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How come Poles like Russians but not Germans?

Crow 146 | 9,142
16 Mar 2018 #211
I see a lot of opportunities and space for us Serbians to explain some things to Poles, why Poles have to show more understandings to Russians then for Germans. Don`t speak of love here, God forbid, but of understandings. Simple understanding.

Let me elaborate, slowly. See, we Serbians are under pressure of freak Germans. Now, you Poles would like to help us, if not for pure love for us Serbs then for your Polish interests. But, you can`t. Too much sh** prevents you, to tell in short. But Russians can, for all sorts of reasons. Anyway, they can. So, it would be nice when you Poles see that Russians coming in our aid, you at least, if you can`t help us, don`t complicate to us. Actually, it would be more then honest from you to, when it come to Serbians, cooperate nicely with Russians in order to support us. It would be very suit from you, sisters and brothers. Thank you very much.

Your bellowed Racowie, that are in deep sh**, but eventually not forever in sh**.
Lyzko 29 | 7,258
16 Mar 2018 #212
What, pray, are "freak" Germans, Crow? Please explain, better still, translate from Crowese into plain English! Can't well respond intelligently to a post I don't understand, can I?

Crow 146 | 9,142
16 Mar 2018 #213
Don`t f*** me here brate, as if I aren`t f****d enough. They are freaks for all sorts of reasons. I don`t know what are all their reasons. Who could tell. Greed, maniacal leaderships, totalitarian ideologies, error of nature, fact that they are former Serbs/Slavs and now led by deep mental complexes, disgusting magnates and elite, society of man with small penises and woman with normal appetites what all again lead in complexes, how could I know what for sure. I only knows that they want something and they coming and coming again and again to it like a nymphomaniac for its praise. Plus, they aren`t alone. Many maniacs walked with them. Army of idioto nymphos. So, we Serbians can`t manage them alone and we calling other Slavs to help. See, Russians accepted and we Serbs also needs Poles to accept. Only with Poles orgy will be complete and absolute.

I hope that I helped you a little to understand.

Back on topic please
Tacitus 2 | 1,180
17 Mar 2018 #214
Your rants would be more entertaining to read if your mind was not restricted to using sex metaphers and allegories... .
Lyzko 29 | 7,258
17 Mar 2018 #215
Tacitus, once Crow actually learns English, heaven help us all, his post will prove even scarierLOL
Crow 146 | 9,142
17 Mar 2018 #216
Poles ! My sisters and brothers, listen to me. Maybe now you don`t understand. But you shall see. By helping to Serbians, Russia repaying its debt to Poland. Every debt what maybe have on Poland. You may think that I exaggerate but, I telling you the truth. Russia may have its path and if come to our- Polish and Serbian death as people, Russia won`t crumble and Russia can continue its path. But us, Poles and Serbs, we have only each others, if we were to survive as that what we are. Then, if we manage to combine, many can gather around us and many will. But first, we Serbians have to liberate ourselves, recuperate and strengthen. To help us, Poland can do little now, no matter that is our salvation vital for Poland itself. But, Russians can support us and they are coming and literally billions coming with them in our aid. They shall help us to arise from our knees and we shall then extend our hands to the hands of Poles. We shall then, to the utter fear of our foes, with the blessings of almighty God, form backbone of beautiful state such is Intermarium or whatever the name of that unity might be. But we shall make it.


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