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(Polish man murdered in Belfast) RIP Piotr Michna

Big Paddy 1 | 5
23 Nov 2009 #1
This is very sad.

I knew the man who was murdered although not very well.

He worked in a local supermarket close to my home, he was a really nice guy & seemed quite a quiet person although always friendly and smiling. We would pass each other on our way to work most mornings & i would also see him occasionally out shopping with his girlfriend (i work close to where he lived).

He was a really popular guy with the customers & staff where he worked and everyone is very shocked and sad to hear of his untimely death, he was the last person you would have expected something like this to happen to.

I was told today in work that the other dead man is a family member so this would seem to be a dreadful double blow for his family and loved ones, i wont speculate on what may have happened because we dont have all the facts, all i will say is everyone i have spoken to about Piotr over the past 24 hours had good things to say about him, Many many people on the Ormeau Road (where he worked in a busy store) would have known him to say hi to in the street and i know he will be sadly missed.

Deepest sympathy to any family or friends who may read this. Even though i didnt know him very well i was really upset when i heard the news. Tragic.
jonni 16 | 2,485
23 Nov 2009 #2
Looking at the UTV website, it looks like the person who killed him (also a Polish man) subsequently committed suicide.

A sad story indeed.
OP Big Paddy 1 | 5
23 Nov 2009 #3
Yes sad indeed, apparently the other guy hanged himself.

The family must be devastated.
aga_gp - | 1
24 Nov 2009 #4
we played together with Piotr in volleyball in leisureplex in lisburn.i know him as an extremly nice, honest, happy and great person.i really liked him and so many of our common friends.we all be missing him and will never agree with his death as still can't get over what happend.he was very commited to volleyball, he was always on the trainings and seemed to be very happy, never complained, alway so cheerful....REST IN PEACE PETER, I HOPE YOU ARE NOW IN BETTER WORLD....

michna - | 2
24 Nov 2009 #5
It is nice to hear so many good words of my brother. Thank you.
If you can help us to explain why Peter died, why Michael Krzanowski killed him please
let us know asap. Waiting your answers.
derek trotter 10 | 203
24 Nov 2009 #6

Big Paddy already mentioned about your brother's girlfriend. Police should talk to her in first place.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
24 Nov 2009 #7
Was listening to the news last night, they don't know if the guy who hung himself killed him.
RIP in all cases to the pair of them.
xchantelleb - | 6
25 Nov 2009 #8
can't believe your gone. one my closest friends has been taken </3 your my shining star; don't know how anyone could have hurt you :-( i love you forever piotr x
shanef1983 - | 1
25 Nov 2009 #9
I worked with Peter for just over 1 year. During that time we became very good friends. I could talk with him openly about anything. He always had my trust. He never once refused to help me. I enjoyed working with him and going on nights out with him. He was always good craic. I was working with him hours before he died. He seemed so happy. I don't have any memories of him being sad. He was always smiling. Thats how I will always remember him.

I'm going to miss you so much Peter!

Your friend


Michna, feel free to contact me via email. I can help you contact Kasia. He was close to her.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441
25 Nov 2009 #10
horrible story, any more news on that?
Barney 15 | 1,620
25 Nov 2009 #11
Not much more information on this tragic case.
michna - | 2
25 Nov 2009 #12
Hi Shane this is my email address:
I can not find your email address, so please contact me asap.
xchantelleb - | 6
25 Nov 2009 #13
Michna, can i contact you through a hotmail account?
Cburns - | 1
25 Nov 2009 #14
Alot of the people who live around the Ormeau area know Peter... every-one is shocked & so sad. He was a really lovely, happy and friendly guy. The kids adored him.

I hope his family know that he was in a good place here, with people who appreciated him.

A little book of condolence has been opened in the shop where Peter worked.

Michna, good luck my friend... I hope you get some answers.

Sleep well Piotr, rest in peace x
2ryan4 - | 1
25 Nov 2009 #15
dear michna,
for the last year i also worked with peter on the ormeau road and there isnt enough good words to describe your brother. he was a kind, happy and very helpful person. im still in shock and cant believe im saying these words. we had many a great night together with lots of laughter and fun!!! he will be sadly missed by all his friends here and all my thoughts and prayers are with you, his family and friends. please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. tooryan@hotmail

such a waste of a gentle giant
r.i.p peter lots of love ryan
Cbrowne - | 1
26 Nov 2009 #16
I worked with Peter for almost four years, I thought of him not just as a good colleague but also as a great friend. He was such a lovely and easy going guy, always willing to lend a hand whenever he could. I admired his willingness to help anybody, even those who he didn't know through his monthly blood donations. You will be greatly missed Peter and always loved by all who knew you.

