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Which city is better to visit: Warsaw or Krakow?

14 Aug 2007 #61
ok, propably u never was neither in warsaw or krakow so ur opinion is completely not important here. Legia has not a lot connected with city's attraction.

Warsaw id capital so that could be enough reason to visit it but... for me Krakow is more charming. Besides, Stanislaw Wyspianski's house is there :)
14 Aug 2007 #62
Krakow's nice, but I prefer Wroclaw to be honest.

So, in the context of this thread, my vote must go to Warsaw. So no surprises there. ;)
14 Aug 2007 #63
Warsaw Old towns a great looking place for sights!
gemini 1 | 21
14 Aug 2007 #64
ever been to London or NY I think not

Lived in London for 3 years.....
14 Aug 2007 #65
I never been to Krakow but i think and hope is better then warsaw wich sucks ... too bad I have to live here
gemini 1 | 21
14 Aug 2007 #66
Like I said, Krakow is much nicer than Warsaw but that's my personal opinion.
I find it more relaxed, it's not as big and it has a good atmosphere. Especially Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter.

Why would you "have" to live there? Nobody is forcing you to live there?
porta 18 | 297
14 Aug 2007 #67
You can't like skiiing then??

I know ,it's a late reply :P

But the answer is that i hate skiing, hate everything that has to do with snow.
14 Aug 2007 #68
But the answer is that i hate skiing, hate everything that has to do with snow.

Blasphemy! I love snow so much I tried to go skiing somewhere this year but was coaxed into going to the Cape Verde Islands in december.
turkishfriend 4 | 28
15 Aug 2007 #69
Stanislaw Wyspianski

Hmmm he is a good painter :)
ogorek - | 165
16 Aug 2007 #70
Quoting: gemini
make your life exciting

ever been to London or NY I think not

London looks inspired bright and exciting but inside it's cold, lonely and monotonous.
Warsaw looks cold, lonely and monotonous but inside it's inspired, bright and exciting

I spend equal time in London and Warsaw. Yes London has it all - and I'm sure NY has it all too but for some reason I allways have a better time in Warsaw. There are many reasons.

Krakow looks nicer than London and Warsaw but is a little uptight and lost in it's own history.

Zeze - you are unhappy in Warsaw - what are you looking for? and what are you doing comparing warsaw to London and NY? You can't even compare London to NY.
16 Aug 2007 #71
I have been in Warsaw, and it's ok, but i love Krakow, i was born there....That's my city....
Marius 1 | 33
21 Aug 2007 #72
I have been in Warsaw, and it's ok, but i love Krakow

What do you like most about Krakow as compared to Warsaw, other than it is the city you weer born in?
karl - | 5
21 Aug 2007 #74
krakow is ok but i prefer my wifes city wroclaw by a long way
Marius 1 | 33
22 Aug 2007 #75
What do you think is better in Wroclaw as compared to Krakow?
karl - | 5
22 Aug 2007 #76
family and ostrow tumski for starters
isthatu 3 | 1,164
22 Aug 2007 #77
First city I visited in Poland was Krakow,love it,would go back in a heartbeat but,something about Warsaw has got me hooked.Maybe its having freinds who live there where as Krakow is a "tourist spot" Warsaw seems to be a place to go to for specific reasons. In short. Warsaw.I would like Krakow a little more if I wasnt surrounded by tourists speaking my native language.

I think in Warsaw people are more apreciative of your presence, ok ,that sounds a bit high and mighty but from my experiance there seems to be an attitude in Krakow of lets make as much money off these forigners as possible where I ve found that in Warsaw Ive come away from shops and Markets with gifts from traders and a really posative experiance.

Warsaw seems "real" (ok,putting aside the postwar reconstruction following the 44 uprising etc)where as Krakow seems only a few steps from Choclate box,not a bad thing but not exactly the "real" Poland,in so much as any one place can ever represent an entire nation.

Piwo - | 1
23 Aug 2007 #78
So does Birmingham, but I wouldnt want to live there...

