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Test period for work in Poland

3 Mar 2017 /  #1
Hi all ,
I have been offered for job in Krakow ,I have 3 months test period ,if both parties are satisfied we will continue ,i want to think about bad one ,let's assume that they didnt like me ,will I able to search new job ? I mean how long my previous employee will provide work permit ? just 3 months ?
4 Mar 2017 /  #2

The work permit would expire the minute they let you go. It is specific for that particular job at with that particular employer. A new employer would have to apply for a new work permit for the new job,from the beginning, and that will take time. How do you propose to take care of yourself, your wife and your child for the period it will take you to find a new job and wait until the work permit is approved? You're talking about several months without any income, at best. It's not like jobs grow on trees. You might not find another job in Kraków, at least as quickly as you would like, and need to relocate to another city. That is, if you can find a new job at all. Then you will have to worry about relocating back to India.

If I recall correctly, I advised you to stay away from recruiters and websites, and told you to conduct a proper job search using your real-world network of professional contacts in the field. I also advised you to focus on better countries than Poland. You seem determined to jump into the fire as quickly as possible, though. And quite a fire it is: unemployed in a foreign country whose language you do not speak with a wife and kid in tow.

As I said, the jobs that you are being offered are not the golden opportunity you are looking for, and they are by no means once in a lifetime offers. Be patient and conduct a proper job search, and you and your family will be much happier, and almost certainly not in a poor country with low wages and very low savings potential like Poland. It might take some time, but it is surely better than risking being stuck in a foreign country without any income and a wife and kid to support.

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