Love you big guy!

Your friend

wildrover 98 | 4,451
26 Nov 2009 #17
What a terrible thing to happen to someone who was obviously a really nice deepest sympathies to his family and friends..
joel1810 - | 1
26 Nov 2009 #18
I had the pleasure of working with Piotr last year in the Centra, and without any exaggeration he was a person full of genuine kindness and he had a huge heart. This was so shockin to hear about and he will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege to know him. My heart goes out to family and friends, may his soul rest peacefully.

R.I.P Piotr a true gentleman
OP Big Paddy 1 | 5
26 Nov 2009 #19
I found this, a nice tribute.
curlyspy007 - | 93
26 Nov 2009 #20
He sounded like a great guy and a good friend to everyone who was lucky to meet him, i dont know peter but R.I.P mate coz people like are few and far between......

mstevenson12 - | 1
26 Nov 2009 #21
I knew Piotr for two and a half years. He was the most wonderful person - kind, caring and always considerate to others. He was always happy. I met him not long after he returned from his last visit to Poland. He had been at a wedding and he told me of all the fun he had. He enjoyed being with his mother and family - especially his two nieces whom he always talked to me about. It is hard to believe that he will never see them growing up. It is so tragic that we will never see our friend ever, ever again. Everyone that knew him is devastated.

Piotr, I will never forget you.

A golden heart stopped beating,
Two willing hands at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

Goodnight Piotr. xox God Bless.

zetor - | 2
26 Nov 2009 #22
Many Thanks for PETER'S friends from Northern Ireland for so many good words. I know HIM for eleven years. I had been living with HIM for month in Belfast couple years before. For all friends in Poland he will be remembered the same as you guys remember him: as the most cheerful, helpful and calm person among our friends.

PETER it was pleasure setting YOU balls on field. I hope that I could play volleyball with YOU in ,, better world" once again. PETER rest in peace.

STARKU tesknimy za TOBA wszyscy, Panie Boże daj mu wieczny odpoczynek i aby światłość wiekuista MU świeciła na zawsze, ŻEGNAJ.

CiaraMc - | 6
27 Nov 2009 #23
I worked with Peter for over two years & over those two years he showed me how amazing he was. He was kind, loving, caring & always seen the best in people. He was definitely something else.

I became really close with Peter & was able to tell him anything, no matter how stupid it was. He was always up for a laugh except after his break at 9oclock on thursdays, when he would get too tired to function haha. He taught me alot of things & i will always appreciate what hes shown me. Life wont be the same without him. He changed the lives of many people and will never be forgotten.

Peter, You'll always be in my thoughts & my heart.
Taken too soon </3

Love you Forever
Ciara xxx
buckfastsam - | 1
27 Nov 2009 #24
I was very good friends with Peter, and ive worked with him since he started in centra. im devestated at losing a hero, he couldnt have been a better friend to me. i felt i was able to tell him anything at all, it didnt matter how many of my problems i made him listen to - he always listened and always had the best advice for me.

We played snooker together 2 or 3 times a week for sometimes over 4 hours at a time! i was able to relax when around Peter, and he wouldnt let me be sad, ever! Peter didnt like it when people around him were sad, and hes the only person i know that can cheer anyone up. On thursday 19th, we went and played snooker for the final time together, and on the way, he told me he was about to start volunteer work, helping people in whatever spare time he had, and he didnt have much! Peter was always on the go, and it didnt matter how tired he was, if something needed doing, it got done. i told him that morning that he amazed me, and that i wished that everyone was like him, because the world would be such a better place. Peter was amazing, i cant believe hes gone, i miss him so so much.

