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Drug test in HCL Poland?

15 Jan 2014 /  #1
Does anyone know if there is a drug test in HCL poland? They said there will be some medical check, but does it include a drug test?
15 Jan 2014 /  #2
HCL poland

Are you talking about a specific company? Please can you clarify so posters are able to help you.
15 Jan 2014 /  #3
HCL is an IT company.

The pre-employment medical tests in Poland are defined by the government and for an office job they do not include drug testing.

Worth checking, if you're worried, how long your drug of choice stays on your bloodstream. Most do not stay long.
OP shizzzle89  
15 Jan 2014 /  #4
The pee-test goes back a week or so, thou ... anyway, thanks for the response! What about other companies... is it common in Poland to drug test new employees ?
17 Jan 2014 /  #5
No. It isn't.

Unless perhaps you're an airline pilot or a train driver and even then...
24 Jan 2014 /  #6

You don't have to worry about.

I used to work for 5 years @ HCL in Cracow .
If it comes to medical test you have to think about eye test , blood pressure etc, doctor may ask whether you smoke ,comsume drugs etc but there is no such a test which involve your pee and search drug in it:)
17 Jun 2017 /  #7
Sorry to bump this topic from 2014 , I also got a job offer from HCL and I was wondering if the medical check up is still simple check up ? Or they perform full blood test including drug test ? thanks

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