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Polish Lawyers in UK

28 Jun 2011 #1
I had a road accident last year. My first language is Polish and I struggle to find a solicitors who could speak Polish and do the best for my claim and compensate me for my injury. I found a company on the internet Graham Riley Solicitors they have a Polish speaking solicitor and they helped me with my claim. I would recommend them. This is helpful to polish people who have had accidents in the UK and do not claim for them.
JonnyM 11 | 2,621
28 Jun 2011 #2
they have a Polish speaking solicitor

There are many such companies. You can find adverts in any of the Polish language newspapers or websites for Poles in the UK.

they helped me with my claim

All solicitors in the UK operate to the same guidlines.

Here's a link to The Law Society, which all solicitors are members of - you can use the site to find a Polish speaking solicitor nearest to where you live.

Another option is The Citizens' Advice Bureau. It is free and independent and offers Polish language services. I recommend them.
15 Jul 2011 #3
Hi Jakub.

I know quite a few Polish solicitors in the UK. You can GG me 36461416.

4 Jan 2014 #4
Try searching for "Polish Lawyers in the United Kingdom" on facebook and join the group!
Anuszka 188
2 Mar 2014 #5
Humphreys & Co maja adwokata mówiacego po polsku- Magda Stecka.
charlie2483 5 | 21
23 Aug 2015 #6
Merged: polish lawyer in uk or spain

Does anyone know of any polish lawyers in UK or Spain

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