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What do Polish guys think of Asian girls?

Wulkan - | 3,249
29 Dec 2017 #31
Too bad I am not some hot polish girl.

Why? many Polish men are not into Polish women and they date other nationalities.
DominicB - | 2,709
29 Dec 2017 #32

Did you ever think of asking him to join you for a coffee so that you can get to know each other better? Life is a lot easier if you don't play games like a silly little teenager, especially mind reading games. As the Good Lord said, "Knock, and the door will be open unto you". And even if it isn't, then at least you know that you are wasting your time and move on to a more promising target.
29 Dec 2017 #33
I agree. I want a promising target. I did knocked at the door. I texted him few times. He would reply to my msgs in short/sweet way, but he seems shy, compared to other guys like asking me on a date, night together, or sexting... He doesn't act so much like an adult, like he never swears, never talks about other girls, sex.,,I don't know why I am attached to him. Ahh those blue eyes and blond hair...😍🤤

Bad target, I see the end already. But, God I want him. I wish he was crazy in love with me!

I want to be his type, whether its hot polish girl or just me...
DominicB - | 2,709
29 Dec 2017 #34
like asking me on a date

Is there any reason YOU can't ask HIM out? Of course not.
Ktos 17 | 456
29 Dec 2017 #35

I like Asian women, I dated some and I keep in touch with many. However, Asian women have particular standards, sometimes this can lead to misconceptions. On top of that, not all Asian women follow the same pattern. Indian women differ in their choices to Korean women and so on. For Polish men Asian women are kind of exotic, but to me it is the entire Asian package, not just the exotic part that is important. Polish men may not know that Asian women value financial status and education as the highest principles as well as family ties. Asian women may not know what Polish men really want. From my experience, for the relationship between Asian and Polish to work a lot of compromise is needed. In general, Polish will tend to be the more flexible side, Asians find it harder to adjust to differences. In a short term Asian woman may appear attractive to Polish man but in a long term if there is no compromise the Asian charm will be lost and Polish man may no longer view Asian woman as desirable.
30 Dec 2017 #36
Ridiculous! Brouden your narrow mind.

Because I am afraid that he might say no. If he says no then it will be awkward between us at work.

I wanted to give him a hug today to like say like happy New Years.,, he looked so hot!
Ktos 17 | 456
30 Dec 2017 #37
I think people do not know that while Asian women can be desirable their expectations of others are much greater than of themselves, although they do very much appreciate a guy who has much more than they do in terms of education and financial stability. However, a warning to Polish men, Asian women often want you if they want something specific, very specific which has nothing to do with your looks or personality or even skills, unfortunately.


I know a lot about Asian women so reserve this comment for yourself. Now, since I'm nice here is my advice for you and be thankful: nothing will be awkward at work if he says no, just go for it, you must go for it and if it doesn't work out you go for a different guy you like, simple, until it works. So many people to choose from, so many hours in a day.
30 Dec 2017 #38
You sounded like you are over generalizing Asian women a lot. Anyways, it's your opinion.

About my crush...thanks for your advice. I will try to slowdown and see what happens. If he likes me he should/might do something. Like I am super nervous around him sometimes. It will be hard to ask him out.
Ktos 17 | 456
30 Dec 2017 #39
No, I wrote that there are different Asian women, read again what I wrote. However, many Asian women do have high expectations while themselves do not provide much which is hilarious but that is how it often is. Asian women must realise that they are only one group out of many women around and that same men can have Asian, Polish, Italian woman and so on. Asian women have very strange views upon relationships, sometimes a bit narrow. The hilarious thing is that many Asian women think that if white man approaches them then it most likely means he is desperate for he has failed with white women he he. It takes some explaining to do. This is not a joke, it is the truth.


