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Winter in Poland?

12 Nov 2005 #1
I was wondering if it is typically very cold in Winter in Poland? I'm thinking about Krakow area...

Thanks, Ray
tpopi - | 10 Moderator
13 Nov 2005 #2
Hi Ray, it's usually not that bad :). Krakow region is located in one of the warmest parts of Poland. There may be a few weeks [December thru February] when it's cold (in the 30ties F) but overall you should be fine....
17 Nov 2005 #3
Poland is one of those countrys where in winter could be very beautyful. especialy in Chrismas Time, the most of Chrismas are white not like hire in the UK - "Dogs and fogs ":)
OP Anonymous
17 Nov 2005 #4
I think "Rad" is correct; I currently live in London myself ;).
18 Nov 2005 #5
OK, thanks for you help.
annab 6 | 23
19 Nov 2005 #6
Yes, it's not too bad after all; you'll get used to it in no time :).

24 Nov 2005 #7
Ussiually in winter time its very cold, samtimes temp. drop to -25C, or even more but Cracow its worth to go iven in so extrimly low temp. so JUST DO IT
27 Nov 2005 #8
I guess its VERY cold but not TOO cold, as far as I was able to see from the pics of Krakow last year and what my friends have told me so far :) ~Can
27 Nov 2005 #9
That's great about living in Norway- it simply can't be worse...hehe..So I'm going to Gdansk for shopping next week, not concerning about the weather :) Oh-la-la...So excited!!

27 Nov 2005 #10
Poland i a very nice place to be, i went there a while ago and i enjojed the weather very much, the summer time is very nice especially at the end of May. In winter you can enjoy snowboarding in Poland too.
29 Nov 2005 #11
What is this.... Winter in Poland is normal. Let's brake those sterotypes saying it is cold here like in Russia. I have to tell you it is NOT. If you see what is going on now in Germany and half of Europe than one could say there is no witner in Poland :) Remember we are a big country and each region has its specific climate. So most likely you will have heavy snow but only in high Tatras, mountains region, and maybe East part. But do not forget the climate is unpredictable now a days. To sum up winter is like a winter, tempreture below 0 and luckily snow for Christmas :)
30 Nov 2005 #12

I live in Krakow, so if I can tell you, that we have now ca. 1 inch of snow and about 0 C. Last week the temperature has dropped down to -5 C. It is supposed to be rather cold as for November.

The coldest months are usualy December through February. The average temperature is not so bad, but when comming here you must be ready for the temperature as low as -20 degrees Centigrade. It is a bit random, so you cannot say one week in advance if the temperature is going to be normal -5 C or very cold -25 C.

Hope that helps
3 Dec 2005 #13
That's great about living in Norway- it simply can't be worse...hehe..

Don't tell me the weather in Norway is worse than in Poland... :) Which part of Norway do you live in, btw? I'm asking 'cause I'm going to Norway for half a year (starting January)! But I'll be staying in Kristiansand, which is in the very south of the country, and from what I've read the weather there seems to be similar to that in Poland. Please, tell me it's true! :(

6 Dec 2005 #14
I know it's kind of depressing when it's cold all the time wheather in Poland or Norway. People tend to drink a lot then to "stay warm" :)).
6 Dec 2005 #15
hi poland climate is nice i guess
10 Dec 2005 #16
That's great about living in Norway- it simply can't be worse...hehe..

I could not agree more! Norway is horrible in the winter..

Kristiansand has a very mild climate, so I would not be too worried. It's very beautiful there btw, unless it's very windy. The town has a very open architecture in centrum, and if it blowing from the sea, you will freeze your butt off!
11 Dec 2005 #17
Thanks for the warning;) I'll make sure that I've got my warm pants with me! Cheers, Goska

basicus - are you by any chance a Norwegian? Could you tell me something more about living in Norway? I'm going to stay there for 5 months (haven't been there before) as an exchange student... Could you think of any do's and dont's? Tnx! Gośka
3 Feb 2006 #18
Norwegia is much worse than Poland as far as temperature is concerned (much colder). Also, I've just read that Oslo is the most expensive city IN THE WORLD. Brr.. cold..:}
7 Feb 2006 #19
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29 Mar 2006 #20

I arrived in london 3 weeks ago and you know, there`s no spring here...It`s 00:25, dark and raining...
Have to get up in 6 hours...

Good night
29 Mar 2006 #21
Watch out the British police (I assume you're Polish :).
bolo 2 | 304
2 Aug 2006 #22
After this year's summer everybody in Poland dream about winter indeed... :|
2 Aug 2006 #23
Bring on the snow, I'm back in Krakow in December and if its anything like Czech Rep. in Feb - I'll be happy - nothing better than a cold blast hitting your back as you enter a bar for a hot brandy!
7 Nov 2006 #24
it's actually not cold pretty much at all,it
s just like the same wether in Canada.
FISZ 24 | 2116
7 Nov 2006 #25
ya cold :)
Matyjasz 2 | 1543
7 Nov 2006 #26
Somewhere here on this board a Canadian girl wrote that polish winter is much more colder than the Canadian one. I was quite surprised hearing this. Now after your post I'm even more confused.
FISZ 24 | 2116
7 Nov 2006 #27
Probably depends on where you live in Canada. I think it's cold...but not as cold as in Krakow. I've only been to Ontario Canada during the winter though.
Bartolome 2 | 1085
7 Nov 2006 #28
But anyway, I could literally observe revolution of winter in Poland - when I was a schoolboy, winters there were severe and full of snow, even rivers were freezig over, so that you could skate on them. Now, winters are rather wet and much warmer - snow is able to last for several days until it melts down due to temperatures above zero Celsius. But often in the end of January and in February, and also March temperatures tend to fall preety low below zero, with only little amounts of snow, so it becomes really nasty then. I just add that I live in the South-Western part of Poland.
7 Nov 2006 #29
I was in the Czech Rep. in Feb / March this year and it was pretty damn cold, blizzards, heavy snow, but its all good as I love the cold!! I travelled and stayed for a few days in Karlovy Vary and it snowed most of the time.....
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6146
23 Jan 2007 #30
Winter finally came to Poland.

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