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Which city is better to visit: Warsaw or Krakow?

24 Jul 2009 #121
(This will doubtless not be a popular among some of the fanboy and fangirl forum junkies; but it's a standing joke outside of Warsaw... the city is full of 'peasants'.)

Everyone I know or have ever known in Warsaw was from a Polish city of at least 250000 inhabitants. That's hardly "wiocha". As they were all family or family friends, I know this is true, and not just what someone told me

A guy walking down the road last Saturday night came up to me and asked (he was pretty plastered, but not all that bad looking). "I'm 50, do I deserve to live? Is there anything left for me here?" The simple fact is there is nothing to do here when you are more mature....

Actually that's how London - the self-proclaimed "coolest city in the world" makes me feel - and I'm nowhere near 50!

It's called "changing priorities". I wouldn't be seen dead in a club these days, even though I used to earn part of my living from them at one time - I've replaced clubbing with other, far more interesting things. What kind of saddo would think their life is over because they can't hang out with (quote) "fatuous" girls any more, anyway?

There is a Lonely Planet guide for Krakow, but none for Warsaw

So what? Other companies produce far better guides, including ones for Warsaw.
24 Jul 2009 #122
OK, so this is my personal view. But after 10 years here I'm entitled to one. (All you trolls who are about to criticise me can just F OFF. I've put up with country for 10 years so I qualify for having my own views on the place. It's my personal viewpoint – OK?)

You didnt get the are only allowed to say good things about Poland here. If you do otherwise they will pedantically pick apart your posts and try to "prove" how you are wrong. It is an annoying habit of Poles and their fans.
24 Jul 2009 #123
Yep, Another thing I hate about Poland. You are not allowed to criticise the place!
Strange really 'cos if only Poles engaged in some constructive criticism - and told the politicians - this place wouldn't be in half the mess that it is!


I think the guy had just got thrown out of a night club....
Anyways, my point is that for an Auslander like myself, you really have a lot less in the way of extracurricular activities available to you in Poland, cos all anyone over 35 does here in Poland is stay at home and look after the kids, watch TV, or drink. There simply isn't the range of activities that is available in a place like London.

People over 35 in the UK still have a life. In Poland they just get pissed on vodka.
There you have the heart of the problem.
28 Jul 2009 #124
funny: I can't recall any foreign nation that "allows" criticism, and I've lived in a variety of different UE nations: austria (vienna), Italy bologna), uk (sheffield) and poland (Wawa).. I think that aarrgghh! is trying a little too hard to be the "good willed" foreigner who, despite his love for poland (or maybe because of his love for poland), is trying to warn us about our problems but we just wouldn't think. Unfortunately, I have to agree with tj123 about the fact that both cities, from many points of view are "un_interesting" in the same way.. having said that, I still think Krakow is much more fun to go to: and I come from WAWA!!!
28 Jul 2009 #125
Warsaw Lonely Planet ....

Well Krakow or Warsaw clubs are most for people under 35 just like anywhere, there are some pubs where older people hang out.
If you are over 35 is damn rights you should be spending time with your kids, wife and do "family" activities and there are plenty of those in Warsaw. I guess it all depends what you're priorities are in life and what fun is to you.
natasia2 1 | 14
28 Jul 2009 #126
obviously krakow as more romantic/exotic, and less ring roads

warsaw has the sex-appeal of a capital, though, so it just depends what turns you on

i am oxford rather than london, krakow over warsaw
28 Jul 2009 #127
warsaw has the sex-appeal of a capital

Wha? Huh? Warsaw POLAND Warsaw? Sex
natasia2 1 | 14
28 Jul 2009 #128
has a kind of buzz, you have to admit
and embassies, hostesses, that kind of thing. is big and bad.
28 Jul 2009 #129
I just checked out the buzz. Just traffic noise and drunkchavs singing. I will stick with my 'not sexy' assessment.
aymi - | 15
22 Aug 2009 #130
i was living in warsaw and now i live in krakow , i think warsaw is much better :)
King Majewski 1 | 2
29 Dec 2009 #132
Dec 29, 09, 19:10 - Thread attached on merging:
Warsaw -vs- Krakow

Which city is better to live in? If you prefer a big city scene. I hear Warsaw is like a gray dirty version of Chicago and I hear Krakow is beautiful and very well preserved and Warsaw is more modern. Is one city more foggy? I hear Krakow is the better of the two cites but I prefer big cities and transportation is important to me as well. From what I have heard that Krakow is better to visit and live. I have seen a lot of pictures of the two and Warsaw looks great but I hear so many negatives from people that traveled their. I live in Milwaukee, USA and looking to travel if not move to Poland in the next couple of years. Any info on the two cities would be great! I enjoy a good nightlife scene and vibrant city.
megan0486 - | 1
27 Mar 2010 #133
Krakow, Krakow, Krakow !!! sure as hell !!! Great, beautyful, city with artistic soul ! :)
30 Mar 2010 #134
Warszawa all the way is a much better choice.

