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Nightglade 7 | 97
6 Jul 2011 #1
I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but it's recently happened to me twice.

When placing an advertisement on Gumtree, you have to wait 24 hours for the advertisement to go live. However, when I placed an advertisement on there (in English) offering private services, for the last 2 times I've waited 24 hours only to receive an email saying something along the lines of "Sorry, but is a Polish site, therefore advertisements should be in Polish and thus we have removed your advertisement". That's ok, I can respect that they have their own rules. What's interesting though, is that browsing Gumtree, I see a billion (perhaps a mild overstatement) advertisements purely in English that seem to not only pass the selection process, but remain on there for a long time.

It's ok for me to provide translations in addition to the English text if required, alas the issue is that it's far more time consuming, my Polish is terrible and so it downgrades the advertisement, and finally: I keep getting contacted by people writing or speaking in Polish, despite writing to please contact me in English!

Has anyone else experienced this, or frustrated by it?
Olaf 6 | 956
6 Jul 2011 #2
When placing an advertisement on Gumtree, you have to wait 24 hours for the advertisement to go live.

Not really, it's usually placed within minutes.

provide translations in addition to the English text

That's the best way - write first Polish version then English and publish the ad. If you've seen purely foreign language ads there, they mus've slipped he mods. You can report it to them too, if you want.
vndunne 43 | 279
6 Jul 2011 #3
Interesting to know as i want to place an ad on Gumtree shortly. so will follow the suggested approach.
Jacus Aucamp - | 12
9 Mar 2012 #4

Is there something wrong with the website at the moment, because for the past week i've had problems going onto the site. Everytime i open gumtree my computer will not respond and i have tried various internet connections to test this and it still happens. Is it just me or are you also experiencing the same problem?

It would be good to know, please let me know.Thanks
LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
9 Mar 2012 #5

yes the same thing happened to me , Gumtree Krakow is managed from the Nederlands i think anyway there are a bunch of uncompetent employees working for Gumtree Krakow!
Tonino 8 | 14
2 Aug 2014 #6
Merged: Is GumTree a paid online classified??

I recently got into using GumTree, the Polish online classified. I tried to post an ad, and they asked me to pay 10 euros in order to do so! Did I make some sort of mistake, or is this some sort of annual fee for using the online classifieds? In any other country I've lived in, it's been free to use online classifieds...

Thank you.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,914
2 Aug 2014 #7
If asked for euro then probably either you were not using Gumtree Poland or perhaps you're outside Poland and they charge to place an ad in another country -- I don't know.

Ordinarily, it's probably only traders' ads or promoted/top of page ads that attract charges.

Try this link:
19 Dec 2016 #8
Merged: Could anybody recommend an electrician who can speak English

It is really difficult to find electrician who can speak English in Gumtree?

Could anybody help?
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
21 Dec 2016 #9
electrician who can speak English in Gumtree?

You mean in Poland? They even don't want to speak Polish.;)

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