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Job in Poland Bydgoszcz - Is there an Indian community here?

4 Sep 2012 #1

I am from IT background living in India right now. I am single and 27 years old male.
I have got an offer to work at Bydgoszcz. I will join in the first week of December. I have few questions and I would like to know information/inputs.

What will be the average rent of house per month near Bydgoszcz? I don't mind sharing either.

How is the climate?

Are there any Indians out in this area, any Indian restaurants, temples etc.?

What is the average expense for 1 person on food per month?

How are the people and will there be any racism?

Which is the nearest international airport?

Is there something I have missed out or you would like to suggest/recommend?

monospace - | 4
16 Sep 2012 #2
Lovely stuff.
I've got an offer to work there as well, starting at the same time :)
OP da185035
16 Sep 2012 #3
Where are you from? What's your name? May be we can be friends sailing the same boat? :)

I am deepu from mumbai
16 Sep 2012 #4
Hello! I am actually living in Bydgoszcz! We just moved here about 10 months ago from Holland. I love it here. While I am white I have not noticed any sort discrimination here. They are very opened minded. I have a friend with Indian decent that is going to one of the medical universities here. There is an airport here in Bydgoszcz so you might get luck and get a flight to Warsaw or Gdansk then have a short lay over and catch a plan to here in Bydogszcz or it is also and train ride here too. As for the climate is going to be cold here come winter I am not going to lie but right now the weather is AMAZING!!

As for expense I am not sure what you consider expensive or what you consider cheap. I think it is cheap living here but then again I came from Holland where is it expensive. I am not sure what you wage is going to be like here but for the most part you should be fine. I have a family of 5 and our monthly grocery trip is about 150 zloty a week but I am also packing lunches for 3 kids and I love to cook and bake big meals.

As for housing your best bet is look online. You can get as cheap as 500 zloty a month up to over 6,000+ it just depends what you are looking for.

I have a blog that talks about us living here so it could give you an insight of what it might be like for you it is called

If you have questions let me know!
monospace - | 4
18 Sep 2012 #5
Where are you from? What's your name? May be we can be friends sailing the same boat? :)

I'm Ukrainian network engineer.
French company which have made me an offer is multinational IT services and consulting corporation (hope you'll guess a company name).
By the way, my name is Andrew.
f stop 25 | 2,513
18 Sep 2012 #6
I like your blog, Kelley.
rybnik 18 | 1,461
18 Sep 2012 #7
I have a blog that talks about us living here so it could give you an insight of what it might be like for you it is called

I too enjoyed it.
I wish there were blogs in my day.
I would have had a field day! lol
deepu - | 5
18 Sep 2012 #8
I am a ccie. i think we will join the same company :) nice to meet you Andrew

i too enjoyed the kelly's blog by the way..
19 Sep 2012 #9
At the company you're going work there's at least one Indian man, as when my husband had an interview with them one of the men were speaking with the Indian accent.

I don't believe there is any Indian temple, not only in Bydgoszcz but throughout Poland.

It seems there's one Indian restaurant, "Lord Buddha".

It can be also good to bring specific spices of your favorite kind. Some spices might not be found in Poland and you might miss it.

The nearest international airport is Bydgoszcz Airport(BZG).
monospace - | 4
20 Sep 2012 #10
Here is an average costs of living in Bydgoszcz z
deepu - | 5
21 Sep 2012 #11
ryoh..thanks for the reply. so ur husband still works there? how is the experience? do u know tax details in poland? is there a way for tax exemption at few areas?

monospace..thanks alot.
ryoh - | 19
21 Sep 2012 #12
so ur husband still works there?

No, my husband got a job offer but still in the process of being interviewed, I'm hoping he gets the job :)
I live in Warsaw but haven't lived in Bydgoszcz(yet).

do u know tax details in poland?

