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Polish Girls vs Russian Girls

Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #811
Eastern products

In love for eastern products.A loyal customer.
Ioxana - | 57
2 Mar 2010 #812
Olololo hahaha..
carry one Seb4u-thats what I wanted to hear:)
U are so simple as ma mop for the floor
Uve been "bought" with my posts instead of just take it easy as I suggested u before:)**
"Internet mega-rembo" shows hez "temper"..cmon-write donw anything in the same way-let me feel the superiority over You and the relax..just for fun XD
Exiled 2 | 425
2 Mar 2010 #813
you can't manage to get a girlfriend so you go for Russian ******

At least I don't use bottles of champaigne.But Polki ask for money straight and give too little in return,they are like ghosts.Ukrainkas are the absolute satisfaction a dream.When in Ukraina I feel like the new king Stanislaw the Great.

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