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I'm going to study in Poland for 6 months and I want to know the costs of living

21 Nov 2016 /  #1
Going to study in Poland for 6 months - the costs of living?

Hello, I'm a student from Vasile Goldis Western University from Arad Romania and I'm going with the Erasmus programme for 6 months to study in Poland at the Vocational State School in Wloclawek city, and I want to know how high are the costs of living if I have to pay rent and to eat.

From my college I will receive a grant of 500 euro every month to live in Poland, can I live with 500 euro/month?
21 Nov 2016 /  #2
Yes, you can. Frugally, but you can. You will have to either rent a shared dorm room or rent a room in a student apartment or with a family. That will cost 140 Euros or less. Living on your own is not an option. The rest will cover a basic student lifestyle if you are careful, and you make Polish friends to how you how to live cheaply and keep you informed about deals.

That is, of course, assuming that you do not drink alcohol (or take drugs of any kind), smoke tobacco or go on dates. These are the three big budget destroyers for students. Avoid them like the plague.

It is best to arrange accommodation with the school before you come.

Bring clothing, shoes, medication and electronic devices with you. They are very expensive in Poland compared to Romania.
15 Mar 2017 /  #3

Living costs in student hostels in Poland

Can anyone, please, give information about living costs in student accomodations in Poland? For example, Poznan University of Economics and Business
15 Mar 2017 /  #4

About 360 PLN per person in a two or three person room

About 650 per person in a single room.

Anywhere from 600 to 1000 PLN for a single room in a private setting with shared bath, all inclusive.
15 Mar 2017 /  #5
These are per night or per month?
15 Mar 2017 /  #7
That's fine then. You know, I've just come back to Poland from Monaco and that is why I got confused about your quotations.

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