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Are Polish people required to have tourist visa for Thailand?

8 Jul 2008 /  #1
Hi Everyone,

Does anyone know if polish people need tourist visa (60 days) to Thailand and Cambodia?


8 Jul 2008 /  #2
In Thailand Poland comes under the Visa on arrival rule which means you need one but can get it at the airport. I think it costs 1000 baht (c£15)

Poland is not one of the 40 odd countries where there is a visa exemption (but Russia is - weird eh)

Don't know about Cambodia
8 Jul 2008 /  #3
ere there is a visa exemption (but Russia is - weird eh)

No, not really because when there was Communism in Eastern Europe, Russia was not one of those eastern European countries that made everybody pay for a visa and then screw the tourists for daily official currency exchanges. Have you forgotten those good old days of the Polish PEWEX shop where everybody had to queue up for decent coffee and tea? It always seems beyond me that the poles are the first to complain about paying for visas yet they were always the first to introduce them themselves when it was to their own advantage. A really funny lot the Poles if you ask me!
8 Jul 2008 /  #4
Just checked on Cambodia - everybody needs a visa in advance of travel to be on the safe side. In theory EU members nationals can get one on arrival at the arrival airport but sometimes some countries are funny about 'new' EU states. Def not a problem in Thailand though
8 Jul 2008 /  #5
Yet foreign people could never buy their Polish visas on the border with the G.D.R. Yet now it is a question of playing safe. I would make the Poles pay twice!
8 Jul 2008 /  #7
tourist visa (60 days) to Thailand and Cambodia?

Hello I have just come back from Cambodia and Thailand with a Polish friend.
We made the mistake of assuming that because we are EU we would be treated the same.
Polish people can only have a two week visa in Thailand if you get it at the Thai airport. It is a nightmare getting the visa, it makes Polish beurocracy seem simple, and that is really saying something, I do not remember how much it cost.

We had to go to the Thai embassy in Phnom Pen (Cambodia)where they took my friends passport off her for one week. Note Polish people can not renew their visas at the boarder like Irish can.

This can all be avoided by doing it through the Thai Embassy in the country you are in. One month visa is no problem then.

Cambodia is much more user friendly to Polish tourists, you can even bribe the boarder officials if you need to.
Let me know if there is anything else you need to know

I have just read what I have written and it is all true, except I left out one very important thing. We loved it, my friends passport was taken away from her but we loved Phnom Pen and had a fantastic time. I would recommend it to everyone.

Again any if you have any further questions, I would be more than happy to help
OP brazilii  
8 Jul 2008 /  #8
Thank you!!! When my travel plans be more concretized I will definitely come up with more questions and suggestions :)))
If I get the visa from the Thai Embassy in London, would I get the multiple entry one? I and my husband are planning to travel around Thailand by train, then stay few days in Cambodia and then come again back to Thailand. Is it too fantastic or possible?

SeanBM, you can tell me more about Cambodia. I`ve heard great things about this little country and every day I`m more and more looking forward to going there.
8 Jul 2008 /  #9
Is it too fantastic or possible?

Absolutely not, you can go and have a wonderful time.
Of course keep your eyes open but I would recommend that generally, at least while not asleep.

We loved Cambodia,
It was rough around the edges. We actually prefered it to Thailand in many respects, it was not so touristic.
I better stop, if you have more specific questions I will answer, I can go on and on about travelling and I do not want to be rude. I am not used to forum decorum , ah ha I am a poet and I didn't know it!

I pmed you some stuff.
16 Jul 2008 /  #10
I've got a question for you lot. I've both an American and Polish passport and I live in the UK. My boyfriend & I are going to Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam later this year and I was wondering which passport would be better to travel with? Mind you, I live in the UK on my Polish passport, so I will need to show this when I fly back to London. Do you reckon it might be problematic to use the US one flying out of London and traveling in SE Asia, then switching to the Polish one upon arrival back in London?

I'll call the Polish consulate and see what they advise, but I would like to see what you lot have to say about this in the meantime.
16 Jul 2008 /  #11
that is your best option
24 Jul 2008 /  #12
I'm actually pretty sure they are - i know my cousins went to Vietnam a few years ago and they needed one...
24 Jul 2008 /  #13
Hello I have just come back from Cambodia and Thailand with a Polish friend.

Do you if there is a Polish community in Thailand and is it expensive to live there?
25 Jul 2008 /  #14
Sorry I do not know if there is a Polish community there, try your local Thai embassy or online.
Cambodia was a French colony so there is a big French influence there, snails and some architecture etc...
Yes it is very very cheap. It is also very very poor. Education is practically non existent. It is the most chaotic driving I have seen anywhere and I have been to many countries.

What the khmer rouge did gives a good insight to the Cambodian psyche, what I suppose I mean is that if it is just cheap you are looking for there are less traumatized countries.

But might I just add I enjoyed my time there very much, would I live there? Yes, I would but that is me and it all depends what you want out of life.
17 Sep 2008 /  #15
sorry seanbm, just to double check, Im Irish my girlfriend is polish (But living in Ireland) and I can just buy the tickets and we both just fill out the visa slips that you get on the plane before you get there, and its all cool. I want to take her to thailand for 2 weeks
17 Sep 2008 /  #16
The best advice is to obtain a British passport, therefore you will not need a visa in most countries. Get married to an English person. I'm up for sale... £3000 and I'm all yours :P
18 Sep 2008 /  #17
I can just buy the tickets and we both just fill out the visa slips that you get on the plane before you get there, and its all cool.

