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Any Poles in Thailand?

10 Dec 2014 #1
Hi! I just want to know about it. I'm starting to interest in Poland especially about Casimir III the great.

And I would love to ask about other questions too but I will post it a bit later.

Also, What do you think about Thailand and her people as the Poles? Thank you.

PS My English is quiet bad so hope you don't mind. :)
Looker - | 1,134
13 Dec 2014 #2
Thailand is a desired tourist destination for more wealthy Poles. Unfortunately more and more often, following the path of western countries, they are 'hunting' for a wifes there. I don't say that is totally wrong, I've heard about many Polish-Thai couples being happy each other, but I feel that many of the poor Thai girls are just looking for the money and foreign passport - that rarely means happiness.

But beside all of that Thailand is an exotic country for us, and many would like to visit it once.
What are your questions?
Levi_BR 6 | 219
13 Dec 2014 #3
There are poor girls looking for money and passport everywhere. It is just stupid to point that (besides, Thailand, specially Bangkok, is not an extremely poor place, but more like an emerging economy).

Said that, i extremely doubt that someone goes to Thailand to look for a stable relationship (or even worse, for a wife).

It is more look for girls/boys/shemales to party, drink, and go nuts.

Thai people, all those that i know, are very nice and friendly. Very respectful also, they respect other cultures and beliefs. I just think that their food is tooooooo spicy/smelly for me. But there are also many people that like it.

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