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Polish TV channels in the UK

JPD 3 | 10
15 Aug 2012 #61


I was wondering if its possible to get polish TV in the UK.

Looking for all channels if possible but mainly the sports channels so i can watch the Poland National Team matches. Fed up with watching it on the internet, just doesnt work that great.

Any advice or previous experience would be a great help?

Wroclaw Boy
16 Aug 2012 #62
yes its possible, 200,000+ Cyfra and Polsat dishes on the outside of UK properties (among other things) says so.
g60edition 6 | 175
16 Aug 2012 #63
Yes.Purchase Sky Mk4 dish from ebay It wont shout I have PolishTv
Get yourself a receiver with cam card slot or prepaid box.
Point to Hotbird 13 E

All sorted
polishTV - | 1
17 Sep 2012 #64
i just posted about this, my gf uses something called card share, gets all the channels as long as your dish is pointing to 13 e and a sat box that uses a the net with a code
g60edition 6 | 175
20 Sep 2012 #65
I wish it was that simple.Its not a plug and play system.Setting up a linux box in it self can be at the best of times frustrating but worth it in the end.The code you refer to is known as a C line.I currently run a Dreambox 800HD coupled up to a motorized dish so reap the reward of many satellites.The only down side I found is that if the providers server goes down and they are on holiday there is no TV.How ever using a cheap server say at £8 to £10 per month its worth getting two lines.What box does your GF use?
irishguy11 6 | 157
30 Nov 2012 #66
[Moved from]: Is there any tv show like RTE Late late toy show in Poland

Simply question. It's like the start of christmas for irish kids, they get to stay up late and see all the toys . Its a great show. Watching it online at the moment in katowice and the inlaws love it
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
30 Nov 2012 #67 - Click here for the official RTE link to watch it
irishguy11 6 | 157
30 Nov 2012 #68
hi Sean Bm, am actually watching it at the moment, just wondering if Polish tv had the same. The in laws say they never seen anything like it
SeanBM 35 | 5,808
1 Dec 2012 #69
Me too.

just wondering if Polish tv had the same.

I don't know any country that has the same.

Those kids singing were absolutely magnificent.

It's on again, gotta go :)
mcrpolak 6 | 36
21 Apr 2013 #70
Merged:We would like to install Polish TV in Manchester. Any good company to do the work?

We would like to install Polish Television in our house, we currently live in Manchester. Can anyone recommend a good company to do the work and advise on how much it will cost?

We would like if possible satellite TV from a few European countries.


mikierre - | 1
7 Jun 2013 #71
If you want to watch polish channels try
when you order the receiver you can choose how long you want to pay for it,
Lodz Tygrs
25 Jul 2013 #72
Merged:Polish TV in England?


I live in UK but would like to watch some Polish TV. What is the best+easiest way I can do this? Would it be possible to pick a package online and simply watch it in the UK???
Vincent 9 | 866 Moderator
1 Aug 2013 #74
If you have a newish TV, you could subscribe to some Polish channels through the Vision network. It is also possible to subscribe to these channels online, or by a small Roku device connected to your TV:
Tygrys Lodki
3 Aug 2013 #75
Thanks for the reply. Roku seems very interesting, but I wanted a little more than the fta basic channels. Would it be possible for me to buy a Polish tv package (in Poland) and set up the dish and receiver in England???
Yoonic - | 2
28 Aug 2013 #78
Merged:How do the Polish watch their favorite TV shows in the UK?

Dear fellow users,

I am working for a company, where we are building an online platform in order to connect the people living abroad with their home contents, including: TV channels, TV shows and movies. As I have very limited knowledge on the current Polish market for entertainment. I would like to know, how the Polish watch their favorite TV shows, movies as well as channels abroad? Is there some sort of application or website? Furthermore, in your opinions, what do you think are the best ways in reaching the Polish audiences in the UK.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and thank you very much in advance for your time on behalf of Yoonic.

kpc21 1 | 763
28 Aug 2013 #79
They usually buy the cheapest package in one of the satellite pay TV operators and take the STB abroad.
28 Aug 2013 #80
you just need a set top box and a card an old dish can pick up astra or hotbird which carrys the channells for poland its only the uk who have such a narrow reception due to fta and tv licencing
Yoonic - | 2
28 Aug 2013 #81
Thanks for the reply, and obviously there is a large Polish community in the UK, so what do you think are the cheapest, but most effective methods in reaching out to these mass audiences?
kpc21 1 | 763
28 Aug 2013 #82
Main Polish TV stations won't agree to provide their channels abroad oficially, because they buy laws for programmes or sport transmissions only for the area of Poland. Even the satellite pay-TV operators oficially don't agree to take their STBs abroad - but in fact they don't make any problems, because it is big money for them.
28 Aug 2013 #83
you sit in front of this thing called a television, but first you have to turn it on, and then after that it is simple. You have to face the TV and look at it and listen to it for the sound.

Hope that helps
2 Aug 2014 #84
Merged: How to install polish television in england


Can anyone share advice on how to install polish television in england, i.e. what equipment should i buy & from where, where and how i can by cards/subscriptions etc

Thanks, Kieron
Peter D
22 Aug 2014 #85
Does anyone know if get my Uncle in Poland to take out an (Multiroom) extra box on his current package and sends it to me if it will work on his package and I can split the total package cost with him???
22 Aug 2014 #86
Are you asking that if your Uncle subscribes to multi-room in Poland and he then sends a box to you in the UK to receive the package,is that possible ?

Most providers go by IP address to verify with sat boxes and if you are in the UK your IP address will be diffrent to your uncle's, so in that sense I would say no as the system will see two diffrent IPs, one in Poland and one in the UK and know the difference and probably ban your uncle's IP and package.
gumishu 11 | 5,857
22 Aug 2014 #87
Are you asking that if your Uncle subscribes to multi-room in Poland and he then sends a box to you in the UK to receive the package,is that possible ?

my brother bought a Polsat satelite box, sent it to my father in the Netherlands - and it works in the Netherlands though it is paid for in Poland
Peter D
23 Aug 2014 #88
Hi Anglo, so if they check the IP Address how do I get any new Polish Satellite subscription to work here in the UK then???

gumishu - Did your brother buy your father a complete new satellite subscription or was it a multi-room from your brothers existing package???

Thanks you both for your help
23 Aug 2014 #89
Stop trolling Anglo: satellite TV companies do not require authentication via internet.
spiritus 69 | 666
16 Oct 2014 #90
It he's talking about multi-room then internet authentication may be an issue.

Two best options are to get someone in Poland to take out a Polish subscription to Cyfrowy Polsat and you bring the box and card to the UK. You then get someone to supply a dish and you're sorted. Monthly fees are not expensive either.

Option 2-find the internet site that streams live Polish TV

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