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Using Gumtree to find housing in Warsaw

soalex 1 | 1  
2 Sep 2011 /  #1
My boyfriend and I are trying to use Gumtree to find housing this fall. Since we don't speak Polish, we were using Google Translate on the page. We used the site to contact several apartments and have heard no response. Does anyone know if Google Translate affects the way Gumtree works? Or is it just better to call the landlords? Are there any other sites that might prove to be more useful? We need housing in a about 3 weeks so we are getting very nervous!
beckski 12 | 1609  
3 Sep 2011 /  #2
Are there any other sites that might prove to be more useful?

On PF you can usually find apartments readily available for rent in Warsaw.
emlaz - | 2  
3 Sep 2011 /  #3
I found my flat through rental sellers far so good.
GosiaYP - | 2  
20 Sep 2011 /  #4
I'm a real estate agent and if You wanna search for the flat by yourself (withous any agency) I can recommend You and - the sites are in polish, but the main things You will understand and more - the offers are often in english and have more photos than on gumtree.

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
20 Sep 2011 /  #5
Gumtree Poland is very good for rentals in terms of prices and choice but you need to select the right section because there are rentals for Short Term and rentals for long Term. There are rentals through agencies and from direct owners etc

If you contacted a landlord and offered him to rent his place for 3 months when he wants tenants for 1 year ,he may not bother to answer your email.

And you are right the best way and the most efficient one is to call them and ask when you can visit a place, once you are in the flat you can discuss the details.

Be aware that most Polish possible tenants do not express their wish to rent immediately like in the US for instance , they need to think it over and will call the owner back the next day either with a positive answer or with a negative one .

For your search there are also Erasmusus and PF of course and loads of real estate agents in every city.
GosiaYP - | 2  
3 Oct 2011 /  #6
some links with those streets. CHodkiewicza:

Best regards
Gosia ;)
pip 10 | 1658  
3 Oct 2011 /  #7
Don't get an agent- they are useless and they charge over the top fees for opening the door. You will see in the links above that there are many agents listing one place. Residential agents don't have exclusivity in Poland which creates a hostile situation for the agents.

Where in Poland are you looking- If it is in Warsaw and you give me a location and price I will see if I can find you something that is in close proximity to where you will be working.

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