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Average IT salary in Poland

18 Apr 2012 #1
Hello Guys,

I have been asked for salary expectation from IT an MNC..Can somebody please guide me, how much i should ask for

I have 6 years of IT experience and currently staying in India..any help would be appreciated.
noreenb 7 | 557
18 Apr 2012 #2
I wish I could help.
Not as much as in Wrocław, Kraków and Warsaw for sure.
4 thousands at least, but I may be wrong.
Bu I think somebody who is in IT field should tell you, because I am in education field and salaries here (netto of course) are around 1000 -2000.
18 Sep 2012 #3
Here's a site which shows how much a network administrator earns in Poland, "średnia" at 5523 zloty is the "average".

(change the first part on url by removing --)
Nalacs - | 1
5 Jul 2013 #5
Merged: IT salaries in Bydgoszcz Poland

Would be grateful if somebody could inform me about salary on the IT market in bydgoszcz poland
25 Jul 2013 #6
Merged: Salary (Microsoft system administrator) and cost of living in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

I have got an offer from ATOS in Bydgoszcz, Poland
I am Microsoft System administrator with 7 years experience

Kindly if you can give me an advice about the best salary i could get and the cost of living in Bydgoszcz, Poland
and the cost of rent an apartment and if you can guide me to do it ?
sobieski 106 | 2,118
26 Jul 2013 #8
Why is it all those Indians get IT jobs in Poland? Is it for their low salary expectations, or do they have special skills?
Poland also has its share of competent IT people I would think.
26 Jul 2013 #9
Poland also has its share of competent IT people I would think.

Yes, but they can earn higher wages outside Poland (without needing to bother with work permits).
27 Jul 2013 #10
No I am Egyptian , Can you help me and guide me as also i don't talk polish , i only speak English
28 Jul 2013 #11
I need to ask how hard it is to live and work in Bydgoszcz, Poland without knowing polish , as i only know English ?

Please answer my question as this is very critical situation
mafketis 37 | 10,908
28 Jul 2013 #12
how hard it is to live and work in Bydgoszcz, Poland without knowing polish

Very hard. If you don't have a job lined up before you arrive you'll have a very hard time finding anything.
28 Jul 2013 #13
You say you have a job offer but then you are asking what is the best salary you can get. Sounds a bit fishy to me.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
29 Jul 2013 #14
No, it's normal, that the company asks him for his expectations and they answer based on them.

Salary range in Poland: - page 11

Administrator Systemu: min: 3000 PLN gross in Pomorskie max: 15000 in Warszawa

And according to this page: median salary for IT workers in Kujawsko Pomorskie (region where Bydgoszcz is) is 4500PLN Gross. It's 3200PLN Net.

So I would suggest you to ask for minimum 5000pln gross

Cost of living you can see here:
29 Jul 2013 #15
Thank you a lot

What about the language , as i don't know polish , i only know English
mafketis 37 | 10,908
29 Jul 2013 #16
i don't know polish , i only know English

If you don't speak very fluent Polish you have about a one in a thousand chance of finding a job in Bydgoszcz. Don't go to Bydgoszcz unless you already have a job waiting.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
29 Jul 2013 #17
Read his topic. He has a job offer!

Most of people age 15 - 35 will speak some English in Bydgoszcz. You will have to learn some basic Polish to do shopping in small stores and you will probably need help of somebody to do all necessary bureaucracy. Also it's good to have somebody to help you rent apartment. In the end Indians mentioned by me are doing well there.
29 Jul 2013 #18
Thank you very much , you were very supportive

Do you know if there are any Arab or Egyptian people living there Bydgoszcz, Poland
Monitor 14 | 1,818
29 Jul 2013 #19
no I think you will be 1st
jon357 74 | 22,054
29 Jul 2013 #20
Do you know if there are any Arab or Egyptian people living there Bydgoszcz, Poland

There are certainly a few. You may notice a few shops (especially fast food) run by Arab people and there are muslim prayers at this address:

85-141 Bydgoszcz, ul. Emilianowska 5.
Monitor 14 | 1,818
30 Jul 2013 #21
run by Arab people

I've just learned that Arabs are not only citizens of Saudi Arabia Kingdom.
jon357 74 | 22,054
30 Jul 2013 #22
Only a few are. Saudi is mostly empty space and at least half of those living in Saudi aren't Arabs. Not many Saudis or gulf Arabs (Emirati, Qatari, etc) in Poland, but plenty of people from Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt - including in Bydgoszcz.
30 Jul 2013 #23
Thank you all very much , polish people are very supportive which encourage me to go there and accept the offer

If any one knows any Arab people living in bydgoszcz and can contact me with him, i will be very thankful
4 Aug 2013 #24
Merged: Solution Architect salary in Bydgoszcz

Could you kindly advice what could a salary for Solution Architect working in Bydgoszcz
Monitor 14 | 1,818
5 Aug 2013 #25
what does Solution Architect do? Is there any other name for this position?
5 Aug 2013 #26
- Analyze the customer business and technical requirements to ensure the (sub-set of the overall) solution is aligned accordingly. The solution covers the Current Mode of Operations (CMO), Intermediate Mode of Operations (IMO(s)), Future Mode of Operations (FMO) state and the technical migration approach to get to this FMO state

- Leverage as much as possible standardized portfolio (service catalogue) and associated solution modules / building blocks and combine them to deliver the end to end technical solution. Involve Delivery Support Unit resources for deep technical expertise and coordinate their inputs into the technical solution process.

- Lead overall solution, and get the required approvals from business and delivery according to the existing Company processes

- Create the solution cost model. Compile and identify all costs that will be incurred in solution delivery. The costs may consist of standard and non-standard components. Take strategic viewpoints and target costing into account

- Support the solution proposal presentations at customer locations and/or internal offices. Prepare the relevant part of presentation material related with the services, architecture and technology aspects of the solution.

- Participate in the collection of Customer Specific Data in order to validate the solution accuracy, costing and assumptions
Monitor 14 | 1,818
5 Aug 2013 #27
I am still not sure what's the name of this position in Polish. Please take a look at this salaries report in Poland:
5 Aug 2013 #28
Actually i can't understand good from this report

Could you help me better

Salary for solution architect in IT technology (mainly Microsoft technologies)
Monitor 14 | 1,818
5 Aug 2013 #29
quote here what you don't understand from the report.
5 Aug 2013 #30
i don't understand polish

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