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Moving from India to Warsaw to study. Need information about Warsaw city, jobs etc.

20 Sep 2010 /  #1
Hi Friends,

I am Nilesh From India, I plan to come Poland on student Visa,I don't know any person in Poland, I will get admission in Warsaw,I want some information about accommodation and jobs in Warsaw, Can I do wark durring the study, I am commerce gradute can I get entry lavel job in any store in Warsaw, can I get workpermit after complite my study, How much wages pay in entry lavel jobs in Warsaw.

If anyone have information about these then Please tell me,
please help me,
28 Sep 2010 /  #2
"can I get workpermit after complite my study"

And so it begins..................
Vikram indora  
16 Apr 2012 /  #3
hi..Friends I'm VIKRAM from India and i want about the courses of hotel management or hospitality courses . in Poland there Poland and what will be there to study in college or university, im bit confused about part job during study..and which is cheapest city in Poland ,where should i take admission ..please friends guide me .

i shall be very thankful to you.
30 Apr 2012 /  #4
Hi, I am Swedish and I did study in Politechnika for a semester. My only piece of advise for you is to avoid Poland.


1. Extremely closed society. I am sorry to say but people are very racist. One African guy in our class often got insulted by the Professor. For us it was quite sad to see but he said on the street it's even worse. People literally spit on his way to show their disrespect. :(

2. As per the European standards, education is nothing special. Profezor could hardly speak English. All he did was to repeat the presentation word by word.

3. No job prospects. Even Poles dream of going to the west.
4. No actual R&D projects. And as per my Polish friends, most projects are just cover-ups to get more grants from Brussels.
5. English isn't a widely spoken language. Polish is a must.
6. And yes, religion is a big deal there. If you are not a White Christian, don't go there. Your money is better spent in some other open-minded society.

I am sorry if my comment offended you or anyone, but that was the sad truth. Good luck with your decision!
30 Apr 2012 /  #5

You speak as if all other nations (especially Sweden) are devoid of racism. Why should anyone believe you and your absurd claims that Poland has problems with race, religion and language but your own country doesn't?

Your money is better spent in some other open-minded society.

And unsurprisingly you didn't give any examples of other so-called "open-minded" societies; not one, not even Sweden!
13 Dec 2014 /  #6
Actually as a white and non-muslim foreigner who lives in Warsaw, I have to agree with bike troller. I have some friends from Asian countries and they're facing with racism oftenly. Even I have issues since I can't speak Polish. I'm not saying everyone in Poland racist but Imho majority of them would be happier without any foreigners in Poland. I'm leaving country this week, I have some good memories and some bad ones, yet I don't think I would do a business with Poles again.
13 Dec 2014 /  #7
Maybe Poles don't think they would do business with you again too?
13 Dec 2014 /  #8
Poland is a very backward society. I have lived many countries in Europe and my stint in Poland Warsaw was the worst. Don't come here to study, there is no job prospect at all. These poles don't deserve your money. Every one will rip you off. You want to get an accommodation, there are two prices. 150% more if you are a foreigner and don't speak polish.
13 Dec 2014 /  #9
Learning foreign languages always pays back :-)
14 Dec 2014 /  #10
I often see people complain about poles being racist, not so often whites though. But now I wonder if it really is THAT bad for a white foreigner or if these people are just arrogant hipsters and therefor get treated as such. As a swede myself I know what type of people Swedes are and especially the academic ones, but I dont know if you fit the stereotype biketroller.

The poles on this forum (if there are any), what are you opinions on this question? Is the picture these two in the thread paint up true, does the "majority" dislike white immigrants?
14 Dec 2014 /  #11
People literally spit on his way to show their disrespect. :(

Hard to believe that. Unless this guy has harmed someone; otherwise Poles don't 'spit' on black people, come on.

No job prospects. Even Poles dream of going to the west.

That's true. On the other hand, education is cheaper than 'in the west' so smart people do study and graduate from universities in Poland and then they have options to either stay or find their luck abroad.

does the "majority" dislike white immigrants?

It's not in Poland's culture to smile and be overly nice towards people they don't personally know. It doesn't have much to do with being an immigrant vs. another Pole one doesn't know. Many Poles struggle in Poland and many of them go and work in other countries, so they know how it's like to be an immigrant; in result, they don't 'dislike' them.
14 Dec 2014 /  #12
Is the picture these two in the thread paint up true, does the "majority" dislike white immigrants?

It is not truth, if there is any occasional hate it's towards the third worlders, since Poland is in the EU more Poles travel around the Europe and come back with the lesson learnt that multiculturalism doesn't work.
14 Dec 2014 /  #13
Dude, what those guys complaining that Poles don't speak English want??? Or complaining about Poles be catholic?

A Red Carpet? People serving champagne just because you are a foreigner student?

Poland where 6 decades under Russian domination! And at this time Russian was the second language! Do a google research before move there to not look stupid when complaining about obvious things! And if you feel uncounfortable around catholics, screw yoU! Go to another place then!

Sometimes i feel ashamed of other foreigners. And i even start to think that honorable and respectful immigrants to Poland (like i was) are a minority.
14 Dec 2014 /  #14
Russian was something like English now. Or even less. People were taught Russian in schools, like now English, but there wasn't such pressure for it like now for English, without command of which it is difficult to find any job, maybe except a road sweeper.

