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THE POLISH DISEASE, wanna marry a Polish girl ? read on...

Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Dec 2010 #151
I think Polish guys have to put the foot down when it comes to money. From what I've heard, many Polish girls will have the shirt off your back and then drain you some more. A major caveat, keep the standards low. Why? For those that had to live through communism, they were used to having little. Open their minds too much to what money can buy and they are off and running. Outline the inherent value of saving money and setting it aside for a rainy day. Teach them the value of contingency planning. Otherwise, they will just swipe away with the bare minimum of gratitude. As my mum said, "you have to be cruel to be kind". Wise words those!
trener zolwia 1 | 939
6 Dec 2010 #152
As my mum said, "you have to be cruel to be kind".

" the right measure..."

Open their minds too much to what money can buy and they are off and running.

Right. Try to shield them from the US gross consumerism mindset.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Dec 2010 #153
You lay your own traps if you do otherwise. You have to establish some groundrules. A large element of trust is involved too.
Barr_2009 1 | 252
7 Dec 2010 #154
we only talk about what's not solved for us don't we, we humans, we search for answers
aggie24 - | 1
31 May 2011 #155
Dude, if she is such a bad person, why dont you leave her? I am getting sick of some ******* complaining about his marriage because he thought it will be sooooo great to marry a polish chick just for fun? Excuse me for being a ***** but marriage is not to find blonde chick with big boobies to have fun with but more to be with this person to the end of your life. Where you come from?

I am married to american also, and we never had such a problems like you have. Yes, it will be hard, because of 2 different people. But if someone wants to be with that person they have to working on marriage. I changed a lot so do my hubby. I never had problems with him about money and i never asked him to give me his money. I found a job few months after we got married so we didnt have to worry about it. He is a great man and he tries hard to be a good husband and i do love everything about him.

P.s about sex life i do love having sex with my husband.
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
31 May 2011 #156
I think you are talking about most women of all different ethnicities.
Havok 10 | 912
31 May 2011 #157

What you've described here is 100% accurate for the majority of girls from any poor country marring the so called "well off American".

Your hopes of finding someone nice to spend the rest of your life with and her hopes of hitting the jackpot by marring you, created a not so tasty mix of American pie, (way of life) and ┼╝urek, (of the Polish mentality) that you both had to consume.

She was disappointed because she couldn't show off to her friends in Poland with your, err, her "wealth, power and well being", and you were disappointed because she ripped your heart out and ruined your life.

It happens all the time.
pgtx 30 | 3,156
31 May 2011 #158
i don't think you know what you're talking about - you're married to an American...
Havok 10 | 912
31 May 2011 #159
Are you one of those girls and know it better than anyone?
TheMan - | 56
16 Jun 2011 #160
I don't know what you're on about, my polish gf is lovely (4yrs now) not even slightly materialistic, likes her shoes and buys them with her own money and even decides when she's bought enough and sets restrictions on how long she's banned from buying stuff. I just let her get on with it, she's sometimes a bit tightly wound but then she's always been motivated. Great sense of humour and we laugh all the time. At the beginning of the relationship I made a deal with her, "I only have one rule, at the weekend, I get to watch football" She was fine with that and even got into it and enjoys watching games with me. She can finally explain the offside rule and knows a goalie should never concede at his nearpost :D

I have to marry this girl!
JonnyM 11 | 2,620
16 Jun 2011 #161
my polish gf is lovely (4yrs now)

Isn't that a bit young for you?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
16 Jun 2011 #162
It's heaven and hell. When my wife really tries, she is immense! When she runs into problems, ouch!
TheMan - | 56
16 Jun 2011 #163
Isn't that a bit young for you?

Lol, nice one

She's actually older than me.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
16 Jun 2011 #164
Ah, young love, a disease indeed ;)
mackenzie 1 | 1
17 Jun 2011 #165
I did not read all of the post or reply's but I am American born half polish woman and would hate to be stereo typed because of my heritage. Who I am has nothing to do with where my genealogy lays, and I truly hope you find someone worth spending your life with .
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jun 2011 #166
Good point, mac :) Some just get unlucky but that can happen anywhere. Many Polish girls have many plusses but they are their own worst enemies at times. Many can be like governments in that if there isn't a problem, they create one.
southern 75 | 7,096
17 Jun 2011 #167
Yes,how do they manage to get into so much trouble?Lots has to do with wrong choices.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
17 Jun 2011 #168
Bumbling and more bumbling, a big problem here. Gibbering at the rate of knots only gets you so far.
16 Feb 2012 #169
just scary lol

very sexy very nice in bed rest they suck
Polish British
3 Nov 2015 #170
Just to clarify: saying that Polish women 'hit a jackpot' by marrying an American or British to live in one of these countries whilst working ****** job & paying 50:50 for having their uterus exploited to give you kids is an overstatement. On top of this they obviously appreciate the husbands going online to discuss their marital problems like they do not have enough discrimination in their every day life and need to be criticised a little bit more.
3 Nov 2015 #171
stantheman thank you for the heads up, you are very right
16 Mar 2016 #172
Hi I've just read the initial topic and a few reations (there is toom any of them to read them all).