To Peters family - im so sorry for your loss, if it hurts this much to lose my friend, its unimaginable what this is doing to you. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you'd like to ask me anything -

To the nicest guy in the world, I miss you, we all do, I'll never forget you, you'll always be my best friend x

Malina - | 2
27 Nov 2009 #25
I still cant believe what happened... I worked with Peter for almost a year. I still remember the 1st day i met him. he was so nice and kind... it surprised me everytime we talked he was never sad. he was one of the main reasons why i stayed in centra for so long, i loved spending time with him it was always so much fun. plus he always made me feel closer to home... im gonna miss him so soo much... he deserved so much more...

jesli ktos z rodziny Piotrka chcialby sie ze mna skontaktowac to moj e-mail:

love you Peter rest in peace xoxoxoxo

xchantelleb - | 6
27 Nov 2009 #26
I worked with Piotr for almost 2 years.. & in that space I made such an amazing friend, a best friend! He was always there to pick me up when I was down, when anyone was down! He would always put a smile on my face and have me laughing through the tears. His hugs were the best ‘pick me up’ in the world – they could NEVER be replaced. He taught me so much that I will never forget! He touched everyone’s hearts in one way or another; he would always listen to me whether it was complaining or me singing songs to him haha or asking for his advice, he ALWAYS listened and had the best advice. I could talk honestly about anything with him.

Something is missing from all our lives and will never be replaced. He will be sorely missed </3

Love You Forever Piotr.
Chantelle xxx
isrross - | 1
27 Nov 2009 #27
I met peter through volleyball and he was my beach partner in the 2009 season.On the CEV site for national volleyball there is a tribute as mentioned by Paddy.

"He and Ross Moore (Bangor) were a great pair on Beach – Ross described his partner as a true gentleman"

He was a great asset to our club and it upsets me greatly he is gone. I have pictures of me and him competing in beach volleyball. Peter's brother if you could email me if you would like these. My email address is - rossjay@hotmail

God will look after him now, goodbye Buddy

Ross xo
Cwilson - | 1
28 Nov 2009 #28
i worked with peter years ago for around 2/3 years and since then had never met a nicer guy... he was so happy all the time and he made me smile workin any shift with him or even wen i left centra and just called in..his hugs and smiles where the best remedy after a bad day at school or a really bad hangover on the weekends.. its was a pure pleasure working with him for as long as i did and i will never forget him.. you where taken far too soon u didnt deserve this.. u will always be in my thoughts!!

Love you,
claire xxx
Tommich - | 1
28 Nov 2009 #29
We were at the same group at Uni in Krakow. He was a very friendly guy.
Once I visited him in Belfast and as always he was smiling, very happy and very optimistic.
Almost always when he was back in Krakow I was seeing him.
He was a really great man to all of us.

Peter, we will never forget you. R.I.P

vicki - | 1
28 Nov 2009 #30
MY Thought,s are with peter,s family and friends back home.I dont know were to start about peter....i have worked with him for over 4yrs in centra. When he first started in the shop his friend arek was working there to and they would ask me what could they make for there dinner and i would tell them things to make and what they would need to get it was such a laugh has you wouldnt know if they like it or not and if they didnt they would get at me the next day!! then arek left work and went back to college. so peter then we all got to know peter better and would always ask me about my mum and when i bought my own house was the first to ask me if i need help with anything. Anyone that knows me knows that im mad about my cats which i call my babies and when i got a new one called dimples i had to bring him up for peter to see him and he wanted to take home with him.(wouldnt let him) then when he got his 2 lovely nices he would talk to me about them all the time has i have 2 nices has well. when it was birthdays or christmas or any time and he was goin to get them anything he would ask me to help. He would always be in eirly to work and you would just see the smiles walking in the door and you would get a big hello from him. Like everyone else the hugs that you would get from him were second to none. On a sunday i would be in doing prep for monday and the onions would be makein me cry and he,ll tell me not to cry he would set his chin on my shoulder and id look at him and he,d ask me if i like a hug and you always got the best hug from him no mater what. I will always the last thursday you were keepin sammy goin when i was goin home he wanted to go for a smoke and you wouldnt let him of.i told not to and let him work we both walked of i got my hug and of to college i went. SO PETER WHAT CAN I SAY IM GOIN TO MISS YOU LOTS AND THE HELP THAT YOU GIVE ME IN WORK AND AT HOME WITH MY LAPTOP.I hope that god knows that he has the best of the best with him up there. im sure you have spent the last week watching us all crying that we have lost you and i know we would all be getting a hug from you which makes it hard for all of us. NITE NITE PETER.XXXX LOVE VICKI.XX

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