No, it is not OK, I just saw this now.
You with your Irish passport are fine you fill out the visa form on the plane and it is free for you for 1 month BUT your Polish girlfriend should contact the Thai embassy first.

I made this mistake and for me it was easy but for a Polsh passport holder there is a really bad visa system, everything is basicaslly a mess, bring a passport photo of her and Batts, this will at least shorten the time you spend running around or marry her ;)
22 Jan 2009 /  #18
Poles in Thailand? That's weird!
10 Feb 2009 /  #19
You can meet Dr. Zapp somewhere (He's Polish. And living in Thailand)
18 Mar 2009 /  #20
hi! could you help me? im am english and myself and my polish boyfriend are thinking bout thailand, for a few months. what is easier going to thailand and get a longer visa there or applying in the u.k/poland before hand? and do you no where i could get this visa for him?

thanks h x
1 Apr 2009 /  #21
what is easier going to thailand and get a longer visa there or applying in the u.k/poland before hand?

You can contact Thai embassy in Poland, they are responsible for handling visas for 60 days for Polish citizens. In Thailand you can only get a visa for 15 days and you need to show a ticket for your departure, so there might be a problem (even though its possible to extend a visa in Thailand so I'm not sure how it really works). The best way is to apply for a visa in Poland.

You should contact Thai embassy in Poland for more information:

Ambasada Królestwa Tajlandii
ul. Willowa 7, 00-790 Warszawa
tel. 849 26 55, 849 64 14, 849 14 06,
849 47 30, fax 849 26 30

Hope this helps. Have a good time in Thailand, it's really great.
2 Apr 2009 /  #22
Sorted a visa out for my mrs who holds a polish passport last year its not a problem to get one we went for a month as long as u can show them u have the money for the length of stay u shouldnt have a problem with Thailand .
3 Apr 2009 /  #23
Dr zapp is fake
9 Apr 2009 /  #24
If u live in London u can get an agent to sort the visa for you for a fee of around 100 pounds '

I have been out to Thailand several times over the past 10 years as for a visa extension u can get one in Bangkok once again u have to be able to show u have the funds to support yourself ' AS for getting a visa in Poland i have no idea if u have a Thai embassy in Poland '

either way u will have to show them a photo copy of your ticket and show them that u have enough funds to support yourself for the length of the stay it would be the same with your visa for Cambodia ' when i sorted my fiancees visa i sent them a letter with the visa application letting them no what are intentions and travel plans and the amount of money we was going to be spending on are visit 'they granted the visa for 3 months with no problems but u will have to send them a photo copy of the tickets and of the amount of cash u have in your bank account 'if your worried about the amount of cash u have just get some friends to deposit some extra cash to your account as a weeks loan then get a print out from the bank a copy and send it with the copy of your tickets u shouldn't have any problems if u have ample amount of money ;there prime concern is that u have enough cash to stay for 3 months 'If u need any help feel free to give me a pm as i said i no Thailand very well and Bangkok and its islands on the south as well as

the island of Koh samui and phi phi to phuket 'Good luck with the trip i am sure u will love it
21 Jan 2010 /  #25
I'm a Polish/Canadian citizen who has both passports. Do I need a visa for Thailand before I get there? (I will be there for 1 month) also I am going to Vietnam and Cambodia which passport is better to travel with and will I have problems if I use 1 passport in Asia and present my Canadian when I come back to Toronto.
21 Jan 2010 /  #26
See my posts above re Thailand and Cambodia agnooze. If you use your Polish passport in Thailand you will only get a 15 day toursit visa so best to use the canadian one. Cambodia requires visas for almost everyone.

I would think you are safer leaving and returning to Canada on the same passport.
21 Jan 2010 /  #27
If you use your Polish passport in Thailand you will only get a 15 day toursit visa

And a heck of a lot of bureaucracy, it takes hours upon hours for a Polish passport holder.
I think you can organise a visa before you go, we didn't but you should be able to.

Cambodia requires visas for almost everyone.

But it is cheap and only takes half an hour to an hour, depending on who you pay off. And it lasts for one month for Polish passport holders.
21 Jan 2010 /  #28
it takes hours upon hours for a Polish passport holder.

True - just like waiting in a Polish Government office for any form of official document - they should be used to it;)

<Szarlotka ducks and awaits being hung, drawn and quartered for being a rabid antipolonist type>
8 Sep 2011 /  #29
As of now (September 2011) Polish citizens do not need a visa anymore for Thailand. There are six new countries that can just enter Thailand without a visa. This means when you fly to Thailand you just get a stamp and can stay for 30 days. Before you needed to buy a visa and could stay only 15 days.

More information about this subject on the Global Travel Mate.
8 Sep 2011 /  #30
It's nice to know that they finally came to their senses because I can't imagine some gook giving me problems at the airport when I am going to spend some money on local hookers and this way support Thai economy.How much are hookers in Cambodia,anybody knows?

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