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Polish clergy or lawyers: who's better?

Polonius3 980 | 12277  
21 Dec 2010 /  #1
Many on PF have indciated that the Chruch should not receive preferential treatment. If that is so, than neither should its represnetatives be singled out for harsher than average criticism.

In every profession there are people who have a sense of mission want to serve others, whilst at the other end there are the career-minded materialists out only after their own advancement. In terms of those two extremes, how would you compare the Roman Catholic clergy to other groups that command (or should command) public trust and authority: the legal profession, medical community, academia, police, politicians, cultural/artistic community, military, etc.?
delphiandomine 86 | 17823  
21 Dec 2010 /  #2
Seems fair enough - the Catholic Church should give up the preferential treatment, and in return, they can be treated like every other foundation out there. No argument from me.

how would you compare the Roman Catholic clergy to other groups

No better, no worse. It's always a minority that ruins it for the majority - and the RCC isn't immune from this. There's always a conflict between traditionalists and modernisers in almost every organisation.

Having said this, I'd rate the RCC above the Polish military - at least the RCC has repeatedly in recent years held its hands up to say "sorry".

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