Krakow is lately a garbage can where you see daily bloody street fights and foreigners being beaten up to blood just because they are foreigners

And girls as beautiful as in Warszawa you will never find in Cracow

delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
30 Mar 2010 #135
And girls as beautiful as in Warszawa you will never find in Cracow

Actually, Mark is right. His wife is a beast - I mean, I've never seen anyone as ugly as her!

Krakow is lately a garbage can where you see daily bloody street fights and foreigners being beaten up to blood just because they are foreigners

But you don't leave your flat, so how do you know this?
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,377
30 Mar 2010 #136
Think the warsaw krakow thing is a bit like johannesburg and capetown in south africa as well

I lived in SA such a beautiful country, Cape Town is fantastic. To bad the country is going to the dogs.
jonni 16 | 2,485
30 Mar 2010 #137
Actually, Mark is right.

I suspected too!

And personally I prefer Warsaw. It's a vibrant metropolis which Kraków isn't. Kraków reminds me a lot of York - beautiful in the centre but essentially a closed city and a sleepy one. Warsaw isn't so pretty but it's never boring and there's always something new to discover.
TIT 5 | 211
30 Mar 2010 #138
history and culture vs wtf?
warsaw - cracow
cape town - joburg
2 Apr 2010 #139
i'm going to make a euro tour this summer so if i were to visit either one of these cities, which one would u guys recommend? i'm looking for something unique, not just another city in europe..
jwojcie 2 | 763
2 Apr 2010 #140
Warsaw is the city of contrasts, Krakow is probably the most beautiful big city in Poland.
"Uniqueness" is relative thing. In my experience city tours tend to vanish if you don't merge it with some event. So if for example you like pop and rock music you can try TriCity instead of Warsaw or Krakow and take part in Opener festival:
Pearl Jam and Massive Attack will be there this year :-) Old town in Gdansk is nice, there is sea there, there is fantastic bike road on Hel Penisula (if you ride from West to East...).

Just a thought ;-)

PS. If you will choose Krakow and if you will be passing Wroclaw you can visit this city too
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
2 Apr 2010 #141
schnookums: i'm looking for something unique, not just another city in europe..

Stay away from Krakow and Warsaw then, both of them are hardly unique.

If you want something interesting, try Jelenia Gora in Poland or Lwów in Ukraine.
Mediterranean - | 2
24 Nov 2010 #142
Merged thread:
Places to visit near Warsaw and Poland


i have been in Poland last September and i went to Zakopane, Krakow and Warsaw. During the 10 days that I've done in Poland i can say that i have visited many places in these 3 towns/cities.

Now in just 34 days more I'm coming to Poland again, to Warsaw. I'm going to spend new years eve in Poland and still i don't have any idea what can i do and where i should go. I was thinking to visit other cities/towns since I've already been in Warsaw so i don't want to stay the 10 days there, i want to see other places. I was thinking to go to Berlin or Prague by train from Warsaw but still not sure if it's worth to go.

Anyone can help me and give me some tips where i should spend my new years eve, where i should go apart from Warsaw or any other ideas ??

I'm a person who like sports and adventure, so i was looking for some activities such as skiing, ski dive and any other sports which i can't do in my country (Malta) while for new years eve i was thinking about something like a party and so on ..

Appreciate if there's someone who can help and give me some tips where i should go, what can i do in these 10 days and what places i don't have to miss.

pgtx 30 | 3,156
24 Nov 2010 #143
check it out []... maybe it will give you some ideas...
6 Dec 2010 #144
if you want to ski you just have to visit few small cities in Poland,near Zakopane. First one- . You can spend nye skiing,or here in Tatra Mountains is really amazing. You can take a train to Vienna,during Christmas time is better than Prague
24 Jun 2011 #145
Will it be convenient fora English (only) speaking traveler to manage his way to Krakow without a problem?
pawian 200 | 21,525
9 Jul 2011 #147
Warsaw, no doubt.
pgtx 30 | 3,156
9 Jul 2011 #148
anybody who votes for Warszawa cannot be sane... ;)
pawian 200 | 21,525
9 Jul 2011 #149
So I am not sane. :):):):)

But the fact is that Warsaw is a true, open-minded European city while Krakow is a provincial, claustrophobic, conservative town. :):):)
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
9 Jul 2011 #150
But the fact is that Warsaw is a true, open-minded European city while Krakow is a provincial, claustrophobic, conservative town. :):):)

Did sb hack your PF log in?

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