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Occupational first name in Polish?

Rudy5 13 | 36
27 Jun 2012 #1
In English when you name someone a occupational name like "Cooper" for their first name it's ok, but would it be normal to be named "Bednarz" in Poland? Or would you be better keeping the pronounciation and spell it in Polish?
gumishu 13 | 6,063
27 Jun 2012 #2
it's not normal in Poland to have such names - what is more there is an official register of names that can be given to babies and no such occupational first names stand a chance to ever make their way into the register

Bednarz as a second name is not uncommom
jon357 71 | 20,789
27 Jun 2012 #3
The question doesn't make sense. It's fine in English to use a surname as a first name, but not in Poland where names (in most cases) have to be chosen from a list. Bednarz isn't a first name in Polish, people don't translate their names into Polish if they come here and a foreigner with the first name Bednarz would be exposed to ridicule.

Or do you mean something quite different?
OP Rudy5 13 | 36
27 Jun 2012 #4
Thanks, ya I was asking that.

Merged: Name translation "Cooper"

My cousin's name is Cooper. He's on my polish side of the family and I was wondering what his name would be in Polish. I was going to start calling my family members by their polish name(like grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousins by their name, etc.), but I don't know his in Polish and I haven't found a name that means the same. So what should I call him?
Bieganski 17 | 896
25 Aug 2012 #5
The equivalent of Cooper in Polish is Bednarz which in Poland is a surname only.

Cooper/Bednarz is an occupational name for someone who makes wooden slatted barrels, buckets, etc.; obviously not common anymore.

Was your cousin named after the Mini?

By the way, it looks like you asked this question last June: Occupational first name

Why weren't you satisfied with the responses back then?
pawian 200 | 21,096
25 Aug 2012 #6
Why weren't you satisfied with the responses back then?

Come on, it is sclerosis, not dissatisfaction.

The OP probably aims at hearing/reading Cooper translated as kuper. It is an exciting matter, indeed.
OP Rudy5 13 | 36
27 Aug 2012 #7
sorry i forgot that i asked that

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