Shy does not imply boring, but if Anglo-Saxons are too noisy to you then you must be hell of a boring person, because British for example are very quiet. I know Asians can be noisy too, so where did you get your information from? Often it is that Asians do not like to talk during meals, which is strange and while sitting often with Asians I broke that trend every time I could, I didn't care, for I do not like to shut down by boring people. Asians can be very talkative too, let's not generalise. I like a bit of that Asian shyness but too much of it borders on reserve and you have to compromise and say more, especially when in a relationship. Noisiness is annoying? Not if you are having fun and have something to say. Asians have to learn to be wordly and more interested in the world around them for they have little to say about the world, even the educated ones, Asians know very little about other countries, only in as far as business is concerned, and that is another sad truth.
30 Dec 2017 #40
We Asian women are loving, caring and incredible type of women that you clearly is too blind to see. Good luck with you and go on with your life thinking the way you think and you know what I already know what your life is/will be/has been... Pathetically single.
Ktos 17 | 456
31 Dec 2017 #41
Hey! Don't be so upset, I know Asian women so don't go overboard with all that caring and loving, some Asian women are cold and bossy (especially Chinese). I did not write that they are worthless, learn to take in some criticism. I also wrote that they can be very desirable, don't be such sore looser. Just because I have the testicles to say it does not mean I am lying and does not mean that you have to become so upset. Do you have a profile here? How can I pm you? We can talk there. I'm nice and I had few Asian girlfriends, if I didn't like Asian women would I date so many of them?? How can we contact each other? Besides I gave you good advice, where is your "thank you" for that? Be more grateful and calm down a bit.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,049
31 Dec 2017 #42
some Asian women are cold and bossy (especially Chinese). I did not write that they are worthless, learn to take in some criticism.

Although i do not fancy asian looks and mindset i do think they are definitely more calm, intelligent and less Super-Ego'ed than for example the Irish. In my times in the UK i found Irish women to be the least attractive (short, average looking, usually freckled), very simpleton and "on a high horse" (where there was absolutely no reason for them to feel like they're better than the rest of us. Actually they should feel opposite).
Ktos 17 | 456
1 Jan 2018 #43
Well, irrespective of how anyone looks, there is no reason to be on high horse, it is low, arrogant and stupid. What you are describing in regards to the behaviour of Irish women is their Western ego and nothing else, they think they are richer and just better (where ever they get that from) and thus more attractive. I like Asian looks and part of their mindset, but their personalities vary. However, at this point Asian women are not as ego driven as many other women. As for attractiveness Asian women will admit that they look younger and have smoother skin than others. I would challenge that to some degree, I look definitely much younger for my age and have smooth skin and I am Slavic and there many people like that. Many Asians do have smooth skin but If you look closer at many of them Asian women or men have skin blemishes and a lot of those. They, however, tend to look younger for some time and then age very quickly. Some Asian women of some nations should however be given a credit, for, the Korean women tend to look after their skin more and more and take full advantage of their youthful appearance. Japanese women also do that but Korean women have been at it for a long time, many look stunning because of how they look after their skin, so full credit to them.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 156
1 Jan 2018 #44
Lucy Liu too, is a "fine piece of ass" as Dirk Diggler would say, however just how much of a pure Chinese is she, and how much of the "work of the white cock" is there in her genes is another question.

As to what Crnogorac said before, just how much make up is there and plastic surgery behind her face, and all for her to look more similar to a white woman.


nisam nikad jebo kineskinju, ali kažu i da im je pička ukoso

Crnogorac3 2 | 335
1 Jan 2018 #45
Why did you guys force me on to sin? :(
Well, I am a Christian and this Lucy Liu I looked at with lust. In the Bible the following is written:

"But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart."
Matthew 5:28

23 May 2018 #46

What do Polish men think for East Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese etc...) women?

Do you find some characteristics in East Asian women attractive? Would you date one of them? What are your thoughts?
10iwonka10 - | 395
23 May 2018 #47
They have high pitched squeaky voices :-).
White Pride
23 Feb 2019 #48
Vietnamese girls are beautiful. I from Poland.
Ironside 50 | 10,944
23 Feb 2019 #49
Would you date one of them? What are your thoughts?

Why? what is a reason behind your question?

Hot women are attractive anywhere.

Vietnamese girls are beautiful.

Not they are not. Some of them are.
24 Feb 2019 #50
as long they don't resemble smelly animals

this forum encourages the god mao..polish are mermaids

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