Russian in some part of Poland was something like a second language in over 100 years before the FIRST World War. When Poland didn't exist on the world map and its area was divided between Russia, Germany (earlier Prussia) and Austro-Hungary (eariler Austria). The 6 decades after the Second World War (or rather 4,5 decades) have a little in common with this.
31 Aug 2015 /  #15
which kind of works are doing from india or other countries peoples , if thay stay their ?
31 Aug 2015 /  #16
Not very much, if at all. A few jobs cooking Indian food, however work for students is scarce.
31 Aug 2015 /  #17
Even Polish students has great difficulty finding part-time jobs, and many go to work in the richer Western countries during the summer because there are so few good jobs at home. For a foreign student who doesn't speak Polish rather fluently and who has no special skills to offer, there is exceedingly little hope of finding a part-time job. Even working in an Indian restaurant is pretty much out of the question as there are very few Indian restaurants in the country to start with, and the owners hire family and friends, and not random students, especially if those students do not have abundant skills and experience.

Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland. If you cannot afford to pay your won way 100% from your own savings or family contributions, then Poland is definitely not the place for you.

Also, do not expect to find work in Poland after your studies. The chances are very small. Even Polish graduates have trouble getting their first job. If that is your goal, then rethink your plans.
31 Aug 2015 /  #18
Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland.

Many students do get work, including overseas ones if their level of Polish is sufficient, however these jobs tend not to pay very well and they are short lived due to the employer firing them as soon as the trial period is over, for tax reasons. Since you are from India, I would suggest making contact with the Indian community in Warsaw (in Raszyn) - this may well be very useful to you.

the very safe assumption

You've written that exact phrase so many times that it must be a cut and paste. A search for the phrase here: ?phrase=the+very+safe+assumption

shows that you've cut and pasted it 27 times recently, all to students from Asia. Dominic, you are not an expert, nor are you in Poland. Just because you didn't make it yourself while you were living out in the provinces teaching English does not mean that a motivated and hard-working Indian student can't make a success of their time in Warsaw.
1 Sep 2015 /  #19
Also, I think if you have proper skills, you can find online freelancing jobs like aka
And as jon said, it's difficult for almost every student to find proper job. Better to use your skills online.
9 Feb 2016 /  #20
Merged: Moving Alone in Warsaw

Hi Friends ,
I am planning to move alone , to warsaw somewhere in April, while i would be visiting Warsaw on the 11th till 20th for a brief period, i wanted to know if my office was based in Poleczki, where can i stay , inorder for me to be able to eat out daily, as i cant cook. Which are the things i should be aware of .... i am from india.

Thanks in advance for your help....
amanpreet singh  
8 May 2016 /  #21
Hi friends,
i want to do my further study in warsaw,Poland from tourisam stream. Pls suggest me any idea that it's good for me on not?
porky pok  
8 May 2016 /  #22
If the idea is studies only then its good,if the idea is related to immigration and work full/part time then its a very bad idea.
8 May 2016 /  #23
get informed and check the kind of "welcome" you'll get in a country as closed and intolerant as Poland is. Check messages (I know quite a lot of litterature) in PF and on numerous fora and also check on EU's reports on Poland and you'll learn a lot.

Just 2 very recent examples that I saw over the past few days. On Thursday, an Indian woman got on the bus (line 187 in Warsaw) and everybody stared at her (the girl in front of me gave her agressive dirty looks for about the next 3 stops). The Indian woman did not feel comfortable. Yesterday, while entering the metro (Stokłosy Station), an Indian (or Pakistani) guy was standing and trying to hand leaflets to people getting into the metro and here again, dirty looks and nobody dared taking leaflets from him (well, maybe they were scarred to get diseases from you 'apes" ;)). I felt terrible for the boy so I went to him, took a leaflet from his hand, and thanked him while smiling... When foreigners are not spat on, beaten up (numerous reports in Polish news), this is what you'll get at best: dirty looks...).

On Friday, an English friend of mine (born from Polish parents) told me that should he not have been white, he would never have come to Poland (same for me)!

What do you expect here? Do you want to be treated like sh]]]t because non white? Why don't you go to UK for instance since you speak English where your life will be much better???

Sorry, coming to Poland does not make any sense! There are 192 or 193 countries in the world and of course Poland is not among the easiest ones to be!

If I don't believe me, check!
8 May 2016 /  #24

I agree with you. but i think they stare for just curiosity not a dirty looks
8 May 2016 /  #25
On that day (last Thursday), the looks were really nasty and I felt like saying something... My goodnesss, "out of curiosity" but is it the zoo???? Damn it, is it normal that in the middle of Europe, people have never seen anybody different and have to stare at them, like some of us stare at animals at the zoo??? Is that an "excuse"?
8 May 2016 /  #26
Brother don't go to Poland. Go to some other European Country for studies, like England or France, where you meet your own people. Poland faces crises, don;t even think to come here. I am not kidding I am serious. But the decission is yours
Honest Pole  
9 May 2016 /  #27
Pakistani is right you might get your head smashed in by polish nationalists/hooligans. Better choose another country instead of risking losing your teeth or getting concussion for example.
amanpreet singh  
10 May 2016 /  #28
i want to do part time work along with study. is possible or not?
Honest Pole  
10 May 2016 /  #29
Part-time jobs are pretty hard to get in Poland and besides you must a masochist if you want to risk people abusing you for racial reasons which is likely to happen at the moment in Poland.
10 May 2016 /  #30
You'd better forget about it! 1. you need to speak Polish. 2. there are not even jobs for Polish students and salaries are lousy (Polish students have their parents to support them) and 3. Polish people are very racist and intolerant so not very likely to hire non whites.

Besides, your Polish diplomas will be worthless and Poland is a very closed society so not easy for you. Why don't you try to go to UK? Sure, it costs more but once you are there, things will be much easier than in Poland.

Yes, Honest Pole, this is truly masochism

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