I'm from west europe and I married a genuine Polish women... And I do experience some similar stuff than you.

Mine is not greedy for money... but...
She can turn from "extremely nice" to "pain in the ass" just in a few seconds and a few times a day. As long as earth turns the way she likes, everything goes fine. As soon as there is a little something that does not comply with her mindsed hell is not far...

So yes there is not much intimacy, she always needs to monitor what I'm doing, where I'm, where I'm going, to who I'm having a phone call with, to who I do exchange emails etc...

Of course I do not let to do that, first of all because I think I do have right to some privacy and secondly because my job involve things I'm not allow to disclose... Then there is argument because "I'm not honest and I do have something to hide".

And of course enjoying life is now very difficult and no need to talk that having a late evening diner with a customer is non acceptable.

All of that because monitoring my activities is a way to better tell me what I have to do, not to do, how I have to talk with people etc.

I also said that I cannot live like that and even if I love her a lot live is short and I won't let me being destroy with a toxic relationship... Then she cries and make some propaganda around her family and friend about how bad husband I'm towards the perfect faithfull wife, housewife she is...

And yes, she's very nice but those caracteristics I just mentionned poison everything... Without that she would be a perfect partner for life.
Wulkan - | 3,243
16 Mar 2016 #173
I'm from west europe

Where is this western europe country located my friend.

As soon as there is a little something that does not comply with her mindsed hell is not far

That's why I never married Polish woman, it's hard to find one that would fit your needs personality wise.
Honest Pole
23 Mar 2016 #174
big mistake,

Relationship with a slavic woman shouldn't be longer than half a year at most (you will have problems with her after that time for sure). Polish women are not an exception and in fact among slavs polish women are probably least loyal so beware.
10 Oct 2016 #175
I have been with
5 Jul 2017 #176
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spiritus 69 | 666
5 Jul 2017 #177

How much money are you prepared to pay ?
unknownuser1 1 | 5
24 Oct 2017 #178
I have been with a Polish girl for last 2.5 years. We got engaged 6 months back and are planning to get married. My observations are very different.

- Yes, she is very different from what she was when we meet. But don't we all put our best selves in the beginning of a relationship. I am sure I have changed too from what I was 2.5 years back.

- She is not at all materialistic. She doesn't do any show-off. She is so economical and cheap that sometimes I get annoyed by her evaluating and re-evaluating a small purchase. She will never buy a single piece of clothing for her, bags, shoes or anything. She doesn't expect me to gift her anything at all and even when I offer to she will not allow me to.

- We live in the US and neither of us is a citizen. If she was really into being a gold digger she could have easily found an American citizen with whom she was guaranteed a citizenship within few months. With her hot body and beautiful face pretty sure she can do much better than me. I am not bad either but I think she is the better looking one among us.

- She earns her own money, pay for school from her own earning (most of her friends who I know of have their studies/life sponsored by their SO)

- She pays half the rent and contributes half for all our common expense.
- The only issue which I can relate to is being moody. But then I guess that's because women are from Venus. To be honest, most of the time it's not even mood swings but she gets stressed about minor things and then just reacts weirdly haaha She needs some life lessons I think which she will have with time.
johnny reb 38 | 7,754
24 Oct 2017 #179
She needs some life lessons I think which she will have with time.

Fore sure.
Women have about four major stages of growth once they reach the dating age.
Obviously her Polish parents have instilled their Polish values deeply in her.
Not her fault as that is all she knows at this point in her life.
Eventually she will move to the next stage of independence and start doing what she wants to do instead what she is suppose to do in her parents eyes.

Sound to me like she is still in the first stage of finding herself which is not a bad thing.
Have patience and watch her grow into a fine partner.
unknownuser1 1 | 5
24 Oct 2017 #180
Totally true!
She is not at all daddy's girl's kinda girl though. She is a rebel. She moved out of the home and started living on her own in young age and did/does what she wants to do. One of the major reason I put a ring on her. Don't need someone who just says yes to me all the time.

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