 1,702
16 Mar 2010 #4
So, are you going to go back there to work?
jonni 16 | 2,485
16 Mar 2010 #6

I don't know if you're registered on Dave's ESL Cafe, but it would be great if you could post on there - just repeat the post you made here. If you're not familiar with the site; it's the most widely read by EFL teachers and might help some unsuspecting person avoid going through the problems you had with this 'school'.

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