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PIT declaration before the next tax year

20 Mar 2019 /  #1

I am leaving Poland, before the next tax year (2019 - 2020).

I would like to fill my PIT declaration form before leaving the country, for the next tax year.

For the previous tax year, the company already filled it for me, so right now I am clueless about the procedure to follow in cases like these.

I would appreciate some help.

Thank you in advance
20 Mar 2019 /  #2
Strange expectation, I must say. I have never heard of a case that you can submit your tax declaration in advance, even before you know the exact earnings which you are going to get from the company till the end of the fiscal year. Companies are obliged to provide each worker with PIT 11 which states your income for the previous year, but it happens after 1st January.
20 Mar 2019 /  #3
Get an accountant to do it for you when the time comes. Leave them all the data they need, including details of your foreign bank account, and they'll sort it for you.

Should cost around 50PLN.
16 Apr 2019 /  #4
Another option would be to ask for tax extension (if you plan to come back to Poland at least).
17 Apr 2019 /  #5
The same thing happened to me some years ago now. I did the PIT declaration at the appropriate time, calculated it myself and it turned out that I owed them tax, so I paid that too. Obviously kept all the evidence.

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