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Studying and living in Poznan for 5 months.

10 Aug 2013 #1
Hi. Can somebody give me some advices where could two students - girls live in Poznan if we are going on Erasmus?
Need something not very expensive. help, help, please!!! =)
Monitor 13 | 1810
11 Aug 2013 #2
Check or or contact erasmus people for help.
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
11 Aug 2013 #3 or

are these websites reliable ? can i get scammed ?

i'll start a thread about it ,i want to hear opinions .
Monitor 13 | 1810
11 Aug 2013 #4
there is also polish one You cannot be scammed, because money goes through the system, but it's better to accept offers from people with experience ( some positive comments from previous clients ), because it may happen, that the owner will change mind in the last moment and you will end up without apartment.
kioko - | 84
11 Aug 2013 #5
Which university are you going to attend? It will be easier to locate closest places. In my student times when I was looking for a place to live a usually used this site:
11 Aug 2013 #6 is ok if you speak Polish and I doubt that 2 girls coming on Erasmus speak Polish. I don't understand why doing the hard way. The university/school they are going to is used to Erasmus students so it would make sense to ask them about ways to get suitable accommodation. If dorms are not available, I'm sure the school can help finding suitable landlords accepting short term leases. Not speaking the local language, not knowing the city and noone therein, it's the quick way not to find anything or be ripped off. It beats me to read all these people who don't get straight to the point. In this case, the girls need to ask their school and that's it.
OP VinniePook
11 Aug 2013 #7
Which university are you going to attend?

We are going to Adam Mickiewicz University.

2 girls coming on Erasmus speak Polish

We don't speak Polish yet, just understand some things. Unfortunately we missed language courses.

In this case, the girls need to ask their school and that's it.

We asked guest school in Poznan for dormitory, but they replied, that there are not any free room for us, they send one home brocker address where one man even called me, but that was too expensive for us.
11 Aug 2013 #8
I expect dorms to be in short numbers but the school could probably have a list of landlords in area willing to rent for such a short period. You say it's expensive but 1. if you want something decent in Poland, it's going to be expensive and 2. when for short rentals, it 's always more expensive and this is so everywhere, not only in Poland.

Good luck
PS: when you "too expensive", how much?
OP VinniePook
11 Aug 2013 #9
when you "too expensive", how much?

For us it is too expensive to pay 250 or more euros per month each of us.
kioko - | 84
11 Aug 2013 #10
What is google translator for? :)
If most of your classes will be at Morasko Camp you might want to find something at Piątkowo, which is close to Morasko and to PST (Poznań Fast Tram line). I lived at Bolesława Chrobrego, it's about 15 min from city center by PST. If you'll take double room I don't think you should pay more than 600zł per person per month. But it's been a while since I was renting room.
wang - | 19
12 Aug 2013 #11
About study life in Poznan :)

I am Nafisa, from Uzbekistan. I am 23 years old and busy with my last academic year of BA. I am studying at the Political science and Journalism faculty of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. My major is " International Relations, European studies and area studies". Thanks to Erasmus Mundus program that gave me this opportunity.
Monitor 13 | 1810
12 Aug 2013 #12
Regarding your post here:

Moreover they have allowance for every month

If you mean pocket money then it's just small percentage of all students - the poorest and the best get something only.

3. How did you come up with the idea of studying in Poland?

It is pretty good. As for me, it is perfect ( maybe the reason, I am Erasmus Mundus student :)) We can choose any subjects, we can skip as well :)) But it is not point, point is I have free time after my obligatory classes, so I can get extra classes which I want to learn, they are for free. Meanwhile I can attend different language classes, and practice it with native speakers, international students. That is great chance for improving my language level, widening my outlook.

I think that you didn't answer the question.

How many friends do you have? 200 ... On facebook.

Little shallow was this interview. (can you say that in English)

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