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Rural places to live near Warsaw and other housing questions.

Melloj 2 | 4
11 Oct 2012 #1

My family and I are considering a move to Poland (where I am originally from). Because of my profession I would likely need to work in Warsaw. I've taken some preliminary steps to look at housing, but I am not too familiar with Warsaw, being originally from Wroclaw.

How is the rental market there? Would it make sense to get some sort of rental agent to find a place for us to live rather than trying to do it myself?

Also, ideally, we would want to live somewhere outside of the main city, in a more rural setting. That's one of the main reasons we want to move to Poland - the rural setting appeals to us. However, because of work, it will need to be some place that either has a fairly good bus connection to Warsaw or otherwise a not overly long drive. I wonder also whether there are any rental opportunities in such areas (whole house).

Would be interested to hear from anyone living in such circumstances.

1jola 14 | 1,879
12 Oct 2012 #2
The prevailing winds are Western. Take a look at Wilanów, Powsin, Konstancin. Buses are few but will get you to the metro line. You will need a car anyway. I don't see why you would need an agent with the internet at your fingertips.

Milanówek is nice also and has a quick train connection.
Varsovian 92 | 634
12 Oct 2012 #3
Best idea is to get anywhere near a railway line. Preferably walking distance. The buses are overcrowded and slow, whereas the trains are overcrowded and fast - and the roads jammed. There are various nice places to the west of Warsaw, and even the much derided Pruszkow is fine unless you have kids' schooling in mind.
pip 10 | 1,659
12 Oct 2012 #4
stay away from Piaseczno. It is a clusterfcuk on a good day. on a bad day it is horror.

I also think that you should make the decision based on how much you can afford. Like a previous poster said- Wilanow, Powsin and Konstancin are good areas but they are also full of expats which drive the rental prices through the roof. There is a house close to me that rents for 22,000 pln per month. no joke.

Perhaps an apartment (large one) in Ursynow would suit you. It is on the metro line and has loads of amenities.
OP Melloj 2 | 4
12 Oct 2012 #5
Haha I was actually looking at the area around Piaseczno (some cool properties in Zalesie Gorne seems like). Is the train connection from Piaseczno central station pretty bad?

How about around Jozefow and Falenica - seems to be train connections there as well.

We have a young 17-month old son and plan to put him in international schooling, so he will be joining us on commute likely.
pip 10 | 1,659
12 Oct 2012 #6
check where the schools are and judge from there. Most of them are in the southern end of the city. Piaseczno is congested with traffic. The main road, Pulawska, is always busy. The problem is that the infrastructure, like most of Warsaw, can't accommodate the development.
1jola 14 | 1,879
15 Oct 2012 #7
A friend has a great place in the middle of Kampinos National Park in Izabelin available in December. It's a short ride to Młociny Metro station. Very reasonable rent and elk coming to your door. PM me if interested.
OP Melloj 2 | 4
16 Oct 2012 #8

Interesting offer, but our timeline is more next spring or early summer.

mambo - | 1
25 Nov 2012 #9
we have a 3 bed house coming available in the new year not far from komorowa near pruszkow and is on a small new development in the countryside - access to warsaw either by car, bus or even better WKD which is only 30 mins to centre, good local schools nearby

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