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Does Medicover insurance in Poland cover the cost for test done? (blood test, vaccinations, etc.)

19 May 2015 #1

I wanted to know if medicover would cover the cost for test prescribed to me by their doctor? I mean a blood test or similar.

Medical treatment in Poland seems expensive, last time i visited Medicover i was prescribed medicines which costed me 350 zl for 10 days for a normal stomach ache. So i am just worried if these test would be super expensive as well.

19 May 2015 #2
I believe regular tests like blood tests are free of charge if done once a year; if more often you'd have to pay extra. PS - 10 day medication for a regular stomach ache? Taking pills for 10 days would harm the healthiest stomach; you need to change your doctor or use a natural medicine like flaxseed to relieve and even cure your stomach pains.
19 May 2015 #3
I wanted to know if medicover would cover the cost for test prescribed to me by their doctor?

Depends which coverage package you have and what tests those are.
19 May 2015 #4
It depends upon the type of contract; Medicover has several programs. I am with Luxmed and I may have "as many blood tests as I want" each year. As to medication, for some years they have become very expensive and most of them are not reimbursed by NFZ. To spend 350zl on a prescription may sound a lot but it's quite common now in Poland. Every time, I spend around 100 ZL for a mere flu and everything comes from my wallet. Some years ago, the system was better and there were even special prescriptions (with blue vertical line in the middle) for free médicine. Check how many retired people don't buy their medecine because they have no money!
OP Ind123
25 May 2015 #5
I am writing again, i inquired from the reception they said my policy does not test like endoscopy and hospitalization from Medicover. Is there a way i can upgrade my policy? This is an corporate policy. Can someone guide me on this?
25 May 2015 #6
@Ind: what do you want us to do? If it is a corporate policy, there is nothing you can do. If it is an individual Policy, you just ask Medicover to change it and pay for the difference.

How much is the test?

Sorry, but PF is neither Medicover nor your boss! See them!
7 Dec 2016 #7
Merged: Baby vaccinations in Medicover clinic in Warsaw

I heard there should be some free vaccinations for baby (NFZ?) if I go to government clinic. How about Medicover clinic ? I saw they are also have NFZ logo outside their door. Anyone knows this?
terri 1 | 1,664
7 Dec 2016 #8
NFZ will pay if you have paid into the system and your child has been recorded on your record.
johnny reb 40 | 7,840
28 Oct 2017 #9
Are the Polish receptive to the flu vaccination ?
Do most people in Poland get them or not ?
Are they required for public school students and teachers ?
Here in America they are required (mandatory) to work or be admitted into a hospital.
Personally I have found they make me sicker then the flu does.
Plus they only cover two or three strains of the flu which leaves you vulnerable to many other strains anyways.
gumishu 13 | 6,113
28 Oct 2017 #10
Do most people in Poland get them or not ?

less then 10 per cent of Poles get the flu vaccination and the reasons might be the same as in your case plus the cost - I never had a flu vaccine myself

I don't know whether they are mandatory in situations you described though - I would presume they are mandatory for medical staff but I am not sure about the patients

oh they are not required for students and teachers
johnny reb 40 | 7,840
28 Oct 2017 #11
Thank you G.
I think they cost bout $15 here in the U.S.A.
Medicare and Medicaid covers them for free.
I know some of the nurses here refused them and got fired from their jobs.
It just doesn't seem right that the government can tell you what you must inject into your body when you really have no idea what is actually in it, its side effects or long lasting effects.

Just another reason for me to move to Poland.

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