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Tax Declaration in Poland (PIT-11)

mephias 10 | 296
7 Feb 2010 #1
I don't know anything about tax declaration in Poland. I have been working in here for eight months this month I got a form with my payslip, I asked some friends and colleagues but I am a bit confused about it. I would really appreciate some information from expats who are living in Poland for long time.

I am full time employee in a private company
- What is process about tax declaration generally for employees ?
- Should I demand some help from my company or is it employee's responsibility here ?
- If I need to deal with it is it something too complex ? Do I need to get some professional help for it ?
- If yes Do you know any agency in Warsaw who could help me about it ?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,088
7 Feb 2010 #2
I got a form with my payslip

you can download software here

then fill your private details, NIP etc, copy amounts, NI, from PIT-11 to opened form,
save to disc, print, don't forget to sign and send by list polecony to your Urzad Skarbowy. Save receipt.

OP mephias 10 | 296
7 Feb 2010 #3
Thank you very much.

But it seems this program is also very complex for my poor Polish skills. An agency seems to be the best option for me at least for this year.
vndunne 43 | 279
8 Feb 2010 #4
Hi Mephias, You say that you are in full time employment. If that is the case, then your employer should be deducting your tax obligation and ZUS payments. Can you contact your payroll section to ask them to confirm what is being deducted?

OP mephias 10 | 296
8 Feb 2010 #5

Hi vndunne,
Thank you, Yes I have my payslip and details regarding salary payment each month. But it seems it necessary to make some calculations and verify if everything is correct regarding payments at the end of the year and This is what I don't have any idea.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,088
8 Feb 2010 #6
Employer shoud ask you if you have other income. If your answer is no you can ask them to do declaration for you. But is rare and people have to sum all income and do PIT37 by yourself.
JustAsk Poland
3 Mar 2017 #7
If you want to fill out a tax return form on your own, and your company doesn't want to help you, check out my most recent article: just ask poland/pit-english-tax-return-poland/ . It's an article for expats looking for detailed instructions on how to fill out the PIT-37.
Maciek Stopa 1 | 2
3 Mar 2017 #8

PIT-37 and PIT-11 in English

Remember that you need to fill out a tax return form and submit it to the tax office.

If your company doesn't want to help you, and you're looking for detailed instructions on how to fill out the PIT-37, then check out my most recent article on Just Ask Poland
20 Jul 2019 #9
Hii I am Tika Thapa. I left my Company with out any notice and now I want to work in warsaw. I don't have pit 37 to apply for next document. What shall I do now?
pawian 224 | 24,563
20 Jul 2019 #10
Hmm, can anybody explain to me what it is about cause I have no idea and am always curious to learn new things.

Atch? You are good at helping with business/job situations.

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