Income tax here is 30% of the salary, so for example, if you earn 5000 zloty, 1500 is reducted. I haven't heard about any tax exemptions.
LEICA 4 | 18
21 Sep 2012 #13

( I have a family of 5 and our monthly grocery trip is about 150 zloty a week )

Hi kelley,

i also live in Bydgoszcz how can a family of five live on 150 zloty a week???????????????????????????????

kind regards
22 Sep 2012 #14
We do but that is for food only!! I am not taking in consideration for personal products because part can vary so widely among people. We are not big meat eaters which is expensive here. I cook with a lot food that is in season, like cauliflower right now which is on sale for 1 zloty each at POLO. Potato's were 0.50 zloty per kilo a few weeks ago at LIDL so I got a bunch and froze some and canned some. I did the same with tomato's and canned a bunch of my own sauces. And I will also admit I walked in the country and picked several apples from the trees and make things with them as well. There are weeks that we go over a bit though!!

I am glad you all are enjoying my blog!!

As for tax exemptions they are few and far in between unless you are from another EU country then you can get some but then you are paying taxes in the other country so I am not sure if it much of break and the paperwork is CRAZY!!!
ganesh_murudkar - | 1
1 Nov 2012 #15
Hi Deepu, This is Ganesh. I am also from Mumbai, India. I m working here in Bydgoszcz for last 5 months. You can contact me on email id ganesh.murudkar at gmail.
deepu - | 5
11 Nov 2012 #16
Thanks Ganesh :)
vinvava - | 1
4 May 2013 #17
I am having 6 years exp in IT as Network Engineer and would like to know what would be ideal salary in bydgoszcz . If I get a job, whetehr my spouse could work in Poland or can he try for a job there? Will the company offer dependant visa whil offering job?

Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 May 2013 #18
similar topic:

Your husband should get dependent visa, but I am not sure how fast is the process. I think that you apply for depended visa personally and not through the company employing you.

Unemployment in Bydgoszcz is ~10% It's less than over 14% for the whole country, but it's not very low.
If he's not IT professional like you then chances of finding job without speaking polish are very low and even if he finds something then shouldn't expect higher pay then minimum 1180 PLN net.
ahuosee 1 | 4
12 Oct 2013 #19
I have a blog that talks about us living here so it could give you an insight of what it might be like for you it is called

Hello Kelly, i came across your blog when i was searching for information about Bydgoszcz and i totally love it!!!

I have so many questions about the place and your blog helps a lot
f stop 25 | 2,513
12 Oct 2013 #20
nice blog, lots of pictures
annaok84 - | 1
21 Mar 2014 #21
Hi Kelley!

Thanks for sharing the link to your blog. It looks so cute and very informative!

I will be moving to Bydgoszcz in 2 months and I am very excited about it!! :) At the moment I am looking for accomodation for at least 6 months. Maybe you happen to know somebody who can help me out? If yes, please let me know here or via my email address annaok84@gmail

I would appreciate any help or advice.


Hi Andrew,

Nice to meet a fellow Ukrainian here! :)
Is there a Ukrainian community in Bydgoszcz by the way? Would be great to get to know somebody from my home country even before moving.
abzy101 2 | 4
28 Mar 2014 #22
Hey guys, my name is Abdul and I'm an EFL teacher in Bydgoszcz, feel free to msg me if you want to meet up or something! :)
jamshaid 2 | 20
12 Mar 2017 #23

Asian community in Bydgoszcz

Hi guys I am travelling to Bydgouszcz in April 2017. Is tere any asian community India/ Pakistan/ Turkish people . Please write pm thanks
napsnobile - | 4
27 Mar 2017 #24
in which company you will be join in april and which position
vofi - | 2
9 Nov 2017 #25
Can i find job in Poland?
DominicB - | 2,709
9 Nov 2017 #26

Judging by the fat that the number of questions on this forum about jobs for people from outside the EU has gone down a lot in the last year or so, I would say that it seems you missed the window of opportunity, or, at best, are experiencing the tail end of it. More telling is the fact that questions from people who have already been offered jobs have become rather rare.

My guess is that a lot of the jobs that would have been offered to Indians and other third-worlders are now going to Ukrainians, whose presence in the country has increased dramatically over the last few years. Or that the outsourcing centers that would hire third-worlders have already achieved their staffing goals.

I see from your other post that you have at least made it as far as the interview phase with one company. At least that means that your skill set is still somewhat in demand. All you can do for now is be patient and keep trying. It's not a totally hopeless situation yet.

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