I live in Birmingham and would love to try life in either Krakow or Warszawa.

Birmingham is typical of the UK in general in that it's going down the pan very fast.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
23 Aug 2007 #79
Quoting: Amathyst
So does Birmingham, but I wouldnt want to live there...

are you comparing Birmingham to Warsaw? ok if you are...but I'd rather live in Warsaw

I was being sarcastic, Brum is a hole and actually im not even sure even snow covered it would look okay :)
isthatu 3 | 1,164
23 Aug 2007 #80
lol,telling workmates your "off too Warsaw for a holiday.." always gets funny looks followed by "isnt that near Birmingham?" W A R S A W not Walsal ! :)

osiol 55 | 3,922
23 Aug 2007 #81
Warszawa or Kraków?

and the answer is:


because it has the best name.
isthatu 3 | 1,164
23 Aug 2007 #82

because it has the best name.

I wish people would make up their minds on this is it "Lodjzz " or "wooudjzz" lol, I learn to pronunce it "properly" then any Poles I know just say "lodjzz"

osiol 55 | 3,922
23 Aug 2007 #83
Aron the Hungarian man, Gianna the Italian lady, Grzegorz the Polish man...

Just some of my work colleagues.
I ask them how to pronounce their name, then attempt to replicate it as they say it.
Other people assume they know and end up (I reckon) sounding a bit stupid.
It's just the same with any foreign word or name.

It's not difficult to say.


And quite fun to say as well.

isthatu 3 | 1,164
23 Aug 2007 #84
lol,I think you may have missed my point.
This is a city that most people who are not Polish pronounce exactly as written ie Lod(like you say icecream without the Y )zzz,where as it of course should not sound anything like it looks "in english" but then in a couple of conversations with Poles at work they pronunced it that way too and said I was being "old fshioned" pronuoncing it the "right"way......whats all that about?

easy e
23 Aug 2007 #85
I have lived in a suburb or Warsaw (Zalesie Dolne), it was really nice. In general: Warsaw is a growing metropolis with alot of exciting things happening there... as a Pole who goes back almost every summer I can tell you Warsaw is the place where mostly everything important happens in Poland... Its a modern city with alot of old school war monuments and history which gives it a feel unique to any other city in the world.

Krakow is a more romantic city with most of the city still having its original buildings that are hundreds of years old. Its slower paced and prettier than Warsaw, but its still an important city in Poland.

As to whether where you should live, depends on what you like. Should probably visit em before you make a decision.
2 Aug 2008 #86
I really do like Krakow but it can be a bit too touristy and "cheesy" sometimes. There are many aspects about Warsaw that I prefer! Warsaw is much more urban, gritty, hip, and "edgy". Warsaw seems to be much more modern while Krakow seems very conservative, not very "cool", and not up to date with new art, music, and style. Warsaw has much better freaky "underground" clubs, music, and galleries (but they are hard to find). It has much potential to be a new Berlin, but that can really take some time. The layout of the city is really messed up and is a huge sprawl. There will always be those who just hate Warsaw with a passion, but I think it's fascinating.
miq - | 6
3 Aug 2008 #87
Krakow it's not only market place, wawel, and tour to wieliczka. Go from market place throught starowislna street to kazimierz, where 24/7 are great party in lot of pubs. You can meet artist, interesting people, listen local artist. And most of them speak english - on kazimierz live lot of foreginers, and, natives must knows other languages.

You must see old town, market place, hear the trumpeter, who play from mariacki churs if you want understand our culture, bu if You are not 70 years old japanish woman, You must spend evening and night on kazimierz :D
Mr London
15 Jan 2009 #88
Hi there,

I will be going to Poland in March from London with 8 guys on a stag night, which place has more clubs that actually get packed out. which place is good to go out during the day and has many people walking around

Warsaw or Kracko? which has quality women and friendly people
15 Jan 2009 #89
which has quality women and friendly people

time means 5 | 1,309
15 Jan 2009 #90
stag doos are not too well received anymore in krakow, don`t know about